What does your username mean???



  • mercina22
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    Mercina is my given name in Greek. Mercy is my American name.. 22 is my favorite number. Used to be my beeper number( boy am i dating myself!)
  • litatura
    litatura Posts: 569 Member
    Mine is just literature in Spanish. I was an English major and I love to read. However, other than taking two intro Spanish courses in university, I can't even Spanish. :laugh:
  • meeper123
    meeper123 Posts: 3,358 Member
    Meeper is the pet name my hubby uses for me because I squeek when I am tickled
  • crazyvermont
    crazyvermont Posts: 171 Member
    Nic name from my young , wild and crazy days given to me on grid iron..............I'll leave it at that..........
  • Lol, my name is lyrics from a song. I wasn't expecting this site to be THIS awesome so I would of obviously picked a better name :C
  • Just what it means. I have 9 tattoos

    that's awesome.. i have uhh.. im not sure, depends on how u count them- for example. i got 3 stars on my neck.. is it 1 tat, or 3? so, somewhere between 13 and 20....
  • waronmyfat
    waronmyfat Posts: 322 Member
    exactly what mine means.. it's war on my fat ( in other words be gone with you)
  • oh, and my username means what it means.. im jaded.. i been &*^%$# over so many times- i am jaded and cynical...

    The end result of having a steady flow of negative experiences, disappointment, and unfulfillment fed into a person where they get to the point where their anger circuits just sort of burn out and they accept disillusionment.
  • stupidloser
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    Loser comes from the fat I'm trying lose fat and stupid for not knowing how to lose weight.
  • Giraffe33991
    Giraffe33991 Posts: 434 Member
    I just like giraffes added my zip code
  • MrsSexton2013
    MrsSexton2013 Posts: 98 Member
    I'm Ricki Dailey and I was born in 1970!
  • my daughter's name is seriniti... and she loved winnie the pooh when she was really young. winnie = rinni so i could sing, "rinni the pooh, rinni the pooh..." to her. now i'm, always and forever, rinnismom. :)
  • hausofnichele
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    Lol, my name is lyrics from a song. I wasn't expecting this site to be THIS awesome so I would of obviously picked a better name :C

    oooo Arcade Fire fan! ♥

    Mine was created after The Haus Of Gaga (her team that makes everything happen). This is my haus :)
  • S-initial for first name- Sandra
    Miles-last name
    4 support because that's why I'm here
  • everyone says i look innocent, like a lil kid.
  • Live4More
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    I want to live for more.... to see my grandchildren grow up and get married, etc, etc, etc
  • res2400
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    My user name was the user name my college gave me for my portal when I was still in school... It is just habit to use it now... I started using it for graduate school too... lol
  • pattie317
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    I love St Patrick's Day! March 17th.... pattie317
  • ARDuBaie
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    It means I don't want anyone knowing my real name. :laugh:
  • cinner=Cindy and i sin sometimes and 506 = was going to be area code but because of my dyslexia i noted it wrong