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Anyone lose 100+ pounds WITHOUT surgery?



  • comogirlcomogirl Posts: 154Member Member Posts: 154Member Member
    Yup! I have lost 103lbs with diet and excercise alone. It only took me about 9 months. It is possible!
  • nwg74nwg74 Posts: 362Member Member Posts: 362Member Member
    I am 1 pound short of losing 200 pounds without surgery since April 2011. The last few pounds has taken 2 months !

    I have gone from 50" to 32" waist and from XXXL to Medium sized tops.

    No pics unfortunately.
  • XXXMinnieXXXXXXMinnieXXX Posts: 3,478Member Member Posts: 3,478Member Member
    Right here :) About 20 more to go. Started 277, now im 171. All from healthier eating, counting calories and walking. Oh & chasing 2 toddlers around ;)



    You look amazing and that little boy is the cutest ever! X
  • usmcmom1970usmcmom1970 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    WOW.... you guys are such inspiration. I have about 100 to lose and I just started this journey . :smile:
  • JenniTheVeggieJenniTheVeggie Posts: 2,443Member Member Posts: 2,443Member Member
    118 gone and counting. Calorie counting and moving more. :smile:
  • sevencallmemomsevencallmemom Posts: 505Member Member Posts: 505Member Member
    From 323 to the 170's in 18 months (and now stuck for the last 6 months) doing low carb and exercise.

    I went from barely doing 10 min of wii fit a day to doing 3 intense workouts a day, 2 of which I teach. It's a whole new life!
  • chezzchezz Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    wow this post as given me hope that i will get there

    thankyou everyone of you
  • cuttingA83cuttingA83 Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    i am only down 47.2 since the beginning of june 2012 but i am loosing it with out surgery. i did stop logging consistantly in oct-dec but statedright back up jan 7th and im on a consistant gym schedule where i go 3-4 times a week. so it is very possible just takes time, patience, consistancy and honesty and alot of hard work! but u can do it as for we all are and we are doin it all togther! we like a family on here and encourage eachother! good luck and dont give up!!! i had 200lbs to loose when i started and now i have 150ish left to loose but im not giving up. keep with it!!
  • brownmarabrownmara Posts: 173Member Member Posts: 173Member Member
    WOW!!! What an inspiring post. I have 100+ pounds to lose and I intend to do it without surgery, pills, or fad diets. This is what I needed to see and read! Thank You to all of you who have shared your pictures and stories.
  • meaningful99meaningful99 Posts: 174Member Posts: 174Member
    You guys are all such an inspiration! Wow!
  • cappricappri Posts: 1,559Member Member Posts: 1,559Member Member
    One year as of yesterday, I've gone from the 250's to the 150's, getting close to the 100 pound mark.
  • astyllaastylla Posts: 122Member Member Posts: 122Member Member
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sharing your personal stories and photos it really is a testament to how strong we can be as individuals and how vital a string support system can be. Congrats to everyone regardless of the point in their journey.

    I firmly believe in this statement "You never know where one has been in their journey so assuming anything is beyond disrepectful".

    In my life I admit there were people that walked by and I would think to myself " They have no idea what it's like" - and that was probably the most intolerant disgusting thing I could ever have done or thought. Life experience has taught me that we really never know what one has been through and this thread more over proves my point. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and bravery in their photos and journey.
  • IsMollyReallyHungryIsMollyReallyHungry Posts: 14,967Member Member Posts: 14,967Member Member
    Thanks for sharing and congrats to all of the losers!! You all look amazing! Keep up the good work!
  • AsaraFuriosaAsaraFuriosa Posts: 293Member Member Posts: 293Member Member
    96lbs so far with 19lbs to go. No surgery just working out and eating clean! You can do it! Stay strong! Pics in my profile :-)
  • zillah73zillah73 Posts: 541Member Member Posts: 541Member Member
    I lost 102 with no surgery, no gimmicks, no shakes, pills, bars or anything. There are no tricks to it... just healthy eating and exercise. I did count calories and prepared a meal plan each week of all clean, organic whole foods (I also happen to be vegetarian, which I think also helped). I worked out five times a week. A trainer got me started and I just stuck with his plan. I do 30 minutes of weightlifting plus 30-40 minutes of cardio three days a week and 60-70 minutes of cardio two days a week. The other two days are rest/active recovery. It was tough at first, but after a month it was second nature and I felt fantastic. It is possible and worth it! You come out the other end knowing you are a warrior, that you fought for and earned every moment of your success and healthfulness.
  • rjh1975rjh1975 Posts: 71Member Member Posts: 71Member Member
    At my highest weight, I was 252 lbs and wore a size 20. Today I weigh 136.5 lbs and I'm in a size 6 :happy: I did it all by logging what I ate and working out (hard) regularly. It took me roughly a year to do it. Here is another thread where I posted my "before" and "after" pics :smile:
  • LilRiverLilRiver Posts: 83Member Posts: 83Member
    Yep! Well, almost... 99 lbs as of today and tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary on MFP (yay!). My "official" weigh-in is on Wednesday and, assuming all is right with the world, I should hit 100+ then. (double yay!)


    eta: oops. pic too big. will edit later. must head to gym now. in the mean time you can right click to open it in a new tab or something. sorry!
  • MaraDiazMaraDiaz Posts: 4,611Member Member Posts: 4,611Member Member
    My highest weight ever was over 240. So yes. It can be done.
  • RobinvdMRobinvdM Posts: 645Member Member Posts: 645Member Member
    I had been considering surgical weight loss last year - but made myself a deal. If I could lose 50lbs by the end of the year (2012) I wouldn't subject myself to the terror of the surgery. By April I had lost 55lbs, and by Christmas 125. I would call that a raging success, no? My weight loss is still progressing, albeit slowly. I am just relieved I didn't have to commit to surgery..

    I am a wimp, I hate being operated on. Kudos to folks who opted for the surgical means. You are all far braver than I will ever be. :flowerforyou:
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