Ghosts/spirits/unexplainable happenings??



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    I grew up in a house that was built in 1903 in Portland, Oregon. My brothers, sisters and I all have stories about the lady we would see upstairs in the big bedroom we all shared. She was not floaty and she was not a shadow. She was as solid as any living human being, had a pointy nose, big buckles on her shoes and a shapeless long black dress gathered in the middle. Her hair was blonde and curly and she had chubby fingers. She just stood in the corner of the bedroom and looked at us, but we didn't see her every night. Her appearances were unpredictable.

    We tried to explain to our parents that there was a lady upstairs. My dad checked a few times and then eventually resorted to whacking our legs with his belt to get us to go upstairs to our bedroom at night. We gave up trying to convince them of her existence after all that.

    My parents were violent people and there was always some kind of upheaval in the house. I wonder if the woman was meant to be some kind of a comfort to us children. I'll probably never know, but it was fun to thnk about this today. Thanks for posting.
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    I'll be walking and notice someone out of the corner of my eye, I turn around to see who it is and there's no one there (and no way they could have moved out of sight that quickly). But it happens quite often. Oh and occasionally I feel like there's someone behind me when I'm alone.

    Aren't these called Shadow People??
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  • I have 3 weird stories!

    The first one, my old babysitter who had passed away more than 10 years before had come to me in a dream and told me it was time for her to take her husband home. I was sad in the dream but I told her that I understood and I was glad that she looked so peaceful. About a month later her husband passed away. There was something comforting about knowing he went to be with her.

    The second time, my father who had passed away a couple of months earlier appeared in my dream. He was working with some tools and I went to help him handing him what he needed. In the dream he was telling me that my mother would remarry and I should be supportive because she needs someone. It was like he was dead in the dream because we were discussing this, but it was also like he wasn't because he was there and I was helping him. My mother did remarry later.

    The third time was not a dream. I went home from college to a condo that my mom had moved into while I was gone. I had just dropped my grandma off at church and come home but I tried the light switch and it wouldn't work so I went upstairs to hit the other switch and it still wouldn't work. Then I went in her bedroom and tried that light switch and it wouldn't work and right after I tried it something warm and soft brushed up against me and said "lightbulb?", I turned and saw a figure standing near me. I bolted out of there and didn't come back home until after my grandma had finished at church. I let her go in the house first (because I am so brave) and all the lights were fine. I have felt someone around in that condo at other times when I was laying in bed but I would just hide under the covers. I had a feeling it was a lady and very kind but that's just creepy. So glad my mother moved from there.
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    We live in a newly built house and I swear I keep seeing things in it! Woke up 3 times last night with the feeling someone was in the room with me. The usual thing is for an old house/building to be haunted but what about a new place? Possibly the land??
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    DMT, the spirit molecule, look it up
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    We live in a newly built house and I swear I keep seeing things in it! Woke up 3 times last night with the feeling someone was in the room with me. The usual thing is for an old house/building to be haunted but what about a new place? Possibly the land??

    Depends who you talk to!

    Some people believe land can be haunted. Some believe objects can be haunted. *shrug*
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    DMT, the spirit molecule, look it up

    No need for a smarta$$ remark.... I don't use drugs.
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  • sometimes, late at night, after a few beers and taco bell, I smell the smell of death coming from under the table..
  • My dad died last week week ago and his visiuation was Friday night. At the visitation my middle son asked if I would come up to the casket so he could say his goodbyes and I did and as he was talking to Grandpa he said He was the best Grandpa in the whole world and that he was so proud of him and as he said that the flowers on the casket moved independently of each other. At first it didn't register but then after a few seconds it did and my son saw it too and I told him that was Grandpa telling him he was proud of him too. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Also, the radio station I worked at had a radio announcer die on the air in the 70's and strange things happened out here for years until recently the owners built a new building....part of the old building still stands and gives me the chills...I have had strange experiences and another announcer has actually seen the dj after he passed ...standing in a doorway.

