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What do you plan on rewarding yourself with?

brower47 Posts: 16,356 Member
For me, if I've gotten down to 140# by September, I'm going to Guam with my husband on one of his work trips and taking in some epic snorkeling before heading to Oahu, HI and hiking the Kuli 'ou 'ou ridge trail that I was too out of shape to complete last time I was there. If I don't get to my goal, I'm staying home. Talk about motivation.


  • MGreensides
    MGreensides Posts: 173 Member
    I plan on getting some new lululemon gear once I reach my goal :)
  • redhead1910
    redhead1910 Posts: 304 Member
    If I can get to my goal weight by August I might get a tattoo or something... But the real reward will be having the body I have dreamed of and worked hard for.
  • kymkan
    kymkan Posts: 444 Member
    WOW!!!! I guess!!! I am feeling like I already have my reward and that is ... how I feel and the 'who is that?' every time I look in the mirror :) I need no further rewards. Although, I do see new clothes in the near future - only cuz most of mine look like a tent! lol
  • _Resolve_
    _Resolve_ Posts: 735 Member
    I bought myself a new mountain bike for loosing the first 100.
  • arains89
    arains89 Posts: 442 Member
    A boob job. I said it.
  • LuckyMunky
    LuckyMunky Posts: 200 Member
    Besides a shopping spree for a new wardrobe, I'll probably save up for a tattoo. I've been meaning to get another for several years now but was always discouraged by my body. I want one on my back/shoulder, but I never show off that area because I'm too ashamed of my body. I'm already starting to see a difference in my body shape and it's doing wonders for my self esteem. Hopefully once I've reached my goal I'll feel good enough to show off something so pretty.
  • LeopardPrintedLove
    LeopardPrintedLove Posts: 34 Member
  • highervibes
    highervibes Posts: 2,219 Member
    Lower blood pressure and good lipid profile on my bloodwork as far as health rewards go. Fun rewards? I was thinking 25lbs lost I'm going to get myself a HRM and 50lbs lost I will probably get something else that I haven't quite decided yet. At 75lbs lost, which is my ultimate goal I will probably book a family vacation if we can afford it.
  • Kaity_83
    Kaity_83 Posts: 4
    new gym outfit
  • briabner
    briabner Posts: 427 Member
    First mini goal is to be under 200 pounds, which is only about 4 pounds away at this point. I plan on getting a manicure and pedicure, and maybe buy a new outfit too.
  • Livylove90
    Livylove90 Posts: 14
    My reward is being able to physically qualify to serve in the Military. Im only 30lbs away from goal!! Exciting! I am also entertaining the idea of getting tatt'd again as a secondary treat if I reach my UGW =)
  • yawgmoth
    yawgmoth Posts: 5
    I will reward myself with liking my body. That is a huge goal for me.
  • ShanR77
    ShanR77 Posts: 287 Member
    Clothes clothes clothes...then set a new goal and then clothes clothes clothes

    :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

    Funny thing is i hate shopping
  • mikeschratz
    mikeschratz Posts: 253 Member
  • amaysngrace
    amaysngrace Posts: 742 Member
    Maybe wear a one-piece swimsuit and wear this dress I bought.
  • michellechawner
    at 1/3 of my goal (7 lbs down) I bought a new dress in a size SMALL. I was so scared, but it fits nicely! When I hit my ultimate goal, I'm not sure what we will do... I will probably order dessert and not feel guilty about eating it!

    Best of all, I'm happy with what I see in the mirror. That's my real reward. And maybe buying a bathing suit (since I haven't worn one in 5 years). :drinker:
  • Skratchie
    Skratchie Posts: 131 Member
    I decided that this time around I wouldn't do the reward thing, because it just doesn't work for me. And I think it's self-defeating to set goals with rewards tied to them, because if you never reach them, you don't get whatever it is you want.

    My reward will be better health, looking better, and feeling better about myself. :-) I think that's reward enough. And of course, once I hit my goal weight, I'm sure I'll need a new wardrobe, but that's not a reward - it's a necessity!
  • namluv
    namluv Posts: 194 Member
    Gummy bears. I just ate them - my reward for PMS and getting to lunch without chocolate! LOL
  • Happymom83
    Happymom83 Posts: 405 Member
    Well...other than being healthy and having energy....I plan on booking a trip with my hubby for our 13 yr anniversary in November to go casino "hopping" lol along the west coast.....Also if i get to my goal by my bday on July 27th i plan on getting another tattoo! :bigsmile: and next year im planning on doing Warrior Dash,and a color run!! which im beyond excited about:bigsmile:
  • FishingGuy75
    FishingGuy75 Posts: 59 Member
    New gear for the backpacking trip that I'll finally be able to take
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