30 Day Shred - Starting April 15 2013



  • KyliAnne26
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    I haven't been in on this thread until now, but I started 30DS on April 13th (I've skipped it 3 days, but have done it every day other than that). I just started level three a couple days ago - I definitely like level 3 more than level 2!! I can now do 10 real pushups in a row (not knee-pushups)!! I've never been able to do that before IN MY whole LIFE! Also, I've been hiking a lot lately, and I'm not the slow one anymore!!

    Hope it's going well with everyone else, I'll be sure and keep checking in to see how y'all did and let you know what my final results are as well!
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    Thanks for the advice everyone…I thought corrsfan made a great point that as we all have been going through the workouts we notice that our strength and endurance gets better…so I decide to stick with the 5lb’ers and just tried to go as fast as I could and hope to be as fast as them on Day 10!

    Kitjos – sorry to hear you are sick, it’s always so disappointing that your heart/spirit/mind wants to do it, but your body just isn't up for it. Get well soon and get shreddin’! :)

    Sab8a – lol – did you ever think you’d be getting “no level 2” as a gift for your bday?  Happy early, bday!

    Myverticalsmile – I thought the same thing when I “watched” it, but then once I started doing it I was surprised by my abilities! :)

    Amy – I’m also running 3x per week, I happened to start a 5K training program the same day that I started the 30DS. I’m finding that the shred has really helped my endurance in running, too! I’m just not sure if the combo of the 2 is what’s causing my shin-splint (left leg) to linger? (I have the shoes, compression sleeves, and I ice, just hoping it’ll get better!) :(

    Kanne – Great job on the REAL push-ups! I can’t wait until I can do 1! :)

    Not sure if anyone else has thought of this yet or not, to motivate myself more (esp in Level 2), I put my laptop in the same room as I workout and put Pandora on and turn Jillian down (not sure if this will work well for ppl watching it online though?). After a few days, I pretty much have Jillian memorized anyways :) so, I just listen to the music instead of her :) (Actually, if it wasn't for Pandora, tonight, I might not have done the DVD at all…Havana Brown “We Run the Night” came on and I was ready to get moving!!)

    And, something else I can add, maybe a head’s up for others who do their workout on carpeting - today I noticed I have “rug burns” on my elbows from the “walking planks” in L3, so I’m now using my yoga mat for those :)

    Let’s keep it goin’ everyone…we’re doing GREAT!!!!!
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    I just finished L2 day 2 today.

    It is funny because on the first day I started Level 2 I thought, "Hey, this isn't so bad. This actually seems easier than Level 1". Then circuit 2 started and I just about died. All the plank stuff and the obelisk twists kill me. And my knees have been hurting which makes me think I may be doing something wrong. I know the plank/squat thingies are working muscles on my thighs near my knees that I am not used to working. I'm so glad to hear that Level 3 isn't as bad. Something to look forward to! Level 2 makes me want to "shred" the Netflix dvd.

    Sometimes I find myself saying to the television "I hate you Jillian". But it is a love/hate. I really hope this all pays off at the end of 30 days.
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    I am pretty late to this party but I just finished day 5 of level 1 today. It is just challenging enough and I sweat like crazy but I've been lucky not to have any muscle soreness. However my knees have been very unhappy. I already notice a difference and have lost 1/2 inch of the waist so far. Really excited to see all the results, mine and yours.
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    @ travlinmel101: I do work out on a carpet but I don't have rug burns yet...maybe I'm doing something wrong, lol? I also wanted to listen to music while I work out but I haven't been able to do that in Level 3 yet for some reason. It definitely makes the workout more fun. Oh well, maybe next time :-D

    @ Kanne: well done on the push-ups! Much as I feel stronger I am not yet able to do a single one of those yet. I tried one today and thought I was gonna break my wrist. Maybe I need to lose alot more weight first before these arms can push up this body.

    @MicheleWE: welcome to the 30DS party! 1/2 an inch in such a short time is amazing so good on you.

    @ Everyone else...I definitely agree with the sentiment that reading this thread helps keep me motivated and I can relate to the love/hate thing with Jillian cause wow, she is tough. This morning I was able to button up a jacket that has been bursting at the seams so I am definitely loving her today. 1 more day to go but I am sure I will be back to this workout later in the year. What's everyone planning to do when you're done with the 30DS?
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    Level. 2. Done!!! When the alarm went off this morning, I actually reset it to sleep an extra hour, rolled over and thought about this thread....that's why I got up and did it!! So, thanks to all of you!!

    Congrats to all for increased endurance and strength!! I still can't do a "real" pushup, but at least now I know I can get stronger and I can do more jumping jacks, and I can do a squat thrust, and I can a whole lot more than I thought I could!!

    Again, Thanks to all for this thread....

    corrsfan, I'm planning on working on pull ups, push ups, squats and lunges after this, with cardio being push mowing 45 minutes/day...Mon., Wed. and Fri will be crunches, pushups, and assisted pull ups (until I can do them) and Tu, Thur, and Fri will be squats,, lunges and donkey kicks. I'm not sure how long I will do it though. To be honest, I wouldn't still be doing 30ds if it weren't for this thread!!
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    Travelin - My shins are always achy after a Jillian workout. It's a lot of jumping moves that put a lot of pressure on your lower legs (jumping jacks, jump ropes, squat thrusts, plank jacks). Those muscles also get stronger the more you use them, so just make sure you stretch them really well, especially after a run. And if they're really achy, ice them down. I like to use the "ABC stretch" where you sit with your legs straight in front of you and "write" the alphabet with your toes.

    Corrsfan - I'm really liking my results, so I'm thinking of more Jillian torture when this is over. Maybe Ripped in 30? When I finally reach my GW I am going to start a weight lifting program to tone up - maybe Jamie Eason's Live Fit. But Jillian has to help me lose 15 more pounds first!
  • aliann30
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    L2D8 done!!! AHHHH SOOO wish that I hadn't needed that extra rest earlier this week! Gonna push through and hopefully finish Level 2 on Sunday.

    Amy - I've been trying to do additional exercise but it's been really tough especially this last week. Last night I did try the first day of C25k and I noticed my endurance was WAY up from the last time I tried jogging a few months ago. I'm going to officially start Week 1 of it next week and am really excited!

    I owe a lot to this thread and Jillian, but yeah...I can't stand her during the workouts. I love the idea of music during the workout! I watch it on my laptop but I have my husband's laptop, and will have to try that on Monday when he's at work!

    Congrats everyone on the awesome progress! 12 days left!!!! :drinker:
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    L2 Day 8 done, too! Its definitely getting easier. I actually enjoyed it!

    I haven't been doing anything else formally, but I do either bike or walk to University most days. Its only 3 km though.
  • MicheleWE
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    Amy Andrews-I just finished LiveFit last week. Definately challenging, especially for someone new to weight lifting. I didn't lose much as far as pounds, but I didn't comply with her diet 100% either, but can see a difference in body composition, and I really like the muscles I've found. So good luck to you, just do your best and if you need encouragement I'm here for you. I did post pictures of my results on my profile if you are interested. Now I am doing 30 DS to try and lean down some more. I still have 22 lbs to lose. I am only on Level 1 but am seeing a difference already and due to the weight training I've never been sore with doing 30DS.
  • melissa112
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    I finished L3D5 today! Tomorrow was supposed to be my rest day but just remembered I have to work late Monday, so not sure whether to do another day tomorrow, and have Monday as a rest!

    My arm is a tiny bit better, but those planks in circuit 3 where you do a plank with weights, and lift up your arm, then leg etc, I'm finding really hard when it comes to putting the weight on my bad arm. So I think I'll do day 6 tomorrow and then have a rest for a day.

    Mel, once I've done a few days of each level, I tend to turn Jillian lower and put my own music on. It does help a little!

    I'm not really doing much other exercise. I walk my dog 1.5hrs a day, and sometimes my nans collie for an hour in the mornings.

    What has everyone got planned for when they finish 30DS?
  • Hey everyone, i have been using the fitness pal along with the 30 day shred. I started level 3 today. I havent been losing any weight but have just started to notice the top of my tummy dipping in. I do 5 days and have a days rest then start again. Sometimes it draining but i keep saying its only 20 minutes as normally i never carry on the exercise longer than 2 weeks.

    Level one and three are on youtube but i found level 2 on a different site. i think level 1 and 3 are the hardest ones but i have heard a lot of good things about it even tho im only seeing a tiny difference.

    \keep it up girls :-) xx
  • yes that plank with the weights i cant seem to do well. my weights must be different as i cant lean on them without breaking my fingers. Well done :-) i heard a dvd slim in 6 or something its only level 1 thats 30 minute long and i have heard its very boring so im looking for ideas too xx

    Sorry to Melissa112
  • aliann30
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    L2D9 done!

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do after this. I am starting c25k this next week so I may focus on that for a week or so. I do want some strength training though. I may do something like 30 ds each level once a week? Not sure, but eventually I'd like to build up enough to do P90X or insanity.
  • chipmunk_87
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    Level Two Day 9 done, too! I'm going to go straight into Ripped in 30 when I finish. It has mixed reviews but I've heard its similar to the Shred format but a little harder, which sounds perfect. I just don't think I can face 30DS again right away without dying of boredom, and I don't really want to buy new heavier weights right now as we are moving in 2 months.
  • CrysArri
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    I just started the 30 Day Shred this week, and you all are so inspiring.

    I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it when I watched it the first time, and I just about cried when I finished it without taking a rest. I'm so excited to see how my body changes when I finish this.
  • xLexa
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    I just started the 30 Day Shred this week, and you all are so inspiring.

    I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it when I watched it the first time, and I just about cried when I finished it without taking a rest. I'm so excited to see how my body changes when I finish this.

    Me too, day 2 lvl 1 done, places I did not know existed hurt... it's all good right? hehe
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    30 DS done! Goodbye (for a while) Jillian! Saturday was my last day and I was so glad I got to the end of it. I have been taking photos along the way to see if my body has been changing and I can see some small changes I'm happy with - nowhere near as drastic as a lot of the pictures I've seen here but I'm happy anyway. Even small changes are encouraging cause it means I'm on the right track. Tomorrow I get back into Zumba which I'll alternate with a couple of days of resistance training. I don't think I'll be able to resist checking into this thread everyday though :-) Have a great week everyone!
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    As bad as this sounds, I'm glad I've read this post and so many of you feel the same... I HATE level 2!
    I was actually looking forward to moving on from level 1, needed a change, but whereas I use to look forward to the workout, I'm dreading it now! Now, I find it difficult to stay motivated during the workout. It's not so much my fitness level, it's my frame of mind. Terrible!
    My hands are hurting throughout the workout, so I'm going to modify the planks slightly. I'm just hoping its going to get easier, but then I've only just done L2D2 Bonus that its such a short workout! X
  • leeroxboro
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    Well, today should've been D1 L3, but I didn't get my lazy butt out of bed in time!! Maybe I'll have the gumption when I get home from work this evening!!

    Let's keep shredding!!