My story: 113 lost



  • MoJoPoe
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    You look fabulous! I do miss the smile from your before picture though. :love:
  • michellelilly68
    :smile: Wow! What an inspiration you are! Way to go!
    okay, here it goes...

    My story:

    I was 29 years old and I was almost 300 pounds (295). I had sleep apnea, chest pains, blurred vision, hypertension, shortness in breath, (pre?)-diabetes, what may have been early signs of a heart attack! I was in major denial of my health, I would keep telling myself I just took bad pictures and that I was still in okay shape. I hadn’t weighed myself in years and I would even sometimes avoid looking in mirrors. I even talked myself into believing some of my health problems were due to old age (remember, only 29, lol) or lack of sleep, not weight related. Denial is crazy, yo.

    What changed? A random family ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge for 20 bucks made me weigh myself. That challenge made me realize just how far I’d gone from what I wanted to be. Also, several family/friends had lost 30+ pounds, so that was a big encouragement to me.

    I lost the weight by simply tracking calories and eating more fruits and vegetables (200 calories of carrots/celery will fill me up much more than 200 calories of bread). I wish I could tell you more of a trick, but really, that's it. I did *try* several other diet plans for a week (juicing, Special K, Slim Fast). They didn’t have any staying power.




    In 293 days, I went from wearing 42 and 44 waist pants to 32s and 34s. My BP is down to 89/68. I got rid of my CPAP machine. My weight is now 182. I no longer have headaches or chest pains. Basically all my medical problems went away. I *feel* my (pre)diabetes is under control, but still need to get the test. *fingers crossed*

    I hope to lose the last ten(ish) pounds and keep them off through accountability instead of denial. I’m hoping posting my embarrassing story will help me never go back and to see how far I've come!
  • mahanaibu
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    I an so thrilled that you had the wisdom to turn things around while you are still very young. Your story brings tears to my eyes, and your, your weight loss has allowed your natural great looks to come out.
  • fufi04
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    You're Awesome! Congrats! :drinker:
  • rowanwood
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  • itsanatalia
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    You look AMAZING! Congratulations on all your hard work and your plan to keep it going. Thank you for sharing!
  • EyeOTS
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    You are an inspiration! Watching you shrink away physically while expanding in positive sense of self has been amazing. And I'm not just saying that because i'm your mother...

    'Momily' was one of my main inspirations. 60 pounds kept off!

    And thank you all again for your kind comments.
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    WELL DONE!!!!
  • jeslaughter
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    Great job and so quickly too, good for you!!
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    You look great. Such an inspiration!!! ::bigsmile:
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    Congratulations! You've come so far! Keep it up, you'll shed those last 10 pounds in no time. :)
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    So encouraging! I'm currently mostly just tracking calories. So great to see it works. :happy:
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    looking good , congrats to you!
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    This is awesome. Congratulations!
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    Afrigginmazing! What a transformation! Congrats!
  • TriShamelessly
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    Fantastic story! Way to take control of your life and your health. Best wishes for continued success!
  • Anewcrys
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    Wonderful job!!!
  • angelasmithhenderson
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    congratulations for taking charge of your life and health! that is awesome
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    Congratulations! You look great!
  • freggiegirl
    Super job, man - good on you! You look fantastic!
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