What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



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    The sun is shining today!💗🥰 My 310 calories lunch, 1 tablespoon 1/2 fat Renee’s Caesar dressing, mustard, spring mix and smoked ham pita sandwich, 15g pecans and the other goodies!🥕🥒🍓

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    Palak Paneer - an indian dish re interpreted European :smiley:
    Palak - spinach Paneer - cottage cheese , I had the little solid option, I could have choosed also one more creamy, but this one is homemade so ... :blush:

    I just finished it :)

    Thanks to my friend Hansal for the recipe !

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    @acpgee do you sear the chicken skin in a pan or under the broiler?
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    @acpgee do you sear the chicken skin in a pan or under the broiler?

    I used the instructions from the Serious Eats website and seared on a cast iron frying pan after sous vide. I might try searing in the air fryer next time which is essentially a fan assisted broiler. I used boneless skin on breasts and cooked at 60C for an hour and a half before searing. The skin looked good but was not as thin and crispy as when I just cook skin on thighs in the air fryer for 20 minutes. Meat was very juicy and tender though.