2 Years on MFP & Hosting a GIVEAWAY to show thanks! Pix too!



  • fullofsmiles04
    fullofsmiles04 Posts: 158 Member
    What an incredible transformation!!!! You look fabulous!! :)
  • MissCreepyLovestruck
    MissCreepyLovestruck Posts: 115 Member
    Oh WOW!!!!!! I can't get over the transformation!!!!!!!! You look FANTASTIC, and I hope you know it! All of the work and dedication you have put into your weight loss and healthy journey shows!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  • coppercat25
    coppercat25 Posts: 54 Member
    Your transformation is stunning. You've clearly worked hard to get to this point and I congratulate you! Plus how kind hearted of you to do a kind of 'pay it forward' thing to the MFP community, I think that's a lovely idea!
  • stangma
    stangma Posts: 211 Member
    What a wonderful way to pay it forward! You have done an amazing transformation! Congrats.

  • lizarene3
    lizarene3 Posts: 46 Member
    Wow, you look amazing, great job!!!!
  • dreja82
    dreja82 Posts: 43
    You look great! You are an inspiration to us all!
  • Britt_Duffy
    Britt_Duffy Posts: 40 Member
    You look wonderful, but even more importantly, you are healthy and HAPPY! Great job!
  • mamamc03
    mamamc03 Posts: 1,067 Member
    Happy MFPiversary!! What a transformation and what a commitment!! I love MFP and can not imagine life without it!!
  • gerbies
    gerbies Posts: 444 Member
    Wow...your transformation is amazing! I, too, hope to have such a great success story to share. The MFP community, truly, is the key differentiator between MFP and other sites. So grateful for having found MFP!
  • MegdKel
    MegdKel Posts: 96 Member
    You look amazing!!!
  • smsrls24
    Wow! you look awesome! Great job! Keep it up! ;)
    Very nice of you to do a giveaway too. Thank you!
  • patelkinnari
    patelkinnari Posts: 31 Member
    Very inspiring Story...Way to go….so proud of you…there should be no excuse what so ever to make you life healthy for yourself and your loved one. And you have proved that despite having health condition you still can loose weight and live healthy life. I also have Hypothyroid and PCOS but after reading your story I have become stronger toward my goal. Thank You So Much for being there….. :wink:
  • BellaEle
    BellaEle Posts: 13
    You look amazing... It's unbelievable how a person can change - in a better and healthier way of course!!
    Congrats! Since I'm on MFP I lost 9 lb... but in this summer holidays (actually just these last three weeks of august) I gained 2 lb... Looking at you and how much hard you worked is so inspiring for me! Thank you for sharing your story!
  • jacksagod
    jacksagod Posts: 176 Member
    You have worked so hard and look so good. Really inspiring and it's a great idea!!! ~MB
  • kiely13
    kiely13 Posts: 185 Member
    :noway: WOW!!!!! You look incredible!! Congratulations :flowerforyou:
  • HotAshMess
    HotAshMess Posts: 382 Member
    Wow!!! You look great!
  • weldergirl15
    weldergirl15 Posts: 103 Member
    You truly are a person that should be emulated!
  • newmrswood
    newmrswood Posts: 194
    OMG! I want your back and arms sooo bad!!!! Great Job!
  • laughingdani
    laughingdani Posts: 2,275 Member
    You look phenomenal! Hard work and dedication pay off!
  • afv417
    afv417 Posts: 466 Member
    You look FABULOUS!! One day, I will share this success with you!! CONGRATS!!
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