Girls with Man Calves



  • lelliebugh
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    people are jealous of my legs because of the muscle and definition. OWN IT GIRL!!

    Men love legs...
  • NeverGivesUp
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    I hate my calves, can't wear nice long boots because they never fit. I would love to have nice lean long legs but with my biology, that will probably never happen sadly. I feel ya.
  • MassiveDelta
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    Ok....I've had big muscles in my legs all my life, but now that I am working out they are getting bigger and bigger. My brother is actually jealous of my calves lol.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Will they keep getting bigger or eventually will they get leaner?

    Sorry the picture is so big. I tried to shrink it but it didn't work.


    My wife has a similar leg build ...She has awesome legs!
  • drmerc
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    Unless you have a massive amount of fat in your calves to lose I don't see why they would get leaner. Muscles don't keep getting bigger indefinitely; there's a point at which they stop, which depends on our genes and hormones.

    Challenge accepted
  • BAMFMeredith
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    Probably just your genetics. I've been approached by trainers I know in the gym to ask me what kind of calf workouts I do. They hate me when I look at them quizzically and say "walking.....I guess."

    I agree. My mom and I have COMPLETELY different builds and everything, you wouldn't even know we were related if you didn't know any different. She has been a runner since she was in her early 20s (she's 57 now) and she's always had very thick, muscular calves. She's in amazing shape and is super small everywhere else, but she just naturally has the ability to build muscle easily in her legs. I say embrace it! People have always complimented my mom's calves...I, on the other hand, have to strength train and run like a beast to show any muscle definition whatsoever lol
  • knowwhentoshutup
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    Embrace it! Muscle is awesome!
  • Geekyfatgirl
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    Omg!! I have man calves too!! I've hated it because I felt manly lol. I am a bigger build then most women, and my legs are very strong, but I hate wearing shorts because I feel icky lol. Even in a skirt, I look off, like a shemale trying to be feminine. So I feel ya!
  • knowwhentoshutup
    knowwhentoshutup Posts: 318 Member
    I hate my calves, can't wear nice long boots because they never fit. I would love to have nice lean long legs but with my biology, that will probably never happen sadly. I feel ya.

    Go shopping again. Over the past year, I have seen more and more boots that have extended sizing and width for varying calf sizes. In fact, even with my larger legs, I was able to buy my first pair of knee high boots!
  • ahviendha
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    Learn to love it? No one is going to want to get kicked by you. Your legs don't look manly. Stop shaving, then call them "man calves".

    I have big calves too...they've only become bigger with more muscle mass. Whatever! Learning to love it.
  • phillips529
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    After reading this board...I feel so much better. I too have large calves and I hated them until now. I always thought they made me look stumpy. It was hard to find long boots to go over my calves and I always felt like a fraud in skinny jeans...I would never attempt a mini skirt outside my house. Now going forward I'm going to shake it off and just embrace it.... Thanks
  • jayraycee
    I think as you lose weight your calf muscles will decrease.
  • ChitownFoodie
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    I see no problem here. I usually get people telling me how jealous they are of my calves, and I think yours are hotter than mine! :smile:
  • cNhobbes
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    your muscles are gorgey! wear them with pride!

    ps--am i the only one who originally thought this thread was about cows?
  • DrMAvDPhD
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    I don't see the "problem". I have muscular calves, 14" compared to 20" thighs. I think they are sexy! Of course, I get a little sad when I can't wear a pair of skinny jeans or boots because they're too tight, but small sacrifices in the long run.
  • cbferriss
    I’ve always had enormous calves. I’m sure they developed because I was carrying around my obese body all my life. As a kid, my bother use to measure my thighs and calves so he could tell me how much bigger I was than players in the NFL.

    Now that I’ve dropped a chunk and started running, they’re still huge. Boots are impossible! Even buying wide calf boots, I have to wear several sized too big to get something to go over my calves.

    I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Determinednoob
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    Stopped mid OP. I am with your brother. I will trade you for sure. My arms are slightly larger than my calves :( My dad is 5'8" chicken legger. Mom is about 5'4" normal\small legs for a woman. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I at least made it to 6'
  • LoraF83
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    I see absolutely no problem


    My calves look very, very, very similar to yours. And I can tell you that every time I've worn shorts and high heels I get men & women telling me how awesome my legs look. And the women usually tell me that they wish they had my legs.

    Work what you got!

    Edit to say that you CAN find high boots. I have a pair that I bought last year at my heaviest. They zip up and fit me great at the time. My calves are now down to 14 inches and the boots are falling off of me. I can't keep them up....they are too big now. So trust me, boots are out there! You just have to look a little harder!!
  • SunnyDispo619
    I have man-calves also. I have learned to love them since I've never been able to figure out how to slim them down. They are pure muscle and my husband, who has freakishly skinny calves (*kitten*...) envies mine. I embrace high heels and skirts and try to imagine that in some unfortunate situation they might serve me well - i.e, kicking someone in just the right spot. When they deserve it, of course. My only lingering complaint is the difficulty finding wide calve boots.
  • butlera8
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    I have big calves too, which makes boot season a little bit of a struggle. I recently bought some boots online and I had to force my calves in them. When it was time to take them off, they were stuck lol! Mine aren't as defined as yours, but still nice to look at. I believe it's due to genetics. My calves are 15 inches.
  • letsgethealthy
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    Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one! I've always had muscular calves. I don't think they will get leaner though. If you find a way please share with me.