2 Years on MFP & Hosting a GIVEAWAY to show thanks! Pix too!



  • braves1girl
    braves1girl Posts: 189 Member
    I am speechless..,well, not literally as that would be impossible for me not to speak!:laugh: You are amazing and inspirational! I looked at your pictures and OMG! Your body rocks! As others have said, to achieve that goal with the busy life you have proves it CAN be done. There are no excuses!

    I am a substitute teacher and I know a little of what is expected of teachers, and especially EC teachers. What a rewarding job! Those students just warm your heart. :heart:

    Good luck in everything thing you strive to accomplish! Although, I don't think you need any luck...you are driven and will succeed at whatever you do!

  • BobbyDaniel
    BobbyDaniel Posts: 1,460 Member
    If I am by chance the random winner, please pass it on to the next person...I just want to say great job and thank you for being willing to share your success and paying it forward!
  • juliasnewlife
    juliasnewlife Posts: 50 Member
    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!
  • busymomof6
    busymomof6 Posts: 71 Member
    What an awesome job.....you look AMAZING!!!!
  • speediejane
    speediejane Posts: 496 Member
    You are an inspiration to us all! congratulations to the new you:bigsmile:
  • vim_n_vigor
    vim_n_vigor Posts: 4,092 Member
    What a great idea! You look incredible!
  • GypsyPirate
    GypsyPirate Posts: 42 Member
    You have made magnificent progress!! Congratulations on your anniversary and on your journey!!
  • carebear7951
    carebear7951 Posts: 404 Member
    Wow! You really do look amazing and what an inspiring story...reminds me of Biggest Loser's motto last year "no excuses"!!!! Cause you had almost all of them that you could've used. Great job!
    P.S. I love Denise Austin and am still using a VHS I bought in 2001!!!! LOL Actually a couple of them. ;)
  • talaysia3
    talaysia3 Posts: 84 Member
    You look amazing, job well done...You are such a kind person to pay it forward.
  • What a transformation. You look great!!!!!
  • Xanne
    Xanne Posts: 27 Member
    Congratulations on your success! You look great, and I'm sure feel stronger and more vibrant than ever. And what a nice gesture your "give it forward" idea is! (Please don't enter me in the drawing; I just wanted to add mine to all the other congratulations!):smile:
  • reegordon
    reegordon Posts: 97 Member
    I do not want to be entered into the giveway. I justed wanted to say "YOU ARE AWESOME" and stay beautiful (inside and out)!!!!
  • mjohnson1999
    mjohnson1999 Posts: 11 Member
    You Look GREAT.... Keep it up... :smile: Your story is inspiring...
  • jenypri
    jenypri Posts: 46
    Congratulations to your 2 Years on MFP, it truly is an amazing site. :happy:
    You are looking fabulous and proof that hard work truly does pay off!
  • dalexander82
    dalexander82 Posts: 111 Member
    You look great, way to go!!!
  • MsMuniz
    MsMuniz Posts: 399 Member
    OMG you look sooo good! I want your abs! Congrats on the hard work. :smile:
  • wrinju
    wrinju Posts: 93 Member
    I'm a PCOS'er too! I just have one child and I thought my life was busy. I'm glad to see that you didn't use PCOS, or Kids or schedule as excuses as to why you can't lose wait. You look great! and You are a great inspiration!! Thanks!
  • Oh my gosh!!!! You look sooo amazing!!! Your abs are so flat and your waist is so tiny! You are such an inspiration to me! After my son was born a year and a half ago I weighed 235, and I'm currently losing the rest of this weight. Thank you for posting the pictures, it's so motivating to see you can still look amazing after having kids :)
  • Julzanne72
    Julzanne72 Posts: 466 Member
    wow!! What an amazing and inspiring story and transformation!! I am getting married and considering having another child, but before I do that I want to be in the best shape of my adult life so that I can work out during my pregnancy and get my body back afterwards!! You look awesome and have so much to be proud of!! Great job!
  • Kimkimba
    Kimkimba Posts: 169 Member
    You look amazing! I'm hoping one day my abs will look like yours!
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