How often do you shower?



  • homerjspartan
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    I bathe in the tears of the innocent.

    There are no innocent. We are born with sin and not until you give yourself to Jesus Christ will your soul be free.

    I wish you to see the light, heathen.

    But srsly, if you need someone to scrub your back in the shower....I have a loufa.
    When can you get here?

    *Peaks through window from the bushes*

    Ummmm.... 25 seconds?
  • Haven't yet. Comfy in my bed and I aint moving! :tongue:
  • fIashforward
    fIashforward Posts: 66 Member
    Once a day.

    Usually every morning, but I don't shower on a Sunday, usually because I never go anywhere on that day and I couldn't be bothered lol
  • BeeElMarvin
    BeeElMarvin Posts: 2,086 Member
    Once in the a.m., once after workout.

  • _DaniD_
    _DaniD_ Posts: 2,186 Member
    When I start to get itchy.
  • jackpotclown
    jackpotclown Posts: 3,291 Member
    When I start to get itchy.
    oh that's hawwt LOL \m/
  • Every single day, twice.
  • ACepero79
    ACepero79 Posts: 711 Member
    I usually just use the hose Matthew McConaughey style.
  • fitfreakymom
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  • Kickinkim418
    Kickinkim418 Posts: 257 Member
    enough to not stink...
  • Erica262
    Erica262 Posts: 226 Member
    I'm amazed that so many people shower 2-3 times a day. That seems so wasteful of time and resources. And the people who shower BEFORE their workouts? WTH? :huh: I shower after workouts, so 5-6 times a week.

    Ditto. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

    I didn't shower today, but I probably will after my work out tonight. If I washed my hair everyday or multiple times a day it would be like straw.
  • cgarand
    cgarand Posts: 541 Member
    Once or twice a day, depending on how dirty I get when I go out to play.
  • dawnna76
    dawnna76 Posts: 987 Member
    Everyday, at Least twice. Once in the morning, once before bed and depending on what time of day I work out I will take one then to if its a stretch before bedtime

    The bought of crawling onto bed with a days worth of filth on my body and the transferring that to my sheets :sick:
  • XXXMinnieXXX
    XXXMinnieXXX Posts: 3,461 Member
    Once or twice o'er day. I have no shower so have baths.
  • BoomstickChick
    BoomstickChick Posts: 428 Member
    Every day.
  • I shower once a day before bed.
  • TraciStivers
    TraciStivers Posts: 116 Member
    How in the hell do you have time to shower 3 times in a day?

    For real!!! I typically shower once a day unless I have been working out, gardening, etc.
  • Nikky43
    Nikky43 Posts: 34 Member
    usually morning and night..Im pre-menopuasal and I sweat so awfully during the night so I shower in the a.m. ...and I shower after a workoout which is usually at night...I try to keep them quick...but I love water!! :)
  • kaseysospacey
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    Every couple of days...I have three kids five and under and if they're asleep I'm more likely to pass out with them than shower.
  • AlongCame_Molly
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    Since I started working out, every day. Before that...whenever I felt I needed it. Every other day or so. I'm not a stinky person. :tongue: