The Best I've Ever Felt (Pictures)



  • teddabod
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    Jess, amazing! Congrats!
  • nurse_ratty
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    Amazing! That's all I can say. A real inspiration!
  • Luvmykurvs
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    Thank you for your story:) I wish I had your motivation when I was 21. Now I'm almost 41 and looking for just helped:)
  • suecan2
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    I read several success stories today.. oh so proud of all. but had to comment on 2 of them that really are really inspirational and you are one of them. NICE JOB! you are an awesome person, and going to be sooooooooooo successful. you have so much going for you!
  • zombiemomjo
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    Stunning. Absolutely beautiful before AND after! Wonderfully inspirational! And you are so right. This is a life change, and no life can be lived in constant deprivation. Congratulations on such amazing success!! :drinker:
  • ami5000psu
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    Congrats on all of your success! You look happy and fit and like you could take on anything that comes your way!
  • earvizu92
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    Well said and looking fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! :flowerforyou:
  • I love seeing everyone's before and after pictures, so inspirational. You look amazing!
  • aliciaje
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    Awesome you look gorgeous!!! Love that you are on Sulphur Mountain in the first pic :)
  • dagwood4
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    Awesome job! Truly motivational!!!
  • daterminedfatburnerX
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    you look bangin girl :D
  • sherisse69
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  • keyariloses
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    wonderful! Definitely an inspiration!
  • Fitfully_me
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    What am amazing transformation!!! Congratulations on your success!
  • Gorgeous before AND after!
  • YaGigi
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    You look absolutely gorgeous!
  • Seefylol
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    Great job dudette :)
  • Phaedra2014
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    Congratulations! What workouts got you lose 166lbs in a year?
  • nycnettie
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    How did you stay motivated? I always fall off the wagon after a week or so.
  • WOW! You look great! Amazing job, and wonderful future you're looking at!! Healthy, strong, and able to make the choices you WANT to make to LIVE your life!! Congrats!