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  • MadameOvaries
    I must confess; I torture myself with guilt. Yesterday I ate a burger from McDonalds. Even in the drive through I felt guilty. Then later, I ate a piece of cheesecake. I then skipped dinner. I think it's bad that I did that too. I ended up under my calories, but I felt like throwing up out of guilt. Then I felt guilty for feeling guilty. Yuck! Plus I promised myself a cheat meal of pizza on Saturday, now I won't enjoy that as much. But I guess one has to keep going and trying my best to forgive. The problem is I just started this like a week and a half ago. Why is it soooo hard? I have been sad since I stopped relying on food to make me happy. How long will that last?
  • Koholint
    Koholint Posts: 104 Member
    To the OP: I'm terribly jealous of that banana peanut butter cream whoopie pie. (:

    I grew up in "whoopie pie country" and they just don't have them here like they do in my hometown...

    My minor confession is that I'm having 2 slices of homemade mushroom/bacon pizza tonight with a hard lemonade tea. "Healthy" dinner, oh yes. Even better, it squeezes into my calories for today. So looking forward to it!
  • brillmer
    brillmer Posts: 1,268 Member
    I bake.

    And then eat too much of whatever it is I baked.

    Last week - Smores Brownies (graham cracker crumb crust, brownie batter, marshmallows, gram cracker)


    2 weeks ago - Chocolate ganache tart in a cookie crumb crust,

    i wish i didnt have such a passion for it .. lol
  • ilmb87
    ilmb87 Posts: 216 Member
    I most certainly will be binging on deep dish cheese pizza and chips tonight. :smile: Bring on the water retention!~
  • LeeshLove
    LeeshLove Posts: 197
    Last night I may or maynot have had 5 glasses of wine. None of which got logged!
  • wadair
    wadair Posts: 31
    My confession is that I was hoping that this thread was about sex. Lol. I can't help it. : )
  • MSeel1984
    MSeel1984 Posts: 2,297 Member
    In the past 5 days I consumed:

    2 mini kit kat bars
    5-6 chocolate graham crackers
    4 Tbsp chocolate chips
    3 squares of milk chocolate
    3 6-8 oz glasses of red wine
    8+ tablespoons of peanut butter
    3 squares of hershey's special dark chocolate.

    I feel like chocolate is a theme here.
  • MSeel1984
    MSeel1984 Posts: 2,297 Member
    Last night I may or maynot have had 5 glasses of wine. None of which got logged!

    MMMmmmm. Large glass of Menage a trois waiting for me at home tonight. TGIF baby.
  • meadow_sage
    meadow_sage Posts: 308 Member
    Was running late yesterday and today and instead of having my usual Kashi Go Lean crunch with Almond milk...yesterday was McDonald's but I did have the egg white delight (not that bad) with a hash brown. Today the line at McDonald's was too long so I stopped at BK instead and well over 600 calories later, ugh. Yesterday, I still manage to stay under my calories (with my exercise) but today that's just not going to happen :( But it won't be that bad.
  • vkc1978
    vkc1978 Posts: 63 Member
    Forgive me MFP, for i have sinned.

    I had a glass of wine last night while watching Jack Reacher. I am not ashamed.
  • Barbsunshine
    Barbsunshine Posts: 398
    The soft ice cream place just opened back up for the season... I couldn't pass up a large vanilla with hot fudge sauce the other day!
  • MadameOvaries
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,299 Member
    Hmm, well, I had a diet coke and bacon on Wednesday.
  • atb0821
    atb0821 Posts: 458 Member
    I keep making "healthy" desserts from places like Skinnytaste and Chocolate Covered Katie, then I eat 5-10 servings of what I made. It then ceases to be healthy.
  • rosehippy77
    rosehippy77 Posts: 54 Member
    I love this thread and also the superb timing of it!
    It's Friday night, so once a month when payday has come round again, we get a takeaway. Good ol' British deep fried fish and chips with a slice of cheesecake for desert, followed by one oreo double cream cookie (of which I just consumed since reading through this thread) :ohwell:
    I went straight from logging it in my diary (after much deliberation and googling for the calorie count) to this thread!
    I naturally opted for the listing in the database with the lowest calorie count for the fish and chips :laugh:
    I am still at a 500 cal deficit from TDEE for the day, the confession part is that I'm supposed to be Gluten and dairy free as I'm intolerant, that was quite possibly the worst meal I could have eaten. I will be doubled over with hideous abdominal cramps in the morning. I know better, but I ate it all anyway :blushing: :ohwell:
  • ScarletFyre
    ScarletFyre Posts: 754 Member
    Nice idea!!

    I had an egg sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich for breakfast instead of my Shakeology, then skipped lunch completely (not to make up for the bad breakfast, simply a 2nd bad choice).

    I did log it though! :wink:

    My brother has a gig at a local bar, Saturday, so I may back on this thread Sunday .......
  • pammee44
    pammee44 Posts: 49 Member
    I had a medium strawberry lemonade from Wendys for lunch instead of my ice tea or water. That's the worst i've had today...wait till tonight though, i may be back here tomorrow.
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,775 Member
    Forgive me MFP, for i have sinned.

    I had a glass of wine last night while watching Jack Reacher. I am not ashamed.

    Was Jack any good? (I despise Tom Cruise, but I'm always game for a good flick.)
  • IMD918
    IMD918 Posts: 49

    I have been on a cutting cycle since 02/20/13. I have not yet reached my goal weight, and I'm actually at a bit of a plateau. I'm absolutely dying to switch back to bulking early before I reach my goal, simply because I miss eating at a surplus and enjoying unhealthy food more often. It is getting harder every day, and I might break soon.
  • pobalita
    pobalita Posts: 741 Member
    I have sinned! I confess.

    I just came back on Tuesday from a 10 day trip to an all-inclusive resort to Mexico. I ate at least 3,000 calories in greasy beach food every day and probably drank another 2,000 or so in alcoholic drinks. To make matters worse, I took Alli the whole time to minimize the weight gain. Yes, I had the dreaded side effects, but I only gained two pounds.

    Vacation is over though, and I'm back to counting calories and eating a healthy diet and exerscising.