5'4 Ladies who went from 190-145?



  • Bibianna2012
    Bibianna2012 Posts: 88 Member
    bump! great job ladies!
  • juliasays77
    juliasays77 Posts: 92 Member
    I can't wait until I have pictures to post here! I started at 202, but took "before" pictures the night before I started 30 day shred, I think was at 183-185. I'm currently at 180.5. My goal is 145.
  • JenNuma
    JenNuma Posts: 52 Member
    You ladies inspire me! Keep up the good work!
  • ShallaLovee1
    ShallaLovee1 Posts: 356 Member
    Thanks guys! Everyone is looking great! Keep up the good work!
  • emiliewright
    emiliewright Posts: 148 Member
    I was somewhere around 200 two years ago, I am 147 now.

    You can see the change in my pics, but nothing drastic.
  • Kettle_Belle14
    Kettle_Belle14 Posts: 246 Member
    My profile picture is me, currently at 135 lbs. I'm 5'4" and started out at 151. Unfortunately my 151 looked more like 175 on me b/c of the way I'm built. I went from a tight 10 to a loose 8. Now I'm just working on toning, but I'd like to stay between 130-140.
  • macandcheese5ever
    macandcheese5ever Posts: 20 Member
    I've gone from 195 to 140! If anyone wants to add me I have pictures on my bio :)

    Or maybe you can see them without adding me, I'm not sure lol
  • ekurquhart
    ekurquhart Posts: 1 Member
  • Rosplosion
    Rosplosion Posts: 739 Member
    I've done it before, I can do it again.
  • WaxMama
    WaxMama Posts: 369 Member
    Bump! So I can share my story when I get home!
  • WaxMama
    WaxMama Posts: 369 Member
    I think I've figured it out! Please bear with me, it's my first time posting pictures :ohwell:

    To the OP, congrats on your weightloss! And to those of you who have shared your pictures, you all look amazing! Keep up the great work! :drinker:

    My HW was 199 (right after giving birth). Here is a picture of me one week after my second son was born:


    Here's me when I started MFP at 190 lbs, I'm 5' 4"



    And here is me now, one year after joining MFP, at 148. I still have about 10 lbs to lose.


  • salcha76
    salcha76 Posts: 287 Member
    started at 326....started mfp at 224...now at 182...goal is 175...body lift should remove 20#ish.....
  • RacheUk82
    RacheUk82 Posts: 70 Member
    What a great thread! Congrats to all of you....

    Im 5'4, started at 215lb and now at 198, It seems so overwhelming to lose as much as some of you, but I hope to soon be posting my own pics! ;)
  • katedevall
    katedevall Posts: 240 Member
    Ok. I'm 5'6" (so I'm a bit taller). I started out around 212 ish.

    This photo is around 210ish (I don't have many fat me pictures)


    This is me a week or so ago I was at 148.8

  • tracpo
    tracpo Posts: 73 Member
    bump to be inspired by all you awesome ladies later
  • juleskitcat
    juleskitcat Posts: 35 Member
    that's me (hopefuly!)
  • juleskitcat
    juleskitcat Posts: 35 Member
    awesome pics ladies!
  • JewelSmith
    JewelSmith Posts: 155 Member
    I am a 5'4" lady and I love to come into the 5'4" threads..
  • wendyf209
    wendyf209 Posts: 3 Member
  • triciab79
    triciab79 Posts: 1,713 Member
    I hear a lot of girls who are around 200 say they are aiming at 145 and I am not sure if that is really what they want or just what they think is possible. I started out at 218 so I set my original goal at 125 but I really only thought 140 ish was possible. I thought if I could just get to 140 that would be a miracle. 140 is an accomplishment by all standards but I just want to everyone to know there is a chance you may be able to do more. When I got to 140 I was thrilled with the accomplishment but not completely happy with the result yet. Have faith, just because you are over 200 doesn't mean you cannot reach the same goals as a girl who starts at 140. :happy:

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