• Yesterday I did day 8 of level 1. I took one rest day so I've been at it for 8 out of the last 9 days. I feel pretty good and can notice a significant difference from when I started. But I'm not sure I'm ready to move on to level 2 just yet. This might be the 45 day shred for me!
  • Count Me In!! ....I am currently on Day 1 / Level 2
    I usually take weekends off from the 30DS due to having my husband home from work and he is usually in front of the TV watching sports.:grumble: I usually find other ways to get my cardio & exercise in during the weekend though, and I have even sneeked in my 30DS on a Saturday while he goes outside to smoke a cigarette:smokin: **cough cough**

  • NatzC123
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    Count me in, I can start Monday! Can't wait, hope to see good results!! Will take measurements before on Monday :)
  • Ultragirl2374
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    At what point so you stop aching all day long??? I am only on day 2 of level 1 and holy hell I have no idea how I will do 30 days!
  • nataliecarter28
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    just finished my 6th day in a row! the workout gets easier everyday.
  • Hayaa79
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    thats really motivating so many ppl up for the challenge

    am gona start level 2 from tomorrow :happy:
  • lseed87
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    I'm on level 1, day 2. Haven't took measurements. Am expecting a measuring tape in the mail but not sure when it will come :(
  • Qlow
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    Yes, I'm starting it Sunday, 3 Feb.. I think it would be nice if you'd start a group here on MFP and everyone starting now could join and post the progress pictures measurements etc there.
    Anyway, I'm sending a request :)
    Anyone else starting this sunday, feel free to add me
  • nik2710
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    I would like to join as I am starting it Monday. Going to measure myself and take pics beforehand. Don't know if I can keep it up as had op recently but going to try my damn hardest!! I have heard it is so hard. Please feel free to add me as can do with the support. Thanks. :) x
  • Mommy2nate1023
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    I stared 30DS ON Feb 1. I took my measurements so i'll see how it goes!! I would finally love to loose the rest of my pregnancy weight since my son will be 3yrs old at the end of the year!!! No more excuses!
  • dixiewhiskey
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    I started on Jan 31.. I am running this workout back to back since Jan 1st. Today is D4 for me. Feel free to add me if you'd like.

    The results from 30DS are very real and quick.
  • jehan
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    Done with D3L1. I thought I couldn't be able to finish it, because my arms and legs are still sore from yesterday's workout, but thank god I managed to finish it. I still can't do the entire modified push ups though. I think I was able to do only 2 in every set. I hope I'll be stronger and manage to increase the number.

    good luck to us all. we can do this....
  • gladysrutter
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    I started level 2 , 3 days early today, that won't be a problem will it? Level one wasn't challenging me enough (was still challenging though!)
  • jehan
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    DId the Shred 3 days in a row. Unfortunately, I have to skip day 4 today and do it tomorrow. Things were hectic at the office. I need some motivation. I'm starting to feel that I'm slipping the slippery slope again!!!
  • CassieReannan
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    Did L1 D6 today!!
  • Are there any guys doing this workout? I just watched it on YouTube for a bit and it seems very good. Im wondering if there are guys on here that have tried this out with what results? Obviosuly any workout that one does is good for you. Thanks.
  • Hayaa79
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    I am on 3rd day of level 2 :wink:
  • charz13
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    Im starting the 30 day shred tomorow morning. Might also start my first ever blog in regards to it :D
  • Guys keep going!

    I am on day 3 L2 and am HATING L2 but people do get results. I think this is a great intro to kick starting your metabolism and getting things moving and shaking.
    I always think to myself 'this whole thing lasts 27 mins, I can do anything for that long'.
    I use this example to spur me on (don't overthink this one, just look at the pics):


    I'm not expecting this but anything in this direction would be encouraging.