Hottest Geek/Nerd on MFP



  • SurfinBird1981
    SurfinBird1981 Posts: 517 Member
    I worked for Google in the UK, is this g33ky enough for you? :glasses:
  • Yes, I am a 'gamer chick' but I also have a geeky job as a Techical Reviewer for a major Home and Auto Insurance firm. I won't sit here and bore you with water mitigation and subro lol, just know it can be detailed. I build/upgrade computers, have read and watched the LOTR numerous times...glasses and a fetish for 5" heels (naughty librarian, whaaa?! lol)
  • silvergurl518
    silvergurl518 Posts: 4,147 Member
    just for the look alone, i'm nominating myself :)

    but i also have over 1000 archie comics and i geek out about music. i've seen jason mraz 11 times. i've been a message board member since 2004. and i look kind of like liz lemon/tina fey.
  • Boobookittyfq
    Boobookittyfq Posts: 454 Member
    <~~~~~ well depends what you consider a nerd/geek? gamer,comics,animes,reads,clumsy right here lol
  • NeedANewFocus
    NeedANewFocus Posts: 898 Member
    I worked for Google in the UK, is this g33ky enough for you? :glasses:

    im jealous!
  • NeedANewFocus
    NeedANewFocus Posts: 898 Member
    finance, programming, databases and accounting are my day job.
  • mavrick7
    mavrick7 Posts: 1,622
    skehl, boobookittyfu, silvergurl, poshculture,

    The hottest geek/nerd on MFP for sure!

    For me: Band/geek, VP Chess Club in high school, but also Team Captain of the Wrestling team.
  • bushidowoman
    bushidowoman Posts: 1,599 Member
    Just found out it's a boy. And James Tiberius is seriously on my list of names.
    And "I'm fluent in java script as well as Klingon." :laugh:
  • smtillman2
    smtillman2 Posts: 756 Member
    I'm putting my vote in for Trojanbb
  • Mama_Mila
    Mama_Mila Posts: 515 Member
    I'm putting my vote in for Trojanbb

    Ditto. Biggest/hottest nerd ever. But impressive nerd.
  • wolfpack77
    wolfpack77 Posts: 655
    13+ years IT professional

    3 years Operations Analyst
    5 years Systems Engineer
    5+ years Network Engineer
    10 years Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

    Degree - Management Information Systems
    Certified - COMPTIA A+ (13yrs), COMPTIA N+ (11 years), and the coveted Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) - 7 years

    And PLUS I still play xbox. heh
  • splucy
    splucy Posts: 353
    Do I count as a nerd? I enjoy video games, gadgets, I read fiction literature and astronomy books :)

    I infact have two playstations in my house because I got tired of moving them between my two tvs. I used to have a wii but I got rid of that recently but I do have a xbox ^.^

    I used to play WoW on my 52 inch tv with surround sound and wireless keyboard and mouse.

    I work as a graphic designer so am on the computer constantly. I wear glasses? ^_^
  • 9 years as Cryogenics.
    And i dont have cable
    i read and have been single for years does that make me count>? lol
    And Star Trek over star wars
  • MonkRocker
    MonkRocker Posts: 198
    18+ years in IT
    3 in the trenches doing tech support
    the last 15 as a programmer

    C#/C++ mostly. SQL, etc.
    Spend my free time videogaming.

    For bonus nerd points: I go to Dragon*Con every year, dressing up at least one day, and in 1999 actually sat on a panel.


    I don't know about hot, but I am most DEFINITELY a nerd. And not like these gamer chicks, I'm a study bug science geek. As you can probably tell from my blog.

    Hot also applies. :wink:
  • fcp1234
    fcp1234 Posts: 1,103 Member
    I love geeks!! When they r hot even better. Nothing sexier than a smart man
  • russdev
    russdev Posts: 172 Member
    Not sure about hot but def a geek... Spent last 10+ years (since leaving college) in IT. I currently work as Quality Assurance Manager for a software development company. One of the cooler things I get to do is attempt to pen test our software on regular bases.

  • KaydeForce
    KaydeForce Posts: 96 Member
    yay, love that thread! :)
    I'm nerdy in my own ways. More like a mixture of Monk and Hermione Granger.
  • ChrisRS87
    ChrisRS87 Posts: 789 Member
    May not look it, but I was captain of the bowling team back in high school, top of my class in AP calc, I built my first computer, and in the last month I've read 7 books. At work they refer to my position as the "bean counters", and I do like my glasses. I also played Warhammer 40k and Magic TG when I was younger.

    Does that qualify me for geek/nerd?
  • 33Jones
    33Jones Posts: 12
    I deff fit in this category ... don't let looks fool you. I prefer reading old western romance and sci-fi novels rather than going on dates with my fiancee. My socks never match and the list goes on.
  • Definitely a nerd (class valedictorian), am I in the running? :)