What do you pay for your gym?



  • underwater77
    underwater77 Posts: 336 Member

    My yoga/spin studio is 149/mo.
    My regular gym is 39.99/mo.
    My pool is 3 bucks per swim but it's outdoor versus the indoor pool at my gym.

  • RitaB19
    RitaB19 Posts: 222 Member
    I pay $105 per month for a YMCA Family Membership. Supplements/Protein, who knows I don't really count, at least $30 per month.
  • jnichel
    jnichel Posts: 4,553 Member
    $39 a month, which allows for myself, my wife and my 12yo to workout and the kid's room for my 7yo. I spend maybe $15-$20 a month on Gatorade.
  • reallifealien
    reallifealien Posts: 129 Member
    £70 for three months membership at my university gym; that includes free classes (yoga, zumba, etc.) too
  • $30/month for the gym, and about $50/month for classes at my bikram yoga studio. The yoga is expensive, but my body appreciates the deep stretch after my long run days.

    I don't really buy any supplements, so no cost there.

    Edit: I do enter races. They run $30-$100 per race, and I typically do one every other month.
  • freasabreze
    freasabreze Posts: 98 Member
    I pay $16 a month at Super Fitness. I also have a treadmill and a elliptical, DVD's, hand weigths, stability ball, at home.
  • zrmac804
    zrmac804 Posts: 369 Member
    $50. a month for a basic membership at the local Y. I also go ice-skating 4-8 times per month which costs $4. each time.
  • We have an awesome 24 Hour Super Sport in the Bay Area, CA which also has and great Kid's Club. I was able to get a really great deal at $34.00 a month. Which is a steal! I can also go to any 24 Hourt Fitness except the few Ultra Sport facilities (the one above Super Sport) they have. I also want to join a MMA gym in our area, but it's $99 a month, which is too pricy for me. So, I just buy a 10 day pack (at the MMA gym) which I use sporadically there, so I can stretch it out.
  • jennfranklin
    jennfranklin Posts: 439 Member
    I pay $84 a month for my whole family to be a member at my local YMCA!
  • NobodyInParticular
    NobodyInParticular Posts: 354 Member
    YMCA- Free (military)
    Campus gym (150/year)
  • MissCarter79
    MissCarter79 Posts: 227 Member
    My gym is my treadmill I paid $400 for. Had it for 2 years so it has paid for itself. I also utilize my husbands free weights and his weight bench from time to time. Other than that I walk outside, play soccer with my kids, or do sit-ups and push-ups, and watch workout videos on Youtube for free. I had joined a gym a couple of years ago and it was like $30, but it wasn't good with my schedule.
  • Heidismith1983
    Heidismith1983 Posts: 2 Member
    total I spend 205 dollars. 100 on my memebership and 105 for all 3 of my kids to go also that I can actually go. Then I spend 50 dollars on suppliments and shakes!
  • tammyclinch
    tammyclinch Posts: 103 Member
    68 dollars a month but if i sign for a year 44 ..Forget it i workout at home
  • $25 / month for my gym membership

    About $54 / month for my meal replacement protein shakes
  • ellenaj52
    ellenaj52 Posts: 18 Member
    I have a membership at the Y which costs me nothing per year as I am employed by the Y....really great benefit for me!
  • JamieG8991
    JamieG8991 Posts: 1,203 Member
    $20 per month which includes unlimited classes, unlimited tanning...but I don't use the tanning.
  • Begood03
    Begood03 Posts: 1,328 Member
    $39 per month, but that includes unlimited tanning. Plus I can go 24/7 365.
  • waipepe
    waipepe Posts: 110 Member
    nothing for the gym as I exercise outdoors

    I do buy a ski pass though, so that's 1400 a year

    gear/equipment I might need or clothing 1000-1500 a year

    supplements at about $50 a month

    food $150-200 a month
  • SoViLicious
    SoViLicious Posts: 2,635 Member
    $72 for the family membership for both hubby and I and childcare included as well as classes, and towel services.
  • TheRealJigsaw
    TheRealJigsaw Posts: 295 Member
    Just $10 per month