5'4 Ladies who went from 190-145?



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    Check my profile photos. :-)
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    Actually, I am quite pear-shaped, so my lower half tends to run larger than the average gal.

    I remember way back when I was a teenager, at 118 pounds, I was still a size 7/8. Although I know sizes have changed quite a bit since then!

    Okay, so you may very well be around a size 12 when you get to the 140's! Which you will! That's US size, not sure where you're from as your profile is locked. I've got huge hips, as I've mentioned before, and I'd also be a pear shape if I didn't have my boobs and shoulders to balance them out HAHA
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    Wow! These photos are so inspirational! I'm also 5'4 with a goal of 145. I'm 166 now, but began at 174. Just started getting serious on mfp recently. Great photos guys, and fantastic progress!
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    Bump- inspiring
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    I was 180lbs in this picture.....down 33lbs from my pregnancy. I have had 4 children, my last pregnancy being twins.

    And this picture was taken in October 2012. I was 140-142lb.... i haven't lost anymore weight. I'm really wanting to get to 130lb so we will see....I don't think with my shape my body will allow me.
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  • juleskitcat
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    WOW! That's amazing. You look so great:) I have a goal of about 130 lat's about 50 pounds away.... but who knows maybe I will change my goal when I get to 130.
    I hear a lot of girls who are around 200 say they are aiming at 145 and I am not sure if that is really what they want or just what they think is possible. I started out at 218 so I set my original goal at 125 but I really only thought 140 ish was possible. I thought if I could just get to 140 that would be a miracle. 140 is an accomplishment by all standards but I just want to everyone to know there is a chance you may be able to do more. When I got to 140 I was thrilled with the accomplishment but not completely happy with the result yet. Have faith, just because you are over 200 doesn't mean you cannot reach the same goals as a girl who starts at 140. :happy:

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    My profile picture is me, currently at 135 lbs. I'm 5'4" and started out at 151. Unfortunately my 151 looked more like 175 on me b/c of the way I'm built. I went from a tight 10 to a loose 8. Now I'm just working on toning, but I'd like to stay between 130-140.

    I'm the same- started at 151, which looked like 175 (all belly). Now at 142, hoping to lose another 15-20.
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    You look amazing!
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    <~~ 5'4 mother to four and started in the 190's!
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    I started with MFP last July at my HW of 183. I'm sitting at 150 now, and would like to hit 145. Love seeing all the posts of people with a similar journey!


    Here is from a week or so ago, about 152.


    I was wearing size 16 capris in the first picture. The dress in the second is a size 8. :) And I am feeling sexy in it!
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    amazingg!!! but wat did u do to the stretch marks???? im worried abt stretch marks nw:sad: :sad: :sad:
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    :smile: Thank you! you are an inspiration! Keep going!
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    Bump - some of these results are fab, and gives me inspiration - thank you all :)
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    :smile: Wow! You look great. You don't look like the same person! I will think again about my goal weight. Thank you!!
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    :smile: Amazing!
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    I'm 5'4, but genuinely don't know weight (living in someone else's flat in Russia, no scales, long story...) but I wear UK size 16. Started with MFP just over 2 weeks ago, and 30DS a couple of days after that. I'd like to get down to a size 10, but don't know if that'll be possible - I went straight from kids' sizes to size 12, so have never worn 10!
    Anyway, I'll post pics when I've finished 30DS, hopefully I'll see some progress.
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    I started at 203 two weeks ago. This morning I weighed in at 192! My size 14 pants are getting super loose and my DDDs have definitely gone down! No pics...I'm too shy for that still :(
    I am hoping to get down to 150 lbs before my wedding in a year and a half! I am just a hair shy of 5'4.

    These pics have been really inspirational, ladies!