Am I REALLY the only 5'2 one here??



  • Mandykinz2008
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    I'm 5'2'' here, but far over 120 lol. My long term goal right now is about 130 (lose about 10 more pounds)..but I'm also built kinda broad and pretty busty. I may aim for 120 eventually..but either way yeah..I'm 5'2'' lol
  • I'm 5'2"!!....and I'm like *two* of you! From your stats, its probably more like weight gain that you need, and not loss. I say this only because muscle weighs more than fat. Eat healthy for your health, but not for weight loss. Tighten up w/ lifting weight, not by obsessing about it. ;)
  • BubbleGumKisses
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    5'2 here!!!
    Started out over 140, currently 114... Still tring to lose a few, and TONE up!!!
  • reecasway
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    I am 5"2 and 3/4.. the doc refuses to let me say i am 5'3" ;)

    I think you want to tone! Get tighter and lose inches.. 120 sounds healthy.. It also depends on your age..

    Look into weight training, yoga and dancing.. you will get the look you wish..
  • Lindaspencer
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    Im 5'2 - but i am 37 and had 3 children currently 151.8 would like to lose 27 pounds to be at the 125 - i can say that when i was 120 - i did want to lose from my hips as well - sometimes maybe its not a matter of losing weight but uping your exercise so that you can build muscle and be toner and smaller from the muscles tightening vs losing weight? i can recall many times at any weight ive been - there is times where even if im the same weight as before - my jeans may not fit the same and i believe its those times that i had been more fit - - if that makes sense? i would really work on the exercise portion - of course eat healthy etc... but i dont know if id be focused so much on diet if i was 120?
  • AureateNova
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    I'm 4'11...right now I'm about 135 (stupid baby weight has to GO!).....feel free to add me!
  • sarah6336
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    I'm 5'2" and a little bit. I started at 163 lbs, and am at 154 lbs now. I'm trying to get my BMI into the "normal range".
  • ktb1962
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    5'1" here! I'm not focusing on losing weight as much as on fitness. The weight will come off as a result of my weight lifting and so will the inches. That is a great way to get tight/tone as well as yoga/pilates.
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    Hi 5'1" here, at my heaviest (before I joined the site) I was 196 lbs, currently 134.2 & hoping to reach 119lbs (ish). I've recently joined a gym to try and shift the last 15lbs as I got to a "sticking point", put weight on the first week, lost it again this last week, but have started with measuring the inches as I understand they can drop even if the weight doesn't. Some BMI indicators say I should be as low as 104 lbs - don't think that would be healthy for me!
  • LipstickandIron
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    I am 5'2" also. I do not think that you're crazy for wanting to lose a couple of pounds, although I would not be unhappy with your weight! ;) I am at 144ish right now and would like to be around 115-120. I can't really put an exact weight on it because I don't know how I am going to look/feel at those weights and I have been working out fairly consistently so I have to think about muscle gain as well. :) Feel free to add me as well!
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    I'm 5'1" and definitely not the shortest. There was another thread I read yesterday about losing weight at a shorter height and some people checked in at 4'9". My SW was: 137, CW is:130, and GW is:115. Add me as a friend if you'd like it's always nice to have and give some encouragement!
  • JodieChampoux
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    Oddly enough, I was only 5'2 in high school, but slowly added a bit of height throughout college and early 20's until I hit 5'4. When I was in High School I weighed about 110 and wore a size 7, so I think your goal sounds pretty realistic, especially if you have smaller bone structure. Good luck & remember good things come in small packages!
  • nanakins6
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    Hi I too am 5'2" tall. But I am much older than you and need to lose alot of weight so I don't think I can help. Good luck!
  • mathjulz
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    Well, I'm 5'2" if I wear my 2" heels, does that count? (… pause for the math … :laugh: :laugh: )

    I think there's quite a few of us who are on the shorter side. My biggest complaint about being short is that, to maintain a healthy weight, I have to be so much more careful. My 5'8" friends can weigh quite a bit more than I can while looking good and being in normal BMI. Other than that, I love being short! People are always underestimating me, which give me the chance to shock them with what I can do!
  • Katanthus
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    I am 5' 2". Lost 37lb and 78.1" since March 31st.
  • meggonkgonk
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    I'm 5'3" and I really started getting stringy looking when I broke the 130 barrier (saw a rib, said "eeeew:" put on a couple of lbs and then got a bit carried away with the summer!).

    Speaking as someone who's run the gamut in terms of weight, and fully understanding that there are different body types etc, I think you should probably start retooling how you are thinking about your journey. Because from what you said in your original post, it sounds like weight loss is only a goal of yours because you think it *should* be, when your real goals are toning and firming. You likely have very little fat to lose in the first place and working to tone may, in fact cause you to gain weight, which if you are not prepared for, could be extremely discouraging.

    If your real goal is to be healthier, fitter, and stronger, it may be worth your while to join a gym so to have access to measuring your body fat % accurately and start researching what changes need to happen to your diet to achieve your goals (toning doesn't work like weight loss- it's beyond a simple cals in/cals out, the macros become really important)
  • ldytaz
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    I'm 4' 11" and weigh 134.5 at 22 % BF

    GW is 118 and 18% BF
  • rmartin72
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    I'm 4'11
  • AmyCBBarela
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    I'm 5'2" as well and I have at least 30 pounds to lose. I've always been built a little big. I know big boned is a cliche but its true for me. On the bright side, it wasn't as noticeable as I started gaining weight.
  • softballerchik1
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    I'm 5'2 and 1/2 lol :)