How many here have "never been thin"

As far back as I can remember I have been the "big guy" or have never been thin. I just want to experience it. I don't want to buy into that anymore or what your family says, things like "" you just have "our build" or genetics""

It sux to alway believe that


  • tracymat
    tracymat Posts: 296 Member
    Me. And I agree!!!!
  • RosscoBoscko
    RosscoBoscko Posts: 632 Member
    That'd be me.
  • jesslintch
    jesslintch Posts: 63 Member
    Me! And I can't wait to see what it is like.
  • FitBeto
    FitBeto Posts: 2,121 Member
    You are what you think of yourself
  • kathykatkitty
    kathykatkitty Posts: 61 Member
    I started gaing weight in the 6th grade. I am now 43 years old. I have been overweight for more than 3/4's of my life and I hate it. I hate the way I look, the way I feel and the pain and stress it puts on my body. I will do this. I will be thin and healthy no matter what.
  • allifantastical
    allifantastical Posts: 946 Member
    I've always been the biggest one in my group of friends. In high school I used to think I was huge but now looking back on pictures, I would kill to be that size again! (And I was like a size 14/16)
  • newcs
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    I was never particularly fat or big (but I'm also 5'2" with a pretty tiny frame) but I was definitely overweight and I've never been thin before this other than due to illness and even then I was skinny-fat. Over about a year and a half, I lost 25 pounds and many many inches. Now I've been thin for a couple months and really wish I'd made this effort a few years ago. I also have muscle tone and decent strength for the first time EVER and (hopefully) will never have to ask someone to lift something like an air conditioner again.
  • PrinnyBomb
    PrinnyBomb Posts: 196 Member
    Never been thin :blushing: . I was a big baby (10lb plus), a chubby child, an overweight teenager and obese adult. I can't imagine how good it will feel when I'm finally slim :happy:
  • Jeray421
    Jeray421 Posts: 9 Member
    ive definately been in better shape but never been what would considered thin...i am quite larger now than i used to be....i gained alot of weight when i had my daughter. And i agree....for once i would love to know what its like to be the "thin friend" in the group.
  • skinnybitchbarbie27
    skinnybitchbarbie27 Posts: 306 Member
    I have never been "thin", however, the more I lose and lift the more I realize I never want to be thin. I want to be a healthy size and weight but also be able to beat *kitten* if I need to. Seeing my muscle tone is amazing.
  • kschr201
    kschr201 Posts: 219 Member
    yup. Weighed more when I was 12 than I do now.
  • sally414
    I've never been a "skinny" person. Even as a child, I was always a bit taller and heavier than the rest of the kids although not overweight - is big boned even a real thing lol? Because I would say I was that.

    I was pretty slim several years ago but still had curves and athletic legs. I'd love to get back to that shape!
  • OptimisticlyOptimistic
    I've nver been thin either. It's so hard to undo a lifetime of bad habits, but hey, I'm here, and I WILL do it. So will you!!
  • fightininggirl
    fightininggirl Posts: 792 Member
    me! I was miss solid packed muscle athelete and broad shoulders since I was born
  • watcheronthewall
    I've never really been thin for any great length of time. My weight has always been up and down so the longest I've spent slim is a few months.

    I completely understand.
  • Tanja_CHH
    Tanja_CHH Posts: 216 Member
    Ive never been thin. I remember going to the school nurse for check ups on height and weight in primary school and being overweight, by a lot. I remember the exact number was 56 kilos, at the age of around 10 - It was insane. I was sent to fat camp and lost some, but not much and only gained it all again. Now where Im the right age to take control of my own live and what I put in my body I will become thin and healthy and prove to people that I have the willpower, I was not meant to just be that fat, ugly child forever, I can become strong and beautiful.
  • JessRosko
    JessRosko Posts: 6 Member
    Totally me...but that is going to change. My current goal is to be in a bikini by summer for the first time in my life, and you know what, it is going to happen. Then after that I am working on 6-pk abs...or at least 4-pk :)
  • debs6
    debs6 Posts: 232 Member
    I had never been thin - and am not really thin now- but well within the acceptable zone for my height and build.Thankfully, thanks to MFP, I am now where I need to be and maintaining now since May of last year.
    You can do it! It is achievable- just stick with the plan and I'd you fall off the horse at all, just dust yourself off and get back on again.
  • denezy
    denezy Posts: 573 Member
    I never have, even in high school I was a size 10/12.

    My ex boyfriend just told me this past weekend that i''ll "never be skinny".

    Aiming for a size 8, just to see what it feels like. Like a weird science experiment for my body.
  • Rozieq84
    YUP! I am currently thinner than I have ever been as an adult (including High School & College). I still have a little more to go, or at least body shaping to accomplish. If the scale never dips lower I'll live, but I know I can continue to tone up.