Accents: Which make you melt and which drive you mad?



  • kylamaries
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    Scottish (no matter the region) accents get me every stinking time, however I used to love British accents and now I can't stand them! I guess Brits have a choppy way of speaking and it makes my head hurt after awhile :flowerforyou:

    Scotland is one of the countries in Britain.

    Ahh thank you, I corrected it now! I meant English accents, if that's the correct term.
  • RoseTears143
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    Italian and Australian accents drive me wild, a nice southern accent does the trick too
  • kr1stadee
    kr1stadee Posts: 1,774 Member
    Aussie and English accents make me melt.

    Newfoundland/Cape Breton (where I'm from .. the outer edges of the city - New Waterford, Glace Bay.) UGH I haaaaaaate hearing someone say "bax" instead of "box" ...
  • Ed Sheeran....That is all :love:
  • Hellbent_Heidi
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    English, Irish, Scottish or Aussie :love:

    I really dislike the Southern twang, even though I find Southern people to be very charming and hospitable...

    After 10+ years working in French companies the French accent makes me want to kick puppies :ohwell:
  • laurenz2501
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    Make me melt: English, Irish, New York/North Jersey, Southern (US)

    Not-so-much: Asian, Indian/Middle Eastern, Boston, Canadian
  • PBsMommy
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    I love the Irish and Scottish accents. I kinda like the English accent. They have some words that are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    I guess a lot of people's voices get on my nerves.

    Against popular demand, I can not stand Aussie accents.

    My hubby's family is from Vermont, It's not so much as there accent that drives me nuts, it's how they say certain things. Of course I am sure I say things in a way that drives them insane as well.

    I also can not stand the middle eastern accents. I have a hard time understanding them.

    I also can not stand people who talk through their nose. This is the worse of all. All other "accents" I can deal with. However, nasal talkers make me Hulk out and stab people with plastic sporks.
  • ScatteredThoughts
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    Different accents are interesting to hear, but there are not any in particular which make me melt. As long as the answer is Yes, and I can understand it, then we are all good. :wink:
  • MsEmmy
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    Welsh accent is awesome.

    I'd have to disagree! The Welsh accent makes me cringe! Well, the South Wales accent anyway, especially when I hear my own voice! :p North Wales is just creepy and haunting, to listen to lol. I like southern American accents, their pretty darn cool.

    South Wales accent is great! I lived in Swansea for four years and now can't even say the word 'Swansea' without coming over all Welsh. I have relatives in Swansea/ Cardiff/ Ogmore so the accent is very welcoming to me. Now North Wales type accents? - sorry for anyone here from that area but it sounds to me like people are choking!

    I would say my accent is definitely northern English ( I have a 'bath' not a 'barf') but to people east of Manchester I apparently sound a bit scouse. Oh dear.

    I love most accents but can take a dislike to the loud variety of Londoners (both cockney style and hooray Henry.) Using a 'w' sound for an 'l' will always sound wrong - like the word 'well' coming out as 'wew'. And a 'u' sound being pronounced as an 'a' (duck becoming dack) Weird :)

    My husband is from Yorkshire (Leeds) and his accent is nice, but I'm not a massive fan of the Hull accent.
  • MsEmmy
    MsEmmy Posts: 254 Member
    Different accents are interesting to hear, but there are not any in particular which make me melt. As long as the answer is Yes, and I can understand it, then we are all good. :wink:

  • danamariers
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    Scottish/Irish accents make me melt - Swedish/Nordic accents not so much
  • Lupercalia
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    Not that they make me "melt" but glaswegian accents are fantastic, not sexy but great to listen to.

    Yay for Glaswegian accents! :happy:

    Totally agree about the Glasgow Patter.

    I personally adore Italian accents, and a number of Spanish accents as well. Russians are kinda sexy, too. :drinker:
  • laurenz2501
    laurenz2501 Posts: 839 Member
    I had an Irish teacher once and we always made him say 33 ("dirty tree")

    We did the same thing with one of my English friends! He would say "Mahzda Tree" for Mazda 3 :laugh: So cute :heart:
  • tattygun
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    Girls with a Scottish or Irish accent, really got into the Californian accent lately too :love:

    Can't stand the Welsh or Birmingham accent
  • Behxo
    Behxo Posts: 1,190 Member
    Aussie & British :P
    as for one that annoys me? I'm not sure
  • jacey12300
    jacey12300 Posts: 18 Member
    Irish accents make me weak at the knees!!!! I literally melt ha! As for driving mad...I've gotta say liverpool (Part of UK) Sorry to any liverpudlian's out there!!
  • Sqeekyjojo
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    It's got to be Southern Irish or Australian .

    Being a Geordie myself, the Mackem accent has to be the worst. To all you not from the North East of England, we probably all sound the same, but there is a definite difference and it is very annoying to hear Mackems being portrayed as Geordies.

    I'm learning.

    Just need a nice Shields lad to practice with.....
  • onedayatatime12
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    Enrique Iglesias has a sexy Spanish accent... Uhmm no accents drive me mad; they just crack me up sometimes :bigsmile:
    I honestly think it has more to do with the huskiness of a guy's voice for me more than it does with his accent. I know a guy who has SUCH a masculine, husky voice, and when he's sleepy.. oh *kitten*... xD
  • CarlKRobbo
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    Ladies with an Irish accent, probably my biggest weakness along with singers...Happen to have a "SLIGHT" crush on a girl I know who is Irish, and one of the best singers I've heard! :blushing:

    The Geordie accent..

    Scouse (Liverpool) accent, providing it's not a pure "scally" (Thick) one.

    Not a fan of Birmingham, or Cockney(London) accents.

    Certain American accents (more based on a few actresses I like more than anything else).

    We have a few Canadian staff in our place that I could happily listen to all day as well.

    (I work in a International company, and have travelled most of the UK, How I know most of these!)

    I've been told I have a slight "South African\, sometimes New Zealand\Australian" Twang to mine now, no idea how, think it's just the mandatory adaptation I had to do to be understood up in Liverpool
  • Fiercely_Me
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    Spanish and Italian