What's the story behind your avatar?



  • My husband and I raise alpacas! :-p I take WAY more pictures of critters than people these days!
  • thelaurameister
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    No cool story. Just a slow day at work. Me in my natural habitat :yawn: boring lol
  • Kimdbro
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    Self portrait of the last time I was truly happy. Time stamp says 2007 but it was actually June 2008 camped out at the North Country Fair. My life revolved around Whitewater Kayaking, camping, music, and the pursuit of happiness. A month later I decided to ruin my life. lol. Ahhh poor decisions.... I've gained 70 LBs since this photo and it's my quest to find this person again.
  • I almost cheated on my log today, but put this pic up as a reminder.
  • MireyGal76
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    took this after my scale showed I had made a 3lb gain.

    I decided screw the scale... I'm going to keep taking pics.
  • baylor110311
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    My 2 year old daughter and I. It is a pic of me after losing 94 lbs.
  • PicNic00
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    <<<< Flame Princess from Adventure Time! She is moody, and passionate! Just like me. :) Adventure time is one of THE MOST amazing cartoons out there.
  • Xstitcher74
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    I love that at the end of the movie, when true loves kiss was to change her to something beautiful, she already was. It was a reminder to me that no matter what I physically change, I am still beautiful.
    AND- My BF has one of Shrek and it seemed appropriate.:laugh:
  • poll09
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    me ready for my mates 21st complete with false eyelashes x
  • beekuzz
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    Me and my dad after he was diagnosed with ALS ( Lou Gehrigs disease). He passed away Nov. 2010 after only 1½ years from onset. I promised him that I would take care of myself. My dad was very active and strong. At 70, he could still do pushups, but the disease took all of his muscles. I can't do any pushups yet except against the wall, but I'll get there. A promise is a promise. :heart:
  • NikkiSixGuns
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    Wow! I'm impressed with all the hard workers out there. Love the sarcasm I hear comin' through, too...
  • apedeb09
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    Just me in my bathroom trying to take a new pic... nothing special. lol
  • misslegz
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    Finally don't mind having a full body picture taken of myself.

  • Lizzy_Sunflower
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    This is me picking up a sand dollar of the Caribbean Sea floor.

    Yes, life is good...
  • Laura80111
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    Me with my newest Grandson #3 he's about 1.5 hrs old in the picture.:bigsmile:
  • trojanbb
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    I like being an attention *kitten* on MFP, so posted a lame self shot today of me wearing a suit at work and I made a *kitten* status update to get comments. It worked, great success.
  • pastryari
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    I like being an attention *kitten* on MFP, so posted a lame self shot today of me wearing a suit at work and I made a *kitten* status update to get comments. It worked, great success.

    But it's all part of the persona?
  • SixCatFaerie
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    I love my feet!

    Toe-socks... yep!
    Toe-shoes... yep!
    Painted toe-nails... of course!

  • Giraffe33991
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    On the jetway boarding our connecting flight to Portland Oregon after sitting in Houston for 8 hours (we missed the earlier connection). I told my kids to smile as I snapped a shot to text to my brother -- proof we were actually leaving. Kids didn't hear the "smile" part I guess. They are amusing!
  • AuddAlise
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    I was running with my son and we saw this white truck with writing on the back proclaiming "White & Nerdy". We love the Weird Al song so I took a pic.