Words you Butchered as a kid?



  • bfitgirl
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    My son used to say:
    'Cinemax' for 'cinema' and
    'forget' for 'baguette'
  • Toast. I had a bit of a lisp so it used to come out "toatht"

    I also said "packpack" instead of backpack.
  • bfitgirl
    bfitgirl Posts: 138 Member
    My favorite was "know-a-lize" which was her combination of "know" and "realise"..."I didn't know-a-lize that cartoon was on"

    Quote from one of the earlier posters, sorry just deleted the "quote" details by mistake!

    I Think that word could actually catch on, going to start using it! :smile:
  • BlisterLamb
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    My mom had me young and talked to me all the time when she was home with me, so I spoke early and clearly...much to their dismay, because I also had no filter. But my grandson has some great ones that make so much sense. And for the life of me I can only remember one at the moment.

    He says Lasterday. As in lasterday was the day before today. Makes sense to him because the night before this one was last night.

    And handcops. The things the police put on your wrists before putting you in the police car.
  • kelika71
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    Windshield wipers - winsheepers

    We lived on Old Smith Valley Rd - Old Smifdy Bally Rd.

    Yellow - Lallow

    Spaghetti - Pasketti
  • FitBeto
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    Shi+ i do it now:

    Hey baby I want to make love to you = Hello
  • Reinventing_Me
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    Island was is-land.
    Isle was istle (like thistle).
    Phoebe was Fo-bee

    I was young and just learned how to read.
  • etoiles_argentees
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  • skylark94
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    I used to call myself a "grill" rather than "girl".

    My son pronounced "hospital" as "hossipal" and "helicopter" as heckilopter".
  • kgprncss01
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    I used to say Caterpickle.....for caterpillar! everyone thought it was soo funny!
  • MsMarlaMae
    MsMarlaMae Posts: 144 Member
    Calculator - Cakulator (still screw this up)
    Digest - Diggest

    My girlfriends little brother used to say locky locky instead of ucky. We still say it :)
  • xlacijeanx
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    I used to say these:

    antenna = nintenna
    wood pecker = hay pecker

    My mom used to say she was "choking the washcloth" instead of "ringing it out" lol- also she called "goosebumps" "goosepimples"

    My dad used to say "hopti-plopter" for "helicopter"

    Why I know what my parents used to say as kids is beyond me- I improvise with their words all the time just because its humorous lol
  • homerjspartan
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    I could never say my R's and I talked fast. I would ask for a fork and knife........

    Mommy, will you get me a fok-n-knife.

    I got slapped.

    I didn't know why.
  • kekeholleywood
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    Milk = Melk
    Pillow = Pellow

    And I still say it that way....unfortunately for me, no one corrected it until my roommate in college.....at that point it was beyond repair :)
  • cmacphee3
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    Most of the words I said wrong as a kid were because my mom says them wrong!! My mom was raised by two French as first language people, so I'm going to say that is why, but she says the following

    Saturday = Sarah-day
    Vegetables = Veggables
    Wal-Mart - Wal- Mark
    Pillow = Pellow (Milk = Melk, along the same lines)
    Breakfast = Breff-us
    Across - Acrost

    I think there are probably 100 more but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

    Some other I said were the common bisketti, li-berry, chim-ley.

    For a very long time, I thought the word chaos was pronounced "Chalk-ose" I don't know why!
  • dalildevil
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    When I was a little girl. a popular song on the radio at the time was Madona's Material girl. which I would butcher as I sang along...

    "we are living in a cereal world and I am a cereal girl"
  • cmacphee3
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    I got nothing, except I keep reading the title of this thread as "were you butchered as a kid"

  • deadstarsunburn
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    Living room- Milling room
    That's all I know of.

    My youngest cousin said Olicalies for motorcycles, copone for popcorn, she would say make-uh instead of making.
  • cowgirlashlee
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    Certificate = cer-tick-a-flate. Still comes out that way now and then if I'm really talking fast.
  • joeysox
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    sgabetti for spagetti my little boy calls his dressing gown a dressngo and my other son calls his eyebrows eyebrowns