Annoying things your pet does..



  • Yanicka1
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    Cats playing with the ropes when doing bondage
  • AmyZ46
    AmyZ46 Posts: 694 Member
    My dog (13 y/o lab ) barks at 3 am and pretends to need to go out .....only on my 3 weeks home . Never wakes my husband up while I'm at work ?

    Then when she gets out side she wants to play ? If I don't let her out she will cry and just stare at pitiful . It's aweful in the winter.....
  • SwitzEngine
    SwitzEngine Posts: 3,418 Member
    like lying on her back.

    70kg st.bernhard puppy
  • jess6742
    jess6742 Posts: 146
    My kitten likes to lick my eye lids and knead my face. I think it's supposed to be a sign of affection but it hurts like crazy! And she normally does it at 5am.
  • tlou5
    tlou5 Posts: 497 Member
    Eats all the apples that fall from the crab apple tree and proceeds to get the world's stenchiest gas.....words can not describe the sheer awfulness UGH
  • chelseascounter
    chelseascounter Posts: 1,283 Member
    Growling at me when I try to pet or pick her up when she's around her 'mother.' She doesn't growl at me when we're alone.
  • michael1976_ca
    michael1976_ca Posts: 3,488 Member
    start the dog use to eat cat turd but know the just niff each others butt and all the cats butts

    one of the horn dog keeps trying to make out with one cat i don't see why. he doesn't try with any of the other cats just the one

    my cats are awesome
  • Joreanasaurous
    Joreanasaurous Posts: 1,384 Member
    My dog sleeps under my be at night. Every night I fall asleep to what sounds like a porn going on under there. He moans, he groans, he licks, he growls, he slurps.
  • grimm1974
    grimm1974 Posts: 337 Member
    <---- Licks constantly. It has gotten to the point where I just yell "Dude!". He sighs and stops.
  • jenlarz
    jenlarz Posts: 813 Member
    My lovely girl is an outdoor dog and loves to bring back whatever critter she can. She leaves her gifts in the yard. Some of these are freshly killed and others have obviously deceased for some time.
  • MercenaryNoetic26
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    Duchess the annoying chihuahua has chewed up several of my VSX bras. I'm wearing one now with littles holes in it. She likes to lick her *kitten* right in front of me and I always yell at her for that. She's all bark and no bite. She is my 11yr olds BFF, so I deal with her stanky *kitten*.
  • xaMErica
    xaMErica Posts: 284 Member
    I've got a 16 lb 'Meagle'.... -_-
    My fiancée and I have one car so I have to pick him from work at 10:30 at night and go to work at 5 am.. so I sleep during the day a lot. My dog doesn't like it... so she pounces me while I try to sleep. And she gets right in my face and sniffs at me...

    She also barks like she is being MURDERED when any one new comes into the house.

    She destroys EVERY squeak toy we have gotten her.. (Except one from Petsmart, a little green toy that is supposed to squeak even when punctured)

    She tries to hold me up or make sure I'm not dying when I'm doing crunches or pushups..

    She decorates the house with stuffing from toys, pillows, or blankets..

    She destroys all of my thong underwear...

    She eats the eyes off of my nephews toys..

    She poops in the house when we leave.. even if its hardly anything she does it out of spite.

    She sure is special <3
  • bloominheck
    bloominheck Posts: 869 Member
    <----jumps on my back :ohwell:
  • jboccio90
    jboccio90 Posts: 644 Member
    My cats hunt lizard and leave half eaten bodies all over the kitchen floor.... real appetite killer.
  • krazyforyou
    krazyforyou Posts: 1,428 Member
    My cat Sparkles loves to wait until my 4AM pee run and comes running downn the hall to attack my feet. Gonna break something one day. She also loves to wake me at 6AM to let me know her food bowl is enpty.
  • apeyton13
    apeyton13 Posts: 4 Member
    Try a front leader. My dog is an 85 pound rescue- brindle boy, dane body, pitbull stock- and I walk him on a front leader. Any time he tries to pull, he gets turned around. It's helped a lot.
  • choijanro
    choijanro Posts: 754 Member
    My dogs always Jumping on me and running :happy:
  • Orfygirl
    Orfygirl Posts: 274 Member
    My cat Mittens likes to play fetch with us. He LOVES that cat toy ball with the bells in them. They have to be the ones with the slits in them, preferably pink I think he can