Words you Butchered as a kid?



  • jwhit31
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    Pancakes = panicakes

    Spaghetti = pasketti
  • pumalama
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    I was raised in the French language so for me, instead of saying oui (yes) I would say i (e), I would also call a vache (cow) yash
  • chelledawg14
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    I didn't do this, but my daughter would say "spitachios" instead of pistachios. She is 13 now. Her dad & I didn't even correct her until she was around 8 because we would laugh every time she said it. The only word I really butchered, per my parents, was "kitchen". I'd say "kickin".

    My daughter would also say "tick-el-eeeeeeee" for "typically" in one of the Kenny Chesney songs.
  • nerdyandilikeit
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    The one I hear the story for the most is 'valinna' for vanilla. Before my grandpa died, we'd go to dinner with him and my grandma every other Sunday (when we weren't at Dad's). It was usually at Bob Evans or Richards with occasional local restaurants thrown in. For dessert, I'd either have pumpkin or sugar cream pie (just like Papa) or vanilla ice cream. I'd insist on telling the waitress myself what I wanted, sitting up straight and proudly asking for my valinna ice cream.
  • jess7386
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    specific = pacific
  • Im_NotPerfect
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    Cinnamon = "Cin-mon-in"

    I also had a speech impediment with Rs, so Refrigerator became "Wefwidgawato".
  • jwhit31
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    hehehe...me too! :laugh:
  • Jayme813
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    I can't quite remember mine, but here are a few from my nephew (who is now 10, but we still tease him about these):
    Bre-fix = Breakfast
    Bagrilla = Gorilla
    Bee-lax daaahling, bee-laaaax = "Relax darling, relax!"
    Hah-wash = Carwash (when singing the song)
    A b c d e f g, haychi k k emelimo p = a b c d e f g, h i j k l m n o p
    Hauntie = Auntie

    He had a lot of great ones... as I remember them I'll post again lol
  • blissfulself
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    turch = church per my little brother
  • Erienneb
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    I had good pronunciation when I was little. But my dad, being 18 when I was learning to talk, decided to mess me up on purpose. So he taught me that a remote control was called a kitty-cat which I called it for FOREVER. and then every time someone picked up a knife they told me not to touch it because it was sharp, so I honestly thought a knife was called a sharp for years.
  • dukes418
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    True story -- My younger cousin would always say "I want a truck" for Christmas. Well, he had a slight lisp so "truck" was not always pronounced properly, Soooo I will let you all guess what it actually sound like. Definitely got us all into trouble whenever we asked him what he wanted ;-)
  • My youngest: youngin' = onion
    spaghetti= pasketti

    My oldest: Pepsi Cola = Pepi Tola
    Ice cream = icky
  • jericamom
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    When my daughter was little, she called pistachios "matthews". No idea why. She also called Watermelon "mee-melon" and marshmallows were "mee-mallows". Sometimes we still call them that out of an old habit.
  • klacount77
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    My Papa raised me with hunting dogs I would throw a towel and scream "da' beered!!!!" Instead of dead bird.
    And I proudly sang at the top of lungs "You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel (Lucille)" along with "you dropped the farm (bomb) on me, baby!"

    My kids have some good ones
    The 4 year old: instead of "It's annoying me" he says "It's anoring me"
    The 6 year old quotes CARS 2 wrong daily: "don't get your engines in a twist" is quoted as "don't give providence a twist"
    The 9 year old: instead of "vacuum" pronounces it Vak-Koom
    The girl says: Hot Choco instead of hot cocoa
    The 10 year old: Suposably for Supposedly
    The 15 year old: Coincidence is pronounced Coin-in-side-dents by him unless he says the word really slowly.

    My sister when we were little said "Hang-Ga-Ber" instead of Hamburger
    And my brother said "lackin-like" instead of acting like
  • Pixi_Rex
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    I never really butchered words as a kid - my mother had this thing where she made me say things correctly all the time. But I always called Cucumbers - grammas. It started because I didn't know what they were and I only ever got them at my grammas.
  • Katiedid717
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    I had an advanced reading level when I was younger, so I would see a word I hadn't heard in everyday life and figure out what it meant from context but not know how to pronounce it.

    I was 6 or 7 and my mother was driving all of us in the back seat. "Oh, mommy, it's like your a choffer!"

    "A what?"

    "A choffer! You know, a person who drives limos and stuff."

    She started laughing so hard when she realized I meant chauffeur!
  • parys1
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    My daughter couldn't say asparagus for a long time, it was as-per-OH-gus.
  • zyxst
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    hehehe...me too! :laugh:

    Freaks! Everyone knows it SKA-betty. :grumble: I evolved to call them slides since I only ate spaghetti by sucking up each noodle like a straw.

    My mom called apples happles.
  • smantha32
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    When my cousin was a toddler she couldn't say "sandwhich". It always came out weechurch,
  • ashleen7
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