Skinny and flat chested or heavier with boobs?



  • I'd rather have the boobs and a few extra pounds myself. But that's a personal preference as I do not feel comfortable (or don't think I would feel comfortable!) without them.
    That said, to all those women who keep saying they would rather be a "healthy" weight than have boobs you might need to redefine "healthy weight".
    I'm a true hourglass myself and am still at least a G cup at a "healthy" weight as I don't carry my weight in my waist at all. All my "extra" pounds are located in my boobs and butt. Then again, Im not stick thin, and never want to be, nor do I have visible abs.
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    People have different body types. Be healthy for your body type. If you are an athlete or a dancer your body will also reflect the results of your work. But, it's a combo of genetics and lifestyle. Humans are not cookie cutter cuts outs of each other: with slim and heavy being the only factor or tall or short either, there are multiple factors. Body type is not a choice. It is what it is and we can be our fittest self or whatever fitness level we choose, but not change body type. We just appreciate the body that we have and see the beauty in others as well.
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    DD and hate them, always in the way. When i loose weight its always in my butt and never in my boobs and i dont have much of a butt
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    I'd rather be thin with a shapely body with boobs that fit my body shape... When i get down to my goal weight, i'll be perfect all over.
  • As I know a lot of guys go for boobs, I'd like to put another viewpoint in from a guy:

    Skinny and flat chest please!

    An ex-gf of years ago had a very athletic figure and a or smaller cup boobs and she hated them but I loved them. She was petite and so were they. So perfect!
  • I think whatever makes you feel GOOD! about yourself!
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    It might just be because growing or because I gained about 7-10lbs... which shouldn't make that much of a difference
    but in the last 4-6months my boobs have gone from a 32B to a 32D...... and I think I need to get them measured..again!
    I'm the complete opposite.... but I'm b/f calls me big boob blonde :)
  • Um, I weigh 309 pounds, and I don't have boobs. Not every fat girl has a big chest. Plus-size tops look huge on me because I don't fill out the chest and shoulders.

    I have the same problem!
  • I think there are men that ike different types of proportions so just make sure you find the right one! lol
    I personally prefair small-medium boobs while being slim.

    I am 5'9" 119 lbs and a C cup! I think a size smaller would be proportionate to my size, but not complaining eiter :P
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    Boobs are the only thing I have liked about being heavier. I can find BRAS!

    The only bras that are easy to find in a 36 A (the size I am when I'm below 150 pounds) look like training bras.

    We don't even have a Victoria's Secret or lingerie store (I'd probably be bigger at VS) unless I want to drive 100 miles so as I lose weight finding bras has been a big problem. I am now a 36DD but was a 38DD then 38D. Can't find anything in a larger cup with smaller band anywhere. I see this problem getting worse as I lose weight.

    Myself, I want to lose about 30 more pounds but I prefer to be a tad overweight with boobs. I work off tips and I need those puppies lol.
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    Even if I got as thin as I could be for my body type... I'd still be 'thick' with big boobies... but I vote Skinny and flat chested... I don't like wearing a bra... but... when you wear a 40DDD... if you don't wear a bra then gravity takes over... :grumble:
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    When I lose weight I am hoping my breasts will become C-D cups rather than an E because they are incredibly annoying and heavy! lol
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    id rather be flat, flat flat flat!... haha. But then again, Ive had a significant chest since puberty. Wanna trade?

    I'm with you.
  • Feel your pregnant with my daughter..boobs went up and looked awesome! Now that it's been 6 months and I'm losing weight..bye bye boobies = [

    What ev. Rather be skinny and fit. People don't like it, that's their problem = ]
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    I think a B cup is perfect.... I'm a DD, and as soon as i hot my goal weight I'm looking into a reduction !! Boobs are over-rated ! :-)
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    Mine are considerably smaller - but I'm okay with that. I'd rather be smaller chested (not flat..) and thinner.
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    I figure with all the loose skin around the chest I'll be able to get a nice set of boobs if I lose them.
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    I must be lucky, because even when my boobs first showed up they were huge! I was wearing 34Ds at 97lbs, 36DD at 148lbs, and now at 123lbs they're at 32DDD with no sign of budging. They looked "fuller" when I was heavier. Not that they're saggy or anything now (omg, I dread the day...) they just looked nicer when I was chubbier.

    I'm only 4'11 so I *need* my boobs, otherwise I look like a child :(

    Oh it's not so bad. I hear you just roll them up and tuck them in. Voila!
    LMAO :drinker:
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    I would rather be thin with no boobs, I have large boobs and they are more trouble than they are worth.