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    I have been thinking about getting into this myself. Not necessarily to meet and date people but more to have more friends - jeepers, that made me sound super creepy and lonely. I do have friends - promise lol - but always nice to have more and discover a range of interests, etc.

    But then I have the same confidence issue of A) what is no one responds to me, and B) are people going to be weird that I don't want to date on there?!

    Anyway, good luck with it! I know this is a cop-out but love will find you when it's ready and all that.... :)
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    First off I met my Fiancee on an online dating site. We have been together for over 4 years now. So there is such a thing as success with it. Before I met him, I went on a couple of dates with some real doozies! There were a lot of men who would say one thing and do another. There were also a lot of men who straight up lied about their jobs, their photos and personalities.
    I had seen my boyfriends photo on my page for a couple of months, and honestly I never looked at his profile. Then one day he messaged me, and we talked for a week or so before we finally met up in a public place for dinner. It was love at first sight for both of us, and it was the very next day that I deleted my account. He was someone that I would not have given a chance to before, so with that, give people chances!
    I have seen a few people on here say that the ladies get a lot of messages and so on.... that is 100% true! I would get upwards of 40 to 50 messages in a day, and it was very overwhelming! I also wanted to just quit because it was just too much.

    I say, hang in there and try your very best to be authentic and patient and go for some of the 7 and 8 ladies, you might be surprised!
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    I just wanted to add (as I haven't seen this mentioned yet) that I am a very "independent" person. I like shopping by myself, I like spending time reading a good book at home by myself. I work with all women (except the boss), I am not a huge fan of bars/clubs, don't belong to any organizations, and am done with school. So I went YEARS without dating ANYONE. Alot of my friends were in relationships and were friends with other couples, so I rarely even met single guys through friends.

    Some people's lifestyles just don't allow for "chance meetings". And although you can make the argument "go out and make an effort" sure, I could, but then I'd also be representing something that I'm not. I'm not the outgoing "here i am!!!!" type.

    Like I said earlier, I met my husband online, but not on a dating site. Message boards of websites of something you enjoy could work just as well.

    That's the way my wife was, too. We never would have met without a dating site, and since we were both a little older, and independent, my wife never would have put up with me if I would have expected her to be the "50s housewife" type. Our relationship is completely different than most, but it is wonderful, as it fits both our personalities perfectly.
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    I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish back in October and we're still dating. I figured I'd give it a shot since at the very least, it expands the dating pool so you end up meeting people that you otherwise would never have met.
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    I know there's a lot of responses- but here's my story.

    I didn't want to do online dating either. But I had terrible luck with guys- especially ones my age. 22 year old guys aren't exactly at my maturity level-especially since I've always been mature for my age.

    So, I signed up for one month of Match (thanks to my mom)
    I met my current boyfriend on there. I met him in December of 2010. We're still together. In fact, we're living together, and have been talking about our more "serious" future :)

    My advice is to GO FOR IT.
    I know a lot of people have luck on sites like OKcupid, POF, and all those free ones- but my advice is pay for it. I don't regret paying 30 bucks to meet the love of my life. He truly is perfect for me in every way.
    And it's a good way to filter people too.
    And to keep your standards high.
    Never let your standards fall.

    I always thought, why date guys that didn't meet my standards? Waste of time. As a result, didn't have a boyfriend until I met this guy.

    Couldn't be happier :)
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    My advice is to GO FOR IT.

    And it's a good way to filter people too.
    And to keep your standards high.
    Never let your standards fall.

    I always thought, why date guys that didn't meet my standards? Waste of time. As a result, didn't have a boyfriend until I met this guy.

    Couldn't be happier :)

    Bless this post! I hope your happiness continues:)
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    I actually met my wife on Match. One of my best friends met his wife on e harmony. they work. good luck
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    I met my boyfriend on Match, and we've been together for a year and a half. I went on some pretty goofy dates with guys from that site, too, so be prepared to wade through some weirdness before you find the right person. Honestly, though, can't the same be said for traditional dating? :ohwell:
  • Before you try online dating, I suggest you watch a couple episodes of "Catfish". Beware!!
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    Look, the whole purpose in life is to procreate or to engage in acts that could lead to procreation. That means, we all just wanna bang. However you get to banging, consensual of course, is okay. The rest is details.
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    I thought online was just for cybrz sex and noodz. People actually communicate? Weird.
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    I don't see what the difference is between online dating and "regular" dating. If you are in the grocery store and meet a complete stranger who asks you out on a date, how is that any different? At least with online dating, people have a profile so you can decide if you want to even bother talking to them in the first place. When you meet someone out in real life, you have to talk to them in order to find things out about them. And people can lie just as easily online as they can in person.
    The only thing you can't lie about in person is what you look like - which is why I'd recommend, if you are going to meet someone from online - Skype with them first to make sure they are really what their pictures show. But someone from online could turn out to be a psycho just as much as someone you meet in a bar.
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    I met my wife on an online dating site. I have heard horror stories from others about it, though. Neither my wife, nor I can really say what drove us to go onto a dating site. It worked out for us, though.

    This ^^^ Like real life, you may meet quite a few different personalities and types before, or even if, you meet someone you are truly compatible with. Good luck!
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    I was looking for friends (I moved to a new city 2.5 hours from where I lived) and found my fiance. He messaged me first, and he made the attempt to come and meet me once I was settled. We didn't "date" online, we messaged once or twice, then began texting and met a short time later. Our official courtship was all done in person.
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    I met my husband online. Of course I only spoke with guys that messaged me..ladies like to be pursued. Good luck.
  • I had a lot of success with online dating, and unlike a lot of the people here, I did a lot of work to make it successful - I wrote messages, initiated contact, etc. - and went on many dates with great guys. That's how I met my fiance and we've been together for 6 years and getting married in September. Keep trying and switch sites if necessary, but it's just like any other dating - it takes many duds to find your stud ;) (Or stud-ett in this case!) :)
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    Trust me I am. I am really trying to communicate with people.

    It's almost impossible. A decent girl will get dozens of messages a day, some of them hundreds on the free sites. The average quality of the girls there is pretty low compared to what you would see in day-to-day life, so the good ones are bombarded by guys. I've had a few dates in the past few years from it so it can work...but not really worth the time and effort. Writing relevant messages that get responses takes a LONG time and it's a bit absurd to spend hours writing say 50 messages (if you can even find 50 decent girls on there) and get just a couple responses back.

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    i i tried it, was a disaster.
    met up with a few guys, total time wasters and liars..

    thats not to say they all are though, some were lovely but just not my type.... give it a go...u never know until you try :-)

    good luck