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My story of sweet revenge (pics)



  • lheatonlheaton Posts: 51Member Member Posts: 51Member Member
    I love it! You have to tell us 2 things...
    1 - How did you do it?
    2 - Did your ex's jaw hit the floor when he saw you???
  • rekite2000rekite2000 Posts: 219Member Member Posts: 219Member Member
    I actually said "holy hell!" when I saw your pictures! Amazing! Very inspiring!
  • Andrea681Andrea681 Posts: 178Member Member Posts: 178Member Member
    WOW! You are a true inspiration!!! Congratulations!
  • TeachTheGirlTeachTheGirl Posts: 2,118Member Member Posts: 2,118Member Member
    Okay, I have to ask; your tummy is AWESOME. How long did it take you to see those kind of results?
  • Julzanne72Julzanne72 Posts: 462Member Member Posts: 462Member Member
    I lied, my story really isn't about revenge. But, it started out that way.

    In 2010 my life hit a very low point. I weighed 217 pounds and my husband wanted a divorce. The entire four year marriage had been rough, so divorce was a bit of a relief. The downside of that was having to move across the country and back into my parent's house with two children under the age of two. Being unemployed, a disabled vet, a newly single mom and being fat sucked.

    I decided to get revenge on my ex by losing weight and looking super hot. I failed.

    It wasn't until I just got tired of being fat that I started making the changes that made a difference. Eating well, working out and learning to just love myself. It was no longer about revenge, it was about taking care of me.

    Tomorrow marks a significant point in my life. It marks three years of being single and my first bodybuilding competition. In total I've lost 70 pounds. As a single parent with a full time job and my own little house to take care of I have found a way to get a degree and get in shape all at the same time. I have tons of legitimate excuses to why I can't or don't have the time to eat right and workout. If you want it bad enough you WILL find a way!


    **ETA: Workouts, I just lift heavy and do little cardio. Eating is TDEE-20% and IIFYM (with macros set correctly for my goals).

    You look amazing and should be very, very proud of how far you have come!! Way to go! I am going to send you a friend request cuz you are totally inspiring and I need to drop about 45-50 lbs!!
  • diliveslifediliveslife Posts: 34Member, Premium Member Posts: 34Member, Premium Member
    What an awesome story. You look great!! Can't believe you got there doing mostly lifting! So inspiring.
  • MudRunLvrMudRunLvr Posts: 226Member Member Posts: 226Member Member
    Wow. That is completely amazing!
  • Ashwee87Ashwee87 Posts: 701Member Member Posts: 701Member Member
    @[email protected] Wow!!!

    Amazing job and some revenge you did get in my opinion! His loss and your gain! :D
  • MelyndaWaldnerMelyndaWaldner Posts: 443Member Posts: 443Member
    Wow you are stunning. Great work and I love the tattoos
  • quietHikerquietHiker Posts: 1,442Member Member Posts: 1,442Member Member
    Awesome story! You look amazing!!! and I absolutely love your tattoos!!
  • RunFarLiveHappyRunFarLiveHappy Posts: 808Member Member Posts: 808Member Member
    You look gorgeous, huge congrats!
  • KymwhoKymwho Posts: 185Member Member Posts: 185Member Member
    D-D-DAMMMN!! YOU GO GIRL!!! YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! :flowerforyou:
  • fitandgeekyfitandgeeky Posts: 232Member Member Posts: 232Member Member
    What an amazing story and you look awesome! Love your ink :)
  • pmermakovpmermakov Posts: 37Member Member Posts: 37Member Member
    Stories like your's keep me going. Thank you for sharing.
  • tmoyer1209tmoyer1209 Posts: 215Member Member Posts: 215Member Member
    Awesome job of making yourself into who and what you want to be! Congratulations, and best wishes on your competition, I'm sure you will rock it!
  • KimdbroKimdbro Posts: 939Member Member Posts: 939Member Member
    Such an inspiration - you look fantastic!
  • PhoenixchichimaPhoenixchichima Posts: 416Member Posts: 416Member
    great work in making your life BETTER!
  • ChiliP43ChiliP43 Posts: 20Member Posts: 20Member
    Amazing story. Thanks for posting. You look fabulous but looks are just an amazing added bonus to what you overcame and what you accomplished. Congratulations :-)
  • dub73dub73 Posts: 70Member Posts: 70Member
    Wow!!! Keep up the good work!!!:flowerforyou:
  • methodman78methodman78 Posts: 114Member Member Posts: 114Member Member
    WOW! superb effort, commitment and tattoos too!
    I bet your kids are extremely proud
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