What do you plan on rewarding yourself with?



  • t1nk6
    t1nk6 Posts: 215
    a holiday :)
  • beachgod
    beachgod Posts: 567 Member
    My reward is already in progress. I've been getting typical dental work (fillings) and cosmetic dental work done for the past few months and have much more to go. I hope to have a healthy, dazzling smile and hit my fitness goals at about the same time. My next reward is to get my tattoo removed.
  • amanda7630
    amanda7630 Posts: 43
    I really want to get a new, sexy bikini and feel good in it! And also, being able to wear a low back wedding dress next summer would feel amazing :)
  • TropicalFlowerz
    TropicalFlowerz Posts: 1,990 Member
    I want A FAB "BEYONCE DRESS" sparkly and short!! to dance the night away!! and a Honeymoon..somewhere hot! (we never had one!)
  • SharonCMach
    SharonCMach Posts: 305 Member
    A new boob job, Im thinking Pamela Anderson big!! My current set is almost 10yrs old, it's about time for an upgrade!!
  • holliebevineau
    holliebevineau Posts: 441 Member
    I want to reward myself with by going sky diving!!!!