Whats the one thing that set you off to want to lose weight?



  • Vailara
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    I had a "good" winter when I felt better and healthier than I'd done in years. I wanted to get fit, but realised that it was more difficult to do it while carrying around so much extra weight. I'd been wary of losing weight unless I could keep it up (so many people seem to lose weight only to gain even more!), but I'd seen a diet that I thought might be sustainable (the No S Diet) and started with that.
  • Hannaaah1990
    Hitting 196 on the scales, couldn't believe it! Getting called chunky on a night out by some random drunk guy. >.< all my clothes being tight and being out of breath walking up a tiny hill. Also wanting to fit into a bikini and little shorts in the summer like other girls my age.
  • carolmags
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    After feeling bad for years over my 35lb weight gain (it got out of control when I had to take anti-depressants) Christmas day was the final straw. 5 pairs of jeans tried on before I found a pair that fit. My blouse was way too tight but it had fit me perfectly the last time I wore it. I felt so bad I could have cried. I spent the next few days looking online for something I could do and found this website. The fact that I log my food and know exactly how many calories are going in my mouth is giving me a sense of control that I had totally lost. I started in earnest on 1 Jan 2013 and have lost 0.75/1lb per week since. I'm so pleased it is working. This is a great site and I love reading the success stories for motivation. I'm 5ft 5in, started at 174lbs and I'm now 169lbs. I'm 57 years old. Target 140lbs.:smile::smile:
  • JamieG8991
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    What did it for me...the moment when I knew I'd had enough was before Thanksgiving last year when I went to my favorite store to buy a new outfit and nothing fit!! So, I went back there a week ago and bought a new pair of pants and a new blouse AND they were one size smaller!!! :bigsmile:
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    Ah.... well.... I think one of the reasons I gained so much weight as a kid and teen was because I was unhappy with my body, and the fat covered it. There's stress/depression as well... but it wasn't until age 22 or so that I felt free of expectations and realized I wasn't who I was pretending to be, and I was tired of acting just to keep others happy.

    Let's just say I'm not sad like other females that my boobs are becoming almost nonexistent with weight loss.
  • Shanni827
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    There were so many things that set me off! The first was not being comfortable being intimate with my husband, my 3 year old telling me "Mommy you are too big to fit in that shower" and then being too embarrassed to post a picture of me with my daughter for her 5th grade graduation on my Facebook page, but posting the one with her and my husband.

    My fat girl pants were too tight.
    Trying on clothes was a depressing nightmare.
    I didn't want to go out with friends and my hubby anymore because I was now THE BIG GIRL.
    Feeling disgusted when I looked in the mirror at myself and what I had become.

    The list goes on, but it all just flooded me within a matter of a week, I hit rock bottom so here I am. I have completely changed the way I eat and I am down 15 lbs. Next I plan on working out slow and easy thanks to my pacemaker, but I want to get moving!!
  • candjiverson
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    The moment I was truthfully embarrassed to get undressed in front of my husband. I have NEVER been shy about my body, so it was a shock for me! That and the fact that I noticed I was now wearing my "post baby" clothes. All 3 sizes bigger than what I want to be and now I am at the point where I can't even button those pants!! I refuse to go buy bigger clothes... my belly and butt are way too flabby, and I caught a glimpse of my cottage cheese butt and thighs in the mirror... never before had I had this until this last year.... I couldn't believe I had let myself go. I have always been thin... but recently have gained 17 pounds and literally went from muscle to jiggle..... Its time for this to change!! I want to feel confident this summer and not have to feel embarrassed to go to the beach and have my bum and thighs show the uglies in the sunlight haha. Skinny fat is just gross.
  • darwes4
    My brother telling my ex that "people like me never get better" was what got me pissed off but what set me off is how unhealthy I feel!
  • RandiLandCHANGED
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    I absolutely DESPISE hearing "You look awesome...for having three kids." No words irk me like those do. I just want to hear that I look fantastic/hot/sexy. Period. Not "hot for being a mom." It bothers me so much that it motivates me to not stuff my face all day every day. It motivated me enough to start doing yoga a few months ago and to finally start going to the gym this past month. I now realize that exercising isn't as scary as I thought, so I will continue.
  • zoeylove11
    I really want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit this summer! NO MORE COVER UPS!
  • southern_star
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    I was seeing this guy and my nickname was pumpkin britches. My clothes were fitting too tight and I refuse to buy bigger. I saw myself in a photo someone else took and that did it for me.
  • plussizedvegetarian
    Awesome topic, and I look forward to going through the several pages & reading other people's responses. That said, It was looking at Ashley Donahoo on the site Livestrong, I found her profile by accident and I just saw this gorgeous girl who was once about my size. Seeing her before & after pictures just made me realize I didn't have to be 300 lbs. + anymore, or even 200 lbs. + , I can reach my goal weight too. Being on this site is great for that because you have so many successful people happily showing off their progress, that is a nice motivational tool.
  • Kybapixie
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    Hi everyone, just joined but I had a baby 7 months ago I put on 6 stone whilst pregnant and was over weight to start off with. i have lost 5 so far but over the last 2 months my weight has stayed the same. So it's time to step it up a gear. My motivation is my baby boy. I don't want him having a fat mum, I don't want to leave him before I have too and I am obsessed with making sure he has a healthy varied diet so if I can do it for him why not myself!
  • sk_pirate
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    I wore hoodies all summer long last year. So uncomfortable.

    Every shopping trip ended in anxiety and tears in the changeroom.

    My arms jiggled grating cheese. GRATING CHEESE.

    My 10 yr high school reunion is coming up in Aug. Hope to be nearer to onderland by then? Woo.
  • MeganDominique
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    Well it started with my clothing being to tight . And my best friend beig an unsupportive "insert bad word" and I just realized freshman 20 is not turning into freshman 40. Started working out and I'm slowly seeing progress :) I got discouraged for awhile but I'm back on it and I'm not getting off it ;)! My boyfriend is my biggest inspiration hard to be a fit firefighters girlfriend when your not fit and overweight ! I don't now what my goal weight is ... I just want to look how I did back in my last year of highschool ,
    I looked great than :)
  • cindybowcut
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    Being diagnosed diabetic.
  • JCrowley2478
    Brought my daughters to Great Adventure and I could not go on certain rides with them. Killed me that the safety bar would not come down and lock. This would happen on certain rides and they wouldnt let my kids go on without an adult. This killed me inside. We are leaving for Disney in 2 weeks and am in better shape for them and will be able to enjoy our time there.
  • gubbyfish
    For me it was a combination of a few things. I've always went to great lengths to avoid having my photo taken so I hadn't seen pictures of myself in a long time. When I finally saw a picture my sister took of me I was shocked at how bad I really looked. I knew my weight had been steadily creeping up and I just kept telling myself I couldn't let it hit 200, like that was some sort of line I couldn't fathom crossing. Mentally it was like 199 was acceptable but 200 could not be tolerated, how stupid right? Shortly after seeing that picture, I forced myself on a scale and saw "200", I cried and cried. I remember thinking to myself...if I don't fix this now I never will. I was about to turn 36 and I thought about how much of my precious 30's I'd wasted being fat, single and having no life. I didn't want to waste any more time feeling unhealthy and unhappy and finally my desire to lose weight was matched with a willpower to do it, and everything finally clicked.
  • ktownchik2005
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    I've always had a bigger butt, can't help it:) Got teased a lot about when I was younger and it only got bigger after my two kids. And still continued to get bigger. It was actually one comment that was the final straw. It was made by one of our friends teenager to my husband. Her mom said that she needed to lose weight because her butt was too big and her daughter told her that my butt was the big one and that it reminded her of Aunt Fannies off the movie Robots. Don't know why but it hit me really hard. Maybe because my husband just laughed. But that was the turning point for me.
  • pattycake44
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    I went on vacation with friends and come home and looked at the pictures of myself on the beach and I was shocked at what I saw. Pictures are brutily honest.