    .....p.s. I miss you daddy
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    I used to work for a management company that ran an old historic theater. I spent a lot of time there after hours with friends and coworkers ghost hunting. One night several of us were down on the stage, standing near the front. At the back of the stage there were these long, heavy cables that came down from the catwalks above the stage. The cables had square mirrors attached all down the length of them. Before and after the show, the crew would spin these cables and the mirrors would spin and reflect lights all around…it looked really cool. I started walking to the back of the stage with “Joe” next to me. I didn’t see “Joe” but you know how you can tell when someone is next to you? That’s how I knew he was there. When I got to the mirrors I said something to Joe and he responded but wasn’t next to me. I turned around and he was still standing with the group at the front of the stage. I told them all that I could feel someone walking next to me and I thought it was Joe. As I said this they all gasped and pointed towards me and told me to turn around. I turned around and the heavy cable next to me was spinning like crazy with the mirrors reflecting light all over. All of the other cables were perfectly still. That one gave me the chills a bit……
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    DMT, the spirit molecule, look it up

    No need for a smarta$$ remark.... I don't use drugs.

    take it easy don't be so uptight. It's not a smart *kitten* remark, dead serious... there's serious research into this biochemical secreted by the pineal gland during states of REM sleep, and right at the moment of death. people who have consumed it have reported experiencing profound spiritual events and meeting entities in another dimension and communicating with what some are saying to be spirits or "beings" from another dimension. It's being called the "spirit molecule" because some feel this chemical is the gateway for access to this "spirit" world.
  • I've got two!

    I used to work in a building that had a ghost. He was rather shy, and only came out after 7:00 pm. He didn't often make himself visible (although we did lose a few cleaning people who saw him and ran screaming out of the building, never to return), but he did like to play with the building electronics, especially the elevators... much to the annoyance of the security guards.

    One night when I was working late, a speaker phone came on by itself in an office down the hall from me. I was the only person there and my office was the first one in a dead-end hallway, so it was impossible that someone could have gotten past me. I went down the hall and hung up the phone.

    It came on 3 more times, until I finally pulled the phone cord out of the wall. As I made my way back down the hall, grumbling, another phone came on. I located that phone and hung it up, too. Then I gave the ghost a good telling-off and returned to my own office, fuming. I stayed for another half hour, and there wasn't another sound... although when I left, the security guard told me that the elevators started going nuts about the time I read the ghost the riot act.

    The phone company came out the next day. They couldn't find anything wrong with either of the two "malfunctioning" phones or with the wiring.



    I was walking near my home when I suddenly felt something wet touch the palm of my hand. I looked down and saw a VERY large Rottweiler at my side. Immediately afterwards, I felt a bump against my opposite hip, to find another very large Rottweiler on that side.

    The two dogs walked beside me at perfect heel for 2-3 blocks and then trotted off up a side street. I was familiar with all the neighborhood dogs and I'd never seen those Rotties before, nor did I ever see them again.
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    I cannot find that video of Michael Jackson's ghost when Larry King was at Neverland - that was creepy.
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    I've seen too much to not believe. This is one of my stories, take it or leave it; believe me or not. I don't care, I know what I felt/saw and nothing anyone can or will say will ever change it.

    I moved into a house a little over two years ago. It was me, my newborn daughter, and I mean weeks old at that point, toddler daughter, 16-18 months old, husband, and my mother, living there. Since moving in, we (my mom, husband, and I) fought and fought. My older daughter woke up SCREAMING bloody murder all the time and would stare and point at one wall in her room. The cats acted strange, and I was always getting hurt. Things were moved out of place, I would have blamed my mom or husband, but it mostly happened when I was alone with my kids.

    Anyway. Things went on like this for a month or so, then randomly, we had a fire. Cause is still unknown, and they've dropped it since no one got injured, it was no big deal. I feel there was evil in the house. I also believe that the 'good' in the world, whether you believe in angels vs demons or what have you, I'm not sure. But the good got rid of the bad by causing this fire. I believe it this way because if it was the evil that caused it, it wouldn't have stopped. It would have finished what it started.

    The odd thing? The fire started up the wall my daughter would point and stare at almost every night. You can see where it traveled up the wall, and it was RIGHT where she would freak and point. Kind of creepy, no?

    Like I said, take it or leave it. That's the gist of the story.
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    I have two stories, both having to do with my dad's passing in 1981. At his funeral, his casket was covered with red roses. In the weeks that followed his death, when I felt lost & alone, I'd suddenly be overwhelmed by the scent of roses. It happened in my car, at home and at work. At work, other people smelled them too. The second event was also when I was overwhelmed by grief, crying in my room. A music box he'd given me suddenly started playing on its own. I think it was all his way of letting me know he was ok and that I was strong enough to carry on and take care of my mom.

    I've also often had very strong feelings of my grandmother's presence (she died when I was 6).

    I absolutely believe in life after death and the ability of the deceased to contact us.
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