5ft 1' people come here.



  • cgphelps24
    cgphelps24 Posts: 122 Member
    I am 5ft 1"

    sw 225
    cw 201
    gw 125
  • KittyViolet
    KittyViolet Posts: 220 Member
    Fun-sized fittie over here!

    Starting weight: 160 lbs
    Current weight: 110 lbs

    I lost it all in 1 year, and have been working on building muscle and burning excess fat since this past January. Hoping to increase my mass by another 5 lbs of muscle this year.
  • JumpingDog
    JumpingDog Posts: 125 Member
    I am 5'0"

    SW: 163
    CW: 122
    GW: ~20% body fat, maybe 113 lbs?
  • sslopez24
    sslopez24 Posts: 110 Member
    I'm 5'1" and currently weight 176.

    I am also 5'1" and currently weigh 176. I am almost 40 and hoping to get too 150 before I turn!!:smile:
  • xDawnsgrace
    xDawnsgrace Posts: 436
    5'1" and 110 lbs.
  • jack1925
    jack1925 Posts: 186 Member
    4'10.5", 26 years old, female.
    SW: 269 (3/1/2010)
    CW: 200.4
    GW: 120- 125 (summer of 2014 *hopefully*)
  • ApocalypticFae
    ApocalypticFae Posts: 217 Member
    Petite frame, 5'1", current weight is 100 lbs. Only 3 more pounds to go until I am at my perfect weight.
  • PikaKnight
    PikaKnight Posts: 34,972 Member
    SW: 245lbs
    CW: 179lbs

    1st Goal: 20% body fat
    Possible ultimate goal - 18% body fat

    I expect my end weight by the time I hit 18-20% will be 115-140lbs since I focus on lifting.
  • melham
    melham Posts: 233 Member
    5'1", 40 y.o., currently 104.5. Looking to burn some more fat but not necessarily lose more weight. I'd be okay down to 100, but that's not a goal per se. My highest weight was 126. Ugh. I was at 101 on my wedding day two-ish years ago, with a body fat of about 18%. I felt bulletproof. Gained back to 116. Again, ugh. So now I'm fighting the weight vs. body fat monster. Can I get a third ugh??? For what it's worth, I've gone from 113 on 5/15/13 to 104.5 today. Move and track calories and you will get results.
  • VpinkLotus
    VpinkLotus Posts: 849 Member
    Me! I'm 5' 1" !!! I am at 127 lbs currently. Had my third baby 16 months ago and I was 140 lbs when I GOT pregnant.. My goal is 120 but I don't know if my body wants to let it go. Can't seem to get much lower than this.
  • Lillyloooo
    Lillyloooo Posts: 174 Member
    4ft 11
  • I am 5 foot and a half inch, and I currently weigh 140, which is more than I like, I would like to be 118.
  • lcast89
    lcast89 Posts: 43 Member
    I'm 5'1 and weigh 145.My GW is120.