"Good for you" foods you just can't stand?



  • NatsukoG
    NatsukoG Posts: 104
    Celery, Celeriac and Mushrooms - barf!
  • haroon_awan
    haroon_awan Posts: 1,208 Member
    Brussel sprouts.

    That stuff is nasty man.
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,956 Member
    Porridge tastes like punishment and sadness.
  • tashaa1992
    tashaa1992 Posts: 658 Member
    Broccoli, celery, avocado, and mushrooms yuck!
  • stuntpilot51
    stuntpilot51 Posts: 53 Member
    Any and all fish!
  • SueGeer
    SueGeer Posts: 1,169 Member
    Avocado :sick:

    Sue :smile: xxx
  • stephdeeable
    stephdeeable Posts: 1,407 Member
    I hate mushrooms and salmon.
  • eyvindur
    eyvindur Posts: 19 Member
    Cauliflower and broccoli - bland boringness. I do force them down from time to time, but have never liked them from childhood. Even my mother calling them "trees" didn't make them any more appealing to me.

    I used to agree, but I've found a fantastic way to make them more interesting. A bit of olive oil, black pepper and a little salt, and then lots of freshly grated parmigiano cheese over the top. Roast in the oven until it gets dark brown. Fantastic to sprinkle on a nice veggie soup or something. I also love pureeing boiled broccoli and/or cauliflower to make soups. It's all in the seasoning.

    Sorry for the thread hijack. I actually can't think of anything I really hate... As I've learned to cook a lot of the things I used to dislike in more interesting ways, I've found that they don't taste bad, I was just used to bad cooking.
  • girlie100
    girlie100 Posts: 646 Member
    Any type of fish, any type of mushroom and cauliflower!! ergh
  • I love raw veggies, but hate almost any vegetable cooked. Limp and yucky! I prefer the crunch.
    I hate mushrooms. The smell of them cooking, ugh.
  • Vailara
    Vailara Posts: 2,449 Member
    There's not much I won't eat, but here's some that I should eat more of but don't really enjoy:

    Beans - bland, pasty texture like packing material. Tinned are better than dried, and they are OK if highly flavoured/made it into a hummus-type thing/etc.

    Cottage cheese - I keep telling myself I like it, but I don't. It has an "empty" sour taste of not enough fat and salt.

    Fish - I love really fresh fish, but rarely get the chance to eat it. Supermarket "fresh" fish tastes as if it's going off. Tinned fish is better, but I'm not wild about it, and it's so expensive!

    Sweet potato. Sweet. Potato. It just feels wrong. I can eat some sweet veg (carrots), but this is just too sweet for a vegetable.

    Linseed/ flax seed - tastes like oil paint thinner.
  • wade78
    wade78 Posts: 141 Member
    Cucumber. Except when its in my Gin (Hendricks) and tonic
  • lamilli09
    lamilli09 Posts: 354 Member
    I wouldn't classify it as a super food... but Greek yogurt really gives me the creeps. No matter what flavor or brand I try, it always tastes like bile...

    Edit: *wouldn't
  • yourenotmine
    yourenotmine Posts: 645 Member
    Melons, turnips, baked beans, barbecue sauce/barbecue flavored things. No thank you.

    People always seem to assume I won't eat much because I'm a vegetarian, but those are the only foods that I can't take, just because of themselves. Other things I don't eat because of my beliefs, or because they're cooked badly or something.
  • MaraDiaz
    MaraDiaz Posts: 4,604 Member
    I also agree with those who hate celery. Even when I was a little preschool kid and they gave it to us loaded up with peanut butter it was still gross. And all those annoying strings. Basically it makes an excellent plate for a quick peanut butter snack as long as you don't try to eat the plate!
  • RotterdamNL
    RotterdamNL Posts: 509 Member
    people that say Avocado, y' all crazy, Avocado with a little salt mmmm nom nom
  • charz13
    charz13 Posts: 16 Member
    I love 95% of all these fiods you all hate, I love fruit and vegetables I put garlic with just about everything. My hates are salmon and Brussels sprouts, yak!
  • RotterdamNL
    RotterdamNL Posts: 509 Member
    Omg salmon, nom nom, try 85% pure chocolate, nastyyyy
  • cmfruin2012
    cmfruin2012 Posts: 157 Member
    Fruit. I will eat any vegetable under the sun (except the fruits that masquerade as veg, deceptive little ****ers) but even the thought of eating fresh fruit makes me queasy.

    Sounds like me! I do not like fruit. The texture of just about every fruit makes me gag. I love veggies -- none I won 't eat. But fruit -- YUCK!
  • BrettPGH
    BrettPGH Posts: 4,720 Member
    What are they called? I eat them so rarely I forget....

    Oh yeah. Vegetables.