Whats your goal outfit?! Motivation



  • kpasunuru
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    Flying abroad in august to attend a reunion. I will meet friends whom I haven't seen for 20 years!!. I need to look slim and beautiful, not flabby and old
  • Dewdropps
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    My goal outfit is anything not baggy that doesn't show back fat and rolls. That about sums it up <3
  • JDBLY11
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    I think I'm one of the older posters on this particular thread, but after going swimsuit shopping for my fiance's daughter, I did catch myself looking at clothes and thinking how cute they all were, and then I went to my trusty old plus-size section and thought, BLEH, I want to be out of these sizes that are so boxy and plain compared to the thinner sizes! So I am now in search of an official motivation outfit!! Thanks! :)

    I agree. I have never been able to wear the cute clothes. They usually stop making them over a size 10 or 12. Just wearing a tankini without embarrassment or a cute dress would be a dream.
  • bonelessskinless


    Is that a Robin mask?
  • MJ_Watson
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    I live in Korea and there's an overabundance of cute sundresses everywhere right now! Unfortunately almost all of them are "Free Size" (one size fits all, built for small Korean chicks). By next summer, I'd like to be able to go into a shop and be able to wear at least SOMETHING!
  • Vune
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  • A_Fit_Mom
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    A bikini by the end of summer..around August.

    Then for the fall to wear skinny jeans with boots over them. I know everyone can wear them, but having long..fit legs look best. I have the long legs part...just need to trim my thighs. They are the last to lose weight in for me.
  • wish21
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    my first goal wouldis be a size 14 in pants
  • healthytanya1
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    I got a jean skirt the other day and was happy to fit in a size 14 and its plus size so its appropriate length for my fat *kitten*. That same day I also got the same skirt in a size 11 so I'm hoping to fit in it next month and feel sexy wearing it. I really want to buy an outfit of size 8 jeans and medium shirt and hang it on my wall for motivation.
  • runawayescape
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    This skirt but it's too expensive with postage so I'm hoping to sew a similar one :)
  • Darrell916
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    I want to look good in a suit and also in slacks and a polo
  • AshDHart
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    I have an entire board on Pinterest for just this reason! http://pinterest.com/ashdhart/fashion/

    Couple of highlights though


  • metaphoria
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    A jersey wrap dress. If I can wear that and my belly doesn't ruin it, I will be satisfied.
  • ClementineGeorg
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    Walking around the house and looking like this (welll, I have something a little different in mind, but Google did not helped me.
  • Ophidion
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    Big fan of fitted suits, bowler hats with tattoos and gloves.
    and of course we all want to look better naked.

    You will have to right click and view image on the first pic to see whole image *sigh*


  • jennifer_417
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    Double post.
  • jennifer_417
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    For some reason I find this mildly embarrassing....but several weeks ago I found my prom dress while digging through some stuff. My senior year of high school is the only time in my life that I've ever been slim, so I intend to wear it again...even if it's just for my own satisfaction!
  • ImtheOnethatsCool
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  • BarackMeLikeAHurricane
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    Fitting into this cute size zero Lilly Pulitzer dress was my goal. I did it :)
  • bokchoybaby
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    So pretty! Also, everything you've pinned is gorgeous. I love your style.