Words you Butchered as a kid?



  • RunnerBlonde808
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    My son had some cute ones.

    Tea = Teef
    Neighbor = naver (lol)

    This is kind of a butcher. My 4 year old daughter came into my room at 2am one time and woke me. She had been sleeping in the same bed as her sister who was 15 at the time. She said "mom, Haleigh is doing the hawk-chooing thing again and I can't slee", I said " what", she said, "you know, hawk-choo, hawk-choo"....she was talking about her sister snoring. It was just so cute!!
  • Girl. No matter how hard I tried, it always came out grill. I still remember how happy I was the first time I said it right (when I was 5).
  • i used to say Nacuum instead of napkin... my daughter used to say uhm pooter for computer... i still call it that today when im among friends just from the nostalga:)
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    My "Baiting" suit...

    Mom have you seen my baiting suit?