What do you plan on rewarding yourself with?



  • Ohnoes
    Ohnoes Posts: 98 Member
    400 dollar boots. ridiculous. i look at pictures of them on the internet for motivation often.
  • Angie2822
    Angie2822 Posts: 70 Member
    I want to take my son on a vacation to the beach, and wear a swimsuit and not worry about anything but my love. I see myself with him playing in the sand and splashing in the water...I want the endurance to keep up with him and be child-like together.
  • mitsi94
    mitsi94 Posts: 64
    When I get to my ultimate goal weight, then definitely a boob job! I have never, ever had perky boobs in my life (even when I was younger, as I have always been overweight as long as I can remember) and it's something I desperately want. Not implants, just normal shaped, normal sized, normal looking boobs that I don't cringe at every day. I'm 53 lbs down so far, and I want to lose about 120 total, so I figure I've got another year to save enough $$ to do it! And I'm going to do it!
  • Songbirdcw
    Songbirdcw Posts: 320 Member
    Yellow Polka dot bikini!
  • Janrr
    Janrr Posts: 12
    For an unknown reason, my blood pressure suddenly zoomed up ro alarming levels. I am taking BP meds, but so far, they aren't working as the Dr would like. If by losing weight, I can get my BP back to acceptable levels - I won't need or want a better reward.
  • honeysprinkles
    honeysprinkles Posts: 1,757 Member
    If (when) I get to 120 by my birthday (mid-june) I'm getting a VS bikini and my belly button pierced.
    And in September I'm getting all new clothes!

    I've had other rewards along the way of course, but I've been losing weight for over a year now.
  • honeysprinkles
    honeysprinkles Posts: 1,757 Member
    I think it's self-defeating to set goals with rewards tied to them, because if you never reach them, you don't get whatever it is you want.
    That's kind of the whole point though, for me at least!
  • kokomo61
    kokomo61 Posts: 16 Member
    Buying 3 new tailored suits.....and taking myself to the Richard Petty driving experience (I'll actually fit in the suit now).
  • iysys
    iysys Posts: 524
    400 dollar boots. ridiculous. i look at pictures of them on the internet for motivation often.

    if it makes you feel any better my goal boots (posted back on page 4) are $2500.
  • LouBeeeLou75
    LouBeeeLou75 Posts: 54 Member
    My reward is being able to physically qualify to serve in the Military. Im only 30lbs away from goal!! Exciting! I am also entertaining the idea of getting tatt'd again as a secondary treat if I reach my UGW =)

    Just a heads up for you, Sis. I dropped 52 pounds to join the Navy in 1964. That's right; I was a Vietnam era veteran, though I never got to go overseas. My first day in boot camp, I was put on the 'pudgy platoon'. I weighed only 134 pounds, but they said I was overweight. This was me in 1965 on a military flight to the west coast.


    The only girl on a plane full of military guys got a lot of attention. :wink:


    As for the question of rewards, I have a couple of them.

    At 200 pounds, I go on the waiting list for double knee replacement surgeries. Believe it or not...that is a big reward, because I will be mobile again. No more wheelchair or walker for me.

    Once I am healed from my surgeries, I want to get a Grannie tricycle...you know...the one 3 big wheels and a basket in the back. I want to be able to go bike riding with my hubbie and our little dog. I never owned a bike in my life; and at 68 years old, I believe that I will be better off on a 3 wheeler. I wouldn't want to fall off bicycle and break a hip. That would put me right back in my wheelchair. :laugh:

    Once I make it to Onederland, I will set another goal weight (probably 170 or 175). Then, I can plan for my next reward.
    Ah brilliant picture, good luck getting to your goals
  • Hanfordrose
    Hanfordrose Posts: 688 Member
    Yellow Polka dot bikini!

    You look far too young to remember the old song..."It was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini that she wore for the first time today." :laugh:

    That song goes back to my youth in the 50's. Thanks for a funny memory from my past.
  • aliciagetshealthy
    aliciagetshealthy Posts: 946 Member
    Living life to the fullest, and having the strength, energy and good health to do it.
  • Sherbog
    Sherbog Posts: 1,071 Member
    Trip to the n;ude beach at Sandy Hook in New Jersey.

    Shirley from Oregon
  • taylorckt1
    taylorckt1 Posts: 263 Member
    A boob lift...
  • AmyP619
    AmyP619 Posts: 1,137 Member
    Nothing. The reward is your health. The reward is looking good and feeling confident. The reward is finally loving yourself!! There is no material item or vacation that can be bought that will give you this kind of satisfaction.
  • UrnAsh
    UrnAsh Posts: 207 Member
    Of course being happy and healthy are a given but I plan on getting some new clothes.
  • MelsAuntie
    MelsAuntie Posts: 2,834 Member
    A belt. Size small. Gorgeous glittery belt of crossed strips and a stretch back, brown/cream/mocha/copper. Dramatic, beautiful, two inches from fitting.
  • tinytasha7
    tinytasha7 Posts: 86 Member
    Ok...tried to post a photo....got a link instead....sorry
  • blably
    blably Posts: 490 Member
    in order that i have my goals set

    -new bikini
    -ribcage tattoo
    -awesome photos from the vaccay im gonna take (goin to thailand in february)
    -boob job

    -feelin proud and lovin my new body :)