30 Day Shred - Starting April 15 2013



  • Amy_Andrews
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    Did L2D4 yesterday and it is getting easier, but i don't like this level. Is Level 3 any better? I hate alternating lunges!!!

    Hubby told me yesterday that my back is looking slim again. Guess all those row and V raises are helping.
  • SAB8A
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    L2 D6 done on Saturday but I didn't check in and then I did L2 D7 Sunday.. Yesterday was rest because I was not feeling good but I plan on getting back in it today. I also started doing about a 10 minute workout I found at Prevention.com that are done on the wall and all while watching my shows.. I have been doing that now for 4 days and let me tell you it is not easy because Gravity makes it harder to do the moves. My bum/hips/and thighs are hurting bad when I get done but I think it has helped with the 30DS because I was able to hang throughout the DVD as possible.. The Plank Jacks and Double Jump Rope still killed me but I was able to push through the majority of the DVD. I know by the end of the week I'll be able to hang (at least I keep saying that) =)

    Oh and on a great note I had my FIRST NSV since starting... I'm wearing slacks I wasn't able to fit in and now can button them up and still have a little breathing room. So yes this works just got to keep at it
  • melissa112
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    I've just done Level 3 Day 1. I had a little trouble with my left arm which I haven't noticed before, so although I could do most of the stuff (Anita helped :P) my arm let me down a bit! Like Mel, I did feel this was the best Day 1 though! Mel, I also think I'm going to be a little sore tomorrow, as in Level 1 style, but I think in a few days we will feel much better! :D

    Amy, I'm afraid there are lunges in Level 3 too. You can either do jumping ones, where you jump & push off from the leg you're bending into a lunge, but Anita does them without the jump. I switched between Natalie and Anita for those.

    But Level 3 is soooo much better than Level 2. There are mountain climbers though but I felt the plank stuff in L3 wasn't anywhere near as bad as L2. And none of those horrid V raises, nothing like that!

    Sabba, well done on the NSV!! I'm hoping to try on some jeans at the end of L3 which were a bit tight a month ago, fingers crossed they feel a little better!

    Lee, glad your knee is feeling a little better. I thought I'd have to switch in L1 as my calves were really bad, but they've been fine since. I guess our bodies aren't protesting as much now that we are stronger :)

    chipmunk I really do think you will find L3 better :) kitjos, great that you are seeing results already, that's amazing!

    Keep it up everyone!!
  • aliann30
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    I'm still here! Took two more rest days than normal because my body has just rebelled. The past two days I have been seriously DEAD exhausted, no energy at all. I'm feeling much better today, so will resume with L2D6 today. I HATE being behind though. :ohwell:

    I'm going to try to work through the weekend this time, then start L3 either Monday or Tuesday (depending on if I need a day break in between the levels).

    Amy - I hate the pendulum lunges too - it's just an awkward movement to me and I feel off balance.

    lee - I'm so glad you're knee is better and you are getting stronger!

    Glad you sent me that message, Travlinmel, and glad I checked back in the room before doing it today. My body AND mind haven't been into it the past few days and this has definitely reminded me of the progress we've all made - yall are doing awesome and I don't want to be left behind!!! :wink:
  • chipmunk_87
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    Good to see so many people still on board! Keep it up everyone, we're getting closer and closer!

    I did Level 2 Day 5 today. Half way! Its getting easier and easier, and more fun. Its great getting the hang of the moves so I can concentrate harder on actually working hard. One thing I do find a but frustrating is that in the combined arms and legs strength movements I really struggle with the arms, which means I don't push myself as hard as I could with the leg parts. This is particularly the case with the v-raises and chair squats, and the one in the first set, I can't remember what its called, the row/squat one.
  • aliann30
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    L2D6 done :)

    I definitely feel like the 4 day hiatus pulled me back a little, but not much. Glad I'm back on board.

    chipmunk - (you're pic is too dang cute btw!) I really struggle with the v raises too! I had to stop a couple times today and just do the v raises without the squats. Hoping I'll be much better at it by D10.

    14 days to go! :)
  • leeroxboro
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    L2 D8 down....My arms killed me during the plank moves...I'm not sure why, but I'm chalking it up to the push mower. I try to push mow 30 minutes a day when I get off work (by the time I finish the yard, it's time to start all over) but until yesterday I hadn't done so since Wednesday of last week. Plus those V raises are hitting some sort of muscle I never knew existed!! At least I know they're there now and can work on getting them stronger!! I really hope they're better tomorrow because I couldn't do any plank jacks today and yesterday I did a whole set!!

    One thing I can say about this program is it's really let me know that I have quite a few muscles that really I really need to work on getting stronger!!

    Aliann, it's so good to hear from you!! You're really not behind!!

    Travlinmel, thank you for sending aliann the message and for all of your support and kind words!!

    Melissa, I hope your arm gets along okay...

    Sab8a...congrats on the NSV and kudos for you if you can do the plank jacks and/or double jump ropes!!

    Amy...so glad to hear the hubby is noticing your progress. It always motivates just a little more when the hubby notices something!!
  • SAB8A
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    L2 D8 done yesterday after work. I'm so happy I got that workout in because I usually do them in the morning but with my Husband's work schedule changing for the next 4 days we are doing them after work and yesterday would have been easy to say I don't have time because we had a family dinner to go to after work. I made my exercise a Priority and got it done and was still able to make the dinner without everyone waiting on me (like they usually do =/) Also my family noticed my loss so that makes me smile and want to push harder =) This Level almost done and off to Level 3.

    Mel: I'm so happy to hear you prefer Level 3 to Level 2 because honestly I was scared because if L2 is this intense I had all manners of torture in my head for L3. I'll make sure to watch it a day before doing it so I know what it will consist of.

    LeeRox: thanks for the congrats. I am having trouble still with my arms during the V Raises. I have noticed that I was able to do the first set without stopping but on the 2nd set I had to do some lunges without the raises but yes my shoulders were BURNING even with skipping every few Raises

    Melissa: I bet you get those jeans up after this video. You should make sure to take an after wearing those jeans to show how far you came.

    Aliann: :drinker: cheers to you for getting back into your workout. I know how easy it is to skip a few days of working out and not want to get back in the groove of it. You should not let your rest days discourage you from getting it done. Throughout this whole Workout series I have been mentally pep talking myself because if I listened to my body I would have given up that first week. I'm glad I have sticked to it this long because by pushing my body I have gotten stronger and more flexible. You should be proud of yourself and No Ma'am you are definately not behind. I like the saying that says you are lapping everyone on the couch =)

    Chipmunk: I second the cute pic of Theodore!! It is overwhelming trying to remember okay squeeze your butt when doing the lunges but make sure to squeeze your shoulders together and suck in your abs and push harder go deeper. My mind is going all kinds of ways during each workout but I try to get as much muscles burning during each workout and hope that does it. Just keep pushing and maybe you should use less weight and after a few days go up

    Big HIGH FIVE to everyone for making it as far as we have. I know this isn't easy but I know it will be worth it. =)
  • travlinmel101
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    Hi everyone...just checking in, just finished L3D3! Still going pretty good! I am a little bit sore from some of the moves...I think that the walking-planks really makes you "clinch" your abs/core, so I've got a bit of soreness there (i.e. it hurts to sneeze!), my shoulders/upper back is a bit sore, which I think is from the traveling push-ups...my back overall is a little sore from supermans, but nothing as bad as L1!!! :)

    Here's a question...do you know if it is better to use heavier weights or go at a faster pace? For example, in Level 1, we did those "punches" - in level 3, you do the same thing but with weights in your hands...I can either go "faster" with 2lbs weights, or I can go a little slower but doing it with 5lb weights...anyone have any idea? (Similar, in L3 you do jumping jacks with weights in your hands [arms up to shoulder level], i can keep up with them with the 2lbs, but I'm just a little slower with the 5lbs)

    I second the "High-Fives"!!! :) Keep it up everyone, we're going to make it!!! :)
  • Johlawrence
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    Good question, above poster, about the weights...more weight - slower, or less weight - faster. I'm interested in the replies.

    I just finished L2 D4. It was definitely easier tonight than it has been. I still hate it though!!! I SOOO wish I could do it every day,, but my schedule just doesn't allow for it. And I refuse to shower in the am, dry and fix my main of hair, and then shower again, and dry and fix my main AGAIN for the evening. UGHHH!!! Also wish I were a morning person! It's all I can do to drag my butt out of bed to go to work, let alone to WORK OUT!!!
  • chipmunk_87
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    Level 2 Day 6 down! I took 15 day progress photos and was REALLY happy to see the changes! Can't wait until Day 30.

    Here's a question...do you know if it is better to use heavier weights or go at a faster pace? For example, in Level 1, we did those "punches" - in level 3, you do the same thing but with weights in your hands...I can either go "faster" with 2lbs weights, or I can go a little slower but doing it with 5lb weights...anyone have any idea? (Similar, in L3 you do jumping jacks with weights in your hands [arms up to shoulder level], i can keep up with them with the 2lbs, but I'm just a little slower with the 5lbs)

    For me, I think it depends if its the cardio or strength section. For cardio, its important to keep your heart rate up, so I try and keep at the same speed as the video. For strength, I think its worth pushing to use higher weights even if you go slower.
  • corrsfan
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    Glad to hear how well everyone is doing! Congratulations to everyone already seeing changes. I have 2 more days to go (woohoo!!!) then I'll take photos to compare the change from before this workout. I don't seem to have lost much in my tummy though, which is usually the area I lose weight first. Weirdly it's my shoulders and upper arms that seem to have shrunk. I've had a few startling moments wearing wide shoulder tops or dresses and looking down to see they have dropped to my cleavage...yikes...

    About the weights for some of the moves in Level 3, I assume that if you use the 5lb weights and can't keep up with the pace of the jumping jacks at first, you will probably be able to do so in a few days if you stick with it. One thing that seems to be almost unanimous is that our strength and endurance are improving with each workout. I am no expert though so this may be terrible advice :-D Having said that, my right knee has started to hurt during the lunges in Level 3 so for the last 2 workouts I've done one of the Level 2 moves instead.
  • fourfiftythree
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    I started 30DS around this time (April 19th). I am on day 16 but I'm not really doing the levels in order. Sometimes I do two levels a day, and I've already done level 3. I like level 3 better than 2, definitely! Level 1 is so easy now, sometimes I use it as my warmup. =)
  • aliann30
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    L2D7 done. 3. more. days.

    Today was definitely better than yesterday, but Level 2 is still kicking my butt. Looking forward to a change next week.

    I agree that it probably depends on whether or not you're doing cardio or strength on whether heavy and slow is better than light and fast. Cardio you need your heart rate up, so I'd think light and fast, whereas strength is better to increase the weight with fewer reps. That's in my completely uneducated opinion.

    Ditto on the high fives. We are no joke rocking it - and, not in a negative way, but I didn't expect so many people (including myself) to stick with it this long! I seriously have commitment/easily bored issues so ROCK ON US!!!! :drinker:

    ETA: 13 more days!!! WOOOHOOO!
  • kitjos
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    I have such an awful cold atm that I can barely breathe so 30DS is out of the window for a few days. Its been 2 days now and hope I start to feel better soon so I can get back into it! Annoying!

    Everyone elce keep going, your doing great!

  • leeroxboro
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    L2 D9 down, and I swear, the only reason I dragged my butt out of bed go get it done is this thread and the posts about level 3!! One side of my brain wanted to sleep in, the other popped in and said, "Only two more days of this, then go away for the weekend, and start on the next level"!!

    I'm so grateful to all of you and all of your posts....I tend to get easily bored also, and don't normally have the stick-to-itness needed to finish a program like this, and wouldn't have gone this far if it weren't for all of you, so I also want to give us all high fives!!

    I agree with the weight thing, lower weights for cardio, higher ones for strength!!

    Only ELEVEN more days, and then I'm going to work on pull ups, push ups, weighted squats and lunges until I can get my form down....(that'll probably last a week). According to MFP, I burn as many calories push mowing as I do with the 30ds, so that's where I'm going to get the cardio in, at least for the summer.

    YEA US!! for going this far!! Can't wait to see the results!! I really wish I had a digital camera so I could have some before and after pics!!

    Edited to add....Kjitos...sorry you're under the weather, hope you get to feeling better soon!!
  • SAB8A
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    L2D9 done yesterday.. OMG Is it really Day 10 for me.. LOL.. I don't think I will be able to get my exercise done today as there aren't enough hours today to get it done but I will for sure get it done tomorrow and do Level 2 again on Saturday with Resting on Sunday and Level 3 on Monday (which is my birthday so what a good way to kick it off without Level 2 LOL)

    Great Job to us all for sticking to it. The end is in sight =)

    Hope your feeling better Kitjos
  • hol_lou85
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    Hey all, I've just completed day 1 level 3... And I was worried when I previewed the video yesterday, but honestly, I found it so much easier than level 2! Level 2 killed me every day! I'm hoping it means I'm stronger for level 3, rather than I may be doing it wrong :)
  • Amy_Andrews
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    I love the motivation on this thread! I really don't want to do it today, but checking in here (and the thought that I only have 4 more level 2 workouts to do) is motivating me to just do it!

    I have been running 3x a week in addtion to 30DS. Anyone else doing anything extra?
  • SAB8A
    SAB8A Posts: 27 Member
    I love the motivation on this thread! I really don't want to do it today, but checking in here (and the thought that I only have 4 more level 2 workouts to do) is motivating me to just do it!

    I have been running 3x a week in addtion to 30DS. Anyone else doing anything extra?

    Amy, I get like that most days during Level 2 but I have to keep telling myself that the time will pass anyways might as well make the most of it. Plus it's only approx. 30 minutes so I can do it. Then during the whole workout I'm usually telling myself you can do it almost done almost done and thankfully by the time I know it that workout is done. I can't say I like Level 2 even with only 1 more day to go on it but I can say that I have noticed my endurance has been going up and I can hang with more and more of the video each day so it is working.

    As far as anything extra I do these wall exercises I found on Prevention.com that's supposed to help sculpt abs, thighs, and buns. Let me tell you after I'm done with that (which it takes all but 10-15 minutes) I am sore and can hardly walk. It is pretty tough but I know it's working because my muscles are screaming during and after. That's pretty much all the extra I do plus I don't count it towards my exercise. I just log what my HRM shows for calories burned during 30DS which usually is around 250-300 per workout.