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  • Madison9776Madison9776 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    Steamed clams in a garlic butter and white wine broth spiced with cayenne pepper. Served with a nice crusty bread to soak up the brothy goodness
  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,918 Member Member Posts: 5,918 Member
    Still managing leftovers from whole roast chicken on Thursday night. Another chicken caesar.
  • canyonGeekcanyonGeek Member Posts: 182 Member Member Posts: 182 Member
    Not a great picture - but this was yummy!
    Pan seared chicken thighs with haricots verts and grape tomatoes. Juices from the chicken and tomatoes made a nice sauce in the pan.
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  • mockchocmockchoc Member Posts: 6,572 Member Member Posts: 6,572 Member
    mockchoc wrote: »
    Miso Ramen soup w/pork and mushrooms (shiitake & bunashimeji)

    THAT is a bowl of heaven on earth. Wow! I want that so bad.

    It's delicious. I use this recipe for the broth replacing the sake & sugar with Mirin because I usually have Mirin on hand. If we were having sake with dinner I'd use it instead.

    The first time I made it I also did the Yakibuta specified in the recipe. But I typically use whatever pork I have on hand (belly, cheek, shoulder, etc) and nearly always add mushrooms and skip the egg and corn. But the broth is good so you can add the veggies and meat you want.

    They don't like the ramen they can get in the US so they use spaghetti with baking soda instead but I use the Lotus Food brand ramen that is made from brown rice and millet and think it's fine.

    Thank for the link. I made amazing beef stock in the slow cooker on the weekend. Best I've ever tasted and making a beef, noodle & mushroom soup tonight with it. It's from this website
  • LazyBlondeChefLazyBlondeChef Member, Premium Posts: 715 Member Member, Premium Posts: 715 Member
    I wanted to have the viral feta baked pasta dish but the store was out of feta yesterday so I decided to make something similar with ricotta and a bit of goat cheese with garlic and herbs. I baked the cherry tomatoes with the two cheeses. Ricotta doesn't melt but goat cheese does. I also added Italian sausage, protein greens and basil. I used Jovial brown rice caserecce pasta while my partner had orecchiette plus some added red chili flakes as he likes his food spicy. I notice that often the lighter pasta dishes don't photograph very well. While it tasted better than it looks I doubt I'd do it this particular way again though I plan to make the feta version as soon as I can find some.


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  • LazyBlondeChefLazyBlondeChef Member, Premium Posts: 715 Member Member, Premium Posts: 715 Member
    posted in error
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