Words you Butchered as a kid?

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The one I remember best is that I used to say Fur-fur-dee-ader for refrigerator.


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    Instead of saying "may I have some salami" when I would ask my grandma for some I would say "may I have "some lami" haha
    Also, I use to count "one... two.... free.... WHOLE BUNCH!" when I was really little.
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    Laughed (always thought it was pronounced lugahugged)
    Cuisine (always thought it was pronounced cousin)
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    tornadoes were "tomatoes"
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    calligraphy = cla-rig-rah-fee
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    Indicator: Noisy 'cater
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    My middle name is Joseph and I would say Jofus
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    I used to say "dogurt" instead of yogurt. No idea why.

    One of the words commonly "butchered" by children was "lellow" instead of yellow. That used to really get on my nerves when other kids would say that.
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    Oh and for a while "truck" was "*kitten*"

    My dad loves telling that story haha.
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    Not me, but when my son was around 8, he asked me how to spell 'Betends'. I told him, 'It's not 'betends honey, it's pretends', to which he argued that 'no, it's betends'. Of course being mom, I told him 'No, it's pretends'. At which point he rolls his eyes, shakes his head and says, ' How do you spell imagine?'
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    Apple sauce and Apple juice were always Happy sauce and Happy juice - apparently I could say them correctly - just didnt.
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    I don't know of any that I said, but my little brother would say "funder" for thunder, and "hangaburger" for hamburger. lol Kids are cute! Oh and my bestie used to say "lishlash" instead of eyelash. :-)
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    Lemonade was lemon-lade
    Spaghetti-Os was gay-goes
    trampoline was bonky-bong
    cereal was sidder
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    College Cheese for Cottage Cheese
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    backyard = "back - ee- ard"
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    headfore for forehead
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    Pronunciation was not a strong point of my little girls, but it sure was funny

    Hectorcoktor - Helicopter
    LaterLater - Radiator
    Fukayno - Volcano

    and when we asked her to say hippopotamus she would simply reply - 'No, imma too wee''
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    My friend that lived across the street couldn't pronounce Monongahela as a teenager (a river in Pittsburgh - pronounced ma-non-gah-hey-la)...she would always say Ma-honga-lay-lee.
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    well idk when i was little. but i found out when we went to a baseball game i cant say binoculars- (binoc- uh-lars) lol. weird but thank god it isnt used very much =)