Words you Butchered as a kid?



  • Carlyannabelle
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    "Bock-a-bolk" for chocolate milk....

    My 3 year old seems to put a "w" on most words. Like this morning he said he was walking like a "wobster" (lobster) and calls my mother "wammy" (grammy). I love it!
  • spaghetti........"basketti"


    hehehe...me too! :laugh:

    piss-getti :laugh:
  • sma83
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    yucktoliptis for eucalyptus
    helloclopter for helicopter
    skasketi for spaghetti
    scan franskisco for san francisco

    My daughter:
    I have no idea why, but she went through a phase where she put a "ba" sound in front of everything: She wanted to go to the ba-zoo, or play with the ba-tar (guitar). She also would put words together and make her own. My favorite was "know-a-lize" which was her combination of "know" and "realise"..."I didn't know-a-lize that cartoon was on"
  • jmeyer925
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    Pretty much every word! Was in speech therapy for years... Lead me to not talk very much to anyone lol. I still have to remember to do my best even to this day with pronouncing words correctly, take things slowly, and not to be overly shy lol.

    Think I have to agree with the "spaghetti" being the cutest one lol.
  • Apparently when I was very young, around my second christmas, I fell in love with the song that starts "Jolly Old St. Nicholas, lean your ear this way......".....however, apparently I was not able to pronounce it correctly. I kept telling my mom to play "Charlie Oats" on the record player. She could not figure out what I wanted for ages.....finally one day she put that christmas song on, adn i started jumping up and down clapping and hollering "Charlie Oats",,,,,

    To the day she died, she called Santa Clause "Charlie Oats"......
  • jtreadwell
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    My nephew used to say walla-walla melon for watermelon and bowslasen for Volkswagen
  • Dzambhala
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    F you....Duck You.

    I was a little brat:)
  • Chewster001
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    My niece's:

    My no like it = I don't like it

    Snow cows! = snow plows! (she always yelled it)

    Riffer = river
  • emmy3111
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    Just remembered... my youngest used to say "me no yike you anymore" when he was mad at me... lol :)
  • lol.. eyebrains instead of eyebrows
  • _VoV
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    'Hearse.' I would call it '*kitten*'. Thank goodness there weren't too many deaths in my family when I was a kid.
  • poncho33
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    instead of saying "Trick or Treat" I always said "Trigger-treat"
  • penrbrown
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    'Hearse.' I would call it '*kitten*'. Thank goodness there weren't too many deaths in my family when I was a kid.

    "Mommy! Look at the *kitten*!"

  • Init_to_winit
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    I said I had a "diarrhea" instead of a diary. I was a disgusting child.
  • holeshottdr
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    I had a hard time with my "s" when I was little. Lets just say when I went to the store with my mom, I only had to ask for a sucker one time...
  • Jovan0609
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    I would always says "gain tsu" instead of "thank you." :smile:
  • Sharon_73
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    My youngest son: When the tsunami hit in Indonesia and he saw it on tv he came to tell me with a very wooried look on his face

    "Oh Mommy, there is a big ploblem....there is a big salami..."

    This was also from the little boy who wanted to grow up and be on the "squat" team with the police!
  • TylerJ76
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    I got nothing, except I keep reading the title of this thread as "were you butchered as a kid"
  • Sharon_73
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    ...my oldest son would sing "LMNOP" in the alphabet song as "Elmo Goes Pee".

    I have no idea how my children have turned out normal! :wink:
  • azzkikin
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    Fifteen was always Fiveteen