What's for breakfast?



  • gail4721
    gail4721 Posts: 75 Member
    or replace the syrup with applesauce for a change and less calories...some of the flavored musslemanns applesauces are delish!
  • calabrdm
    calabrdm Posts: 303 Member
  • Bbwnomore2
    Bbwnomore2 Posts: 225 Member
    plain oatmeal, 2 Tbsp pb and banana and coffee
  • elvinprincess_9
    elvinprincess_9 Posts: 23 Member
    1 small apple, 100 grams strawberries, 130 grams grapes and 100 grams of blackberries. 205 cals. and one cup of tea 17 cals.
  • Dovekat
    Dovekat Posts: 263 Member
    Let's see today I had a coffee with 60ml whole milk and 1tsp of clarks original maple syrup, two hard boiled eggs and a weight watchers toffee apple yogurt for a total of 267 cal's.
  • marienaegele
    marienaegele Posts: 35 Member
    I had some oats with vanilla soy milk and 0.5 l water :) = 275 cals
  • fillostein
    Oatmeal and a cup of tea, 227 calories
  • kayla2709
    kayla2709 Posts: 25 Member
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I forgot my lunch box today with my breakfast and lunch in it! I had to settle for 2 apples and a banana which were donated to me by friends in the office. I'm ready to eat my fist not to mention steal other people's lunches!
  • alliekp
    2 baby bananas, 1/4 cup unsalted cashews. I eat a small lunch.
  • Axlloop
    Poached egg on wholemeal toast 170 cals
    Half a banana 50 cals
  • Katie22222
    Katie22222 Posts: 31 Member
    Chia pudding with vanilla protein powder - 150 calories
  • trentonkid
    Corn tortilla
    strip of turkey bacon
    half an avacado
    an egg
    Valentina salsa picante

    And of course Coffee

    All under 400 calories
  • veggylicious
    veggylicious Posts: 10 Member
    2 x weetabix with 100ml of skimmed milk = 168 cals and yummy :smile:
  • Aggi_Thom
    Aggi_Thom Posts: 4 Member
    The last two days I've had porridge with a teaspoon of honey and chopped up banana....YUMMY!! = 267 cals
  • panicintheattic
    panicintheattic Posts: 102 Member
    Today was a cup of coffee, a banana, and a crumpet with half a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. 235 calories. But a lot of times recently I've been having a half a cup of cottage cheese with either peaches or pears, sometimes with a half a bagel with almond butter. That clocks in a little higher but it keeps me filled through work ;)
  • NattieJoan
    Corn flakes and semi skimmed milk (:
  • FR89
    FR89 Posts: 186 Member
    1 seeded brown toast .. 1 scrambled egg and a cupa tea.. 249cals..
  • GoddessG
    GoddessG Posts: 175 Member
    Two scoops of protein shake = 100 cals, 0 carbs
    Two eggs = 140 cals, 1 carb
    1 sl pepper jack processed cheese food = 70 cals, 2 carb (for a spicy egg scramble)
    2 mugs of coffee with 1 Tbl heavy whipping cream each = 104 cal, .08 carbs

    Total: 514 cals, 3.8 carbs, 64.3 protein. 23.5 fat, 512 sodium.

    I won't eat this until about 10:00 when I start getting hungry. I know it's large, but I won't be hungry again until late afternoon.
    Then, I have more coffee and protein only. Sometimes I only have 1 shake with breakfast and have the other in the late afternoon meal.

    My goal is about 1000 cals, less than 10 carbs, 89 protein, and under 1,000 sodium.

    Of course, I'm a low-low carber, so my food intake is different from most.
  • BeLightYear
    BeLightYear Posts: 1,550 Member
    2 slices double fiber bread toasted
    2 tablespoons whipped cream cheese
    1 sliced tomato
    1 oz baby spinach leaves

    300 calories, 12 grams of fiber:love:
  • LesleeAH
    Apple and cinnamon quinoa with cottage cheese and honey, yum yum