Do people not log fruit and vegetables?



  • lizlkbg
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    I have lots of fruits and veggies but you dont see them in my diary...mostly because they are IN things...i made an excellent pork recipe last week that had Apples, red pepper, onion....

    my soup two nights ago was a coconut curry sweet potato soup with mushrooms, peppers and onions...

    last night was a beef noodle soup with mushrooms, bok choy, onions, bean sprouts...

    and my lunches are often last nights left overs....

    so yeah...i don't log them because they are IN things, but they are there...

    Yes, I didn't even think of that, and I think the recipe function is great and plan on using it now that I've been told about it! Thanks!
  • lizlkbg
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    Wow. I'm kind of shocked by how many people are being mean to the poster for asking a simple question. Shhesh.


    IMO, I think it's cause so many people are confused about fruits and veggies. Well, with fruit anyways. They think you can eat as many as you want, and therefore, don't need to log them.
    I'm ashamed to say, I thought the same thing when I started eating healthy. With fruit anyways. I'd eat a ton of fruit thinking it was alright. I learned quick when I worked my *kitten* off for two weeks and didn't lose any weight.
    Fruit is sugar. Period. The only difference is how your body digests it. But essentially, it's the same thing. Anything that spikes your insulin levels has the potential to store fat.

    Don't worry about it, I have a thick skin! Certainly was not intending to be offensive, but there you go.
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    I know quite a few people who don't log most veggies because the caloric content is so low it doesn't make a dent in the grand scheme of things. A serving of spinach is 11 calories. and ~4g carbs. If all you're monitoring is the numbers, such a small number wouldn't matter.
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    Its the junk food they secretly eat that they don't want to put on here. LOL. I log everything, even my weak moments.

    Not freaking out on you. Just saying that I log every piece of junk food that I eat. And I rarely feel embarrassed about it. Lots of here who feel the same way.

    And I feel embarassed when I log 5 ounces of JD on a Saturday night... :embarassed:
  • lizlkbg
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    Look at my diary - I log them every day! Lots of them! Add me if you would like!

    Thanks, I will! You will inspire my veggie-averse self!
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    I log everything I eat, even fruits and veg :)
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    Because I don't want to be rude.

    So creating a topic in a public forum asking this question is the opposite of rude? Now, I get to comb through your friends list and wonder why none of them eat fruits or vegetables.

    I guess it's better than just asking the person in a private message.

    I view a lot of diaries of people who aren't on my friends list. I don't see how asking for general information via a post is rude, but whatevs.

    My thoughts exactly...I'm not sure how I'd feel if I was on your friends list and read could have posted asking them all (generally so you wouldn't feel like you were being rude :grumble: ) as a status

    I wanted general information from the community as a whole, and that is what I've gotten here. Perhaps I should have phrased my post differently, but honestly I don't see anything rude about it. I guess we all have different triggers. As for the assumption that I'm referring to people on my friends list, not necessarily. A lot of people have public diaries and I like to browse them to get a sense of what people eat. So there you go. Not trying to hurt anybody's feelings.
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    I'll forget every now and then to log the really low-calorie veggies like cucumbers, and iceberg lettuce. I could definitely stand to eat more veggies and fruits though.
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    When I can get fresh / frozen fruits and veggies I log them, otherwise; why log what I didn't eat ?
  • CorvusCorax77
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    i don't log ketchup and cocksauce.

    other than that, if it goes in my mouth it goes in my diary.

    Sometimes I don't eat a lot of veggies becuase life can be hectic and i don't like having people guilt trip me about that. And by "hectic" i mean working ten hour days, squeezing in a work out, a modelling gig, and a pup walk all in the same day. You bet I'm gonna get the nacho take out and just make sure it fits my macros! And I will not be made to feel guilty because I worked like a dog, pumped iron like a boss, and still hit my macros!
  • GuybrushThreepw00d
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    i don't log ketchup and cocksauce.

    :laugh: :laugh:

    typo, or is there actually something called Cocksauce ?
    Is it salty?
  • lizlkbg
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    i don't log ketchup and cocksauce.

    :laugh: :laugh:

    typo, or is there actually something called Cocksauce ?
    Is it salty?

    I took it as meaning Sriracha, but I'm not gonna put words in her mouth (she would have to log them)
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    I've come across quite a few people who are under the assumption it's healthy, so you can eat however much you want!!! lol *eyeroll* Log EVERYTHING is my advice. Been there, done that. Even though it says 0 lbs lost, I've done this rodeo before... and I don't have a scale. :P
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    I cook most of my food from scratch so sometimes I only log the high calorie things like oils and the body of the meal. Generally less than 30 calories I don't usually bother

    Spices and broths and stuff I generally don't bother to log because sometimes I can't even remember what I put in it by the time I sit down
  • arlenem1974
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    I log everything I eat as long as I know the cals and serving sizes.
  • elainecroft
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    I don't always log all of my vegetables, particularly since I tend to eat a variety of salads throughout the week and I don't want to type them all out. So things like peppers, lettuce, broccoli tend to get grouped under one vegetable, or a "salad" label that I put together. I do try to log calorie dense ones though, like corn or edamame.
  • A lot of people don't eat them. I noticed that too. I was actually surprised. I love me my veggies and couldn't live without fruit!
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    My open diary is pretty veggie-heavy for anyone to see.

    Dinner tonight was an Indian sweet potato/cauliflower dish that was awesome.
  • I log fruit, for the sugar. But no, I don't bother logging veg. I will log if I used oil or butter to make the veg.
    Well one veg I do log is potatoes, which I try to limit anyway. But I think that's the only veg I bother logging.
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    IIFYM followers.

    What's that mean?

    EDIT.. Nevermind.. I figured it out.. LOL and I don't agree with that philosophy.
    I have a feeling you don't really understand it then.

    THIS. I lost over 30 pounds doing NOTHING (and I really do mean nothing) but strictly adhering to IIFYM guidelines.