My boobs ....



  • brendacs21
    brendacs21 Posts: 180 Member
    first place i lose too. and im a barely b! I keep telling myself they will only lose to a certain point and then the fat has to come off my arms and stomach ,,.,it just has to!
  • AmelodyAngel
    AmelodyAngel Posts: 152 Member
    To keep them in the best shape.... do chest work, like push ups the keep the muscles behind them strong ( perky) and some firming lotion!
  • allisonshaw710
    allisonshaw710 Posts: 52 Member
    Ha, in my case I consider boob-shrinkage to be a good thing. I envy you, however, buying bras is annoyingly expensive. Best of luck, and great job on the weight loss!
  • drmarctagon
    drmarctagon Posts: 101 Member
    Mine are shrinking too..........and I couldn't be happier! LOL
  • vanessamcinnis
    vanessamcinnis Posts: 204 Member
    Urgh the only bad part about losing weight is losing the boobs! I was a DD now I am a C and it just keeps going down and down...I want BIGGER :(
  • huge2fan2
    huge2fan2 Posts: 62 Member
    Mine are shrinking too! I was elated initially and now I want them to stop, but they seem to be getting even smaller. I have been lifting more weights this go around, so I guess that this is the reason. I am so happy to see the rest of me shrinking so I guess that the "girls" and I will be parting ways!!!
  • Katanthus
    Katanthus Posts: 348 Member
    I have lost 13" from my boobs, and very happy about it. I am now a 36G. As for ladies wanting to find lovely undies in larger sizes... try, and Nordstroms staff are fabulous.

    A well fitted bra can make you look 10lb slimmer.
  • bravis113
    bravis113 Posts: 33 Member
    I weighed each boob awhile back and they were about 15lbs a peice. No wonder my back aches. I cannot wait for these puppies to get off my body!! :bigsmile:
  • PetulantOne
    PetulantOne Posts: 2,131 Member
    Take some toilet paper and rub between them everyday. May take a while but they will get bigger. (worked on my wife's butt!)

    That's the funniest thing I've heard on here to date. Thanks I needed a good laugh
  • pittsblue99
    pittsblue99 Posts: 277 Member
    Well mine have shrunk quite a bit and I am totally okay with it :bigsmile:
  • kimosabe1
    kimosabe1 Posts: 2,467 Member
    :sad: mine are going down also and it is quiet upsetting huh? I have actually started the chest weights for a bigger boost...
  • BinaryPulsar
    BinaryPulsar Posts: 8,927 Member
    Even if your breasts are the same cup size proportionally to your body, the whole bra will be too big if your band size decreases. Have someone measure you to find out your correct size. And the size isn't so important if they look nice, so don't worry too much about all the exact sizes and measurements. If your body is smaller, what's the big deal if your breasts are a little smaller too (they don't look smaller in comparison to your smaller body).
  • Drussander
    Drussander Posts: 266 Member
    Quality....not quanitity.....
  • Screw big boobs. I can get a darn push up bra. I'd rather be comfortable with my weight. Honestly, my boobs don't matter to me, size wise. I don't care, and if my boyfriend cares, he can jump off a bridge. :bigsmile:

    lollll U rock !! :)
  • nikilis
    nikilis Posts: 2,305 Member
    I feel like I was promised something that has not been delivered. that hurts.

    it also makes me sad to hear that your boobs are shrinking. I kinda like small boobs tho. :smokin:
  • I have fairly big breats...not gonna lie. I love them. But I'm also over weight LOL so I know once I start shedding the pounds...bye bye D's hello B's...? NOOOO!!
  • Love weightloss, but my boobs are shrinking and starting to sag on top of that I'm heavy chested. I want them to perk up, not hit my knees. Forget this, I'm going to an instructor.
  • lulu9663
    lulu9663 Posts: 57 Member
    Mine used to be a 38DD, now they're a 36D. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    On the bright side, I can breath better when I sleep now. When my boob were bigger, they used to push up to my neck when I was sleeping. Very uncomfortable...

    Oh, and has lots of bras in extended sizes.
  • hollyNhollywood
    hollyNhollywood Posts: 426 Member
    So far, I've just lost the fat on my upper chest and across the back, not the boobs.
    I would love it if they stay as they are right now.. Its all good now.
    Though I have a feeling I will eventually lose some of the girls. As they were a cup smaller when I was thinner.
    But I'll take it to have a smaller body
  • Mine are shrinking too. Hurray! :P
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