ways to annoy a fitness person

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What are some good and creative ways to really annoy a fitness person?


  • Mutant13
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    Tell them all about how your slim shake/miracle pill/only eat red things on Thursday/goats blood diet is way more effective than their 'eat well and exercise' plan

    "Something something shake weight/ab roller/fat magnets"
  • Tell them you are on a 500 calorie diet.
  • delonda1
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    tell them how you are just going to do tons of cardio and eat nothing......

    yeah we all know where that gets us
  • MarioLozano16
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    By being fat
  • Fivefeetjo
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    Talk to that person while he/she's in the middle of a set. :P
  • angdpowers
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    By telling them that you ran farther, lifted more, worked out for longer, ate less, ate better ... you know, the whole "that's so great you did that buuuuut" and then you say you did better.

    hahaha so annoying!
  • tonytoo
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    Catch the lift and go one floor.
  • IronSmasher
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    Tell them what you learned from Dr. Oz/Gillian McKeith
  • KarenJanine
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    Whinge about being over weight while you stuff cookies in.

    Complain that you've eaten "nothing" and not lost any weight.

    Say you've been working out "all week" and the scale has gone up so it must be muscle gain.
  • My co-worker asks me daily "Are you going to workout?" I find this really annoying. YES! I'm working out! I workout daily! Grrrrrr
  • m4ttcheek
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    Use the word "Toned". It's very annoying.
  • Stand still on an elevator....NO HANG ON I HAVE ANNOYED MYSELF!!!
  • m4ttcheek
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    Stand still on an elevator....NO HANG ON I HAVE ANNOYED MYSELF!!!

    Do you mean escalator?
  • mogletdeluxe
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    Haaaaaaa, I love the comments so far!

    My personal favourites:

    - "but why are you lifting weights? You'll get all manly" - RAAAAR OH MY GOD I WANT TO USE MY NEWLY-ACQUIRED STRENGTH TO BEAT YOU TO A BLOODY PULP

    - "you exercise loads; your diet doesn't matter" - er...it matters even more, actually

    - cardio is evil/strength training is evil/carbohydrates are evil/etc etc etc Opinions are like arseholes; everyone's got one

    - anyone but ANYONE who is a special genetic snowflake who gives a healthy lifestyle a shot for approximately 17 seconds and haven't lost half their bodyweight in that time. Yeah, it's your thyroid rather than McDonalds. Sure.

    - peeps who talk on the phone whilst gently nudging the crosstrainer, or nearly going back in time on the treadmill. I tell you what, give me your £40 a month and I'll happily poke you with a stick periodically.
  • sarantonio
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    Give them LOTS of advice, opposite of what they are doing. Use the phrases "that's a myth" and "you wont see results" repetitively...
  • mogletdeluxe
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    Oooh, also, also: "muscle weighs more than fat".

  • notworthstalking
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    Ask them questions , then answer them yourself, and incorrectly .,,,.
  • sarantonio
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    Muscle weighs more than fat

    Women get all bulky and gross

    High Rep, low weight

    No CARBS!!

    And my personal favorite.....

    Do lots of sit-ups for a flat belly :explode:
  • kennie2
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    tell them you dont eat sugar cos of too much sugar
    ask them if theyre worried about getting fat from eating peanut butter
  • tpittsley77
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    Wow! i am learning lots from this thread! Great fitness advice everyone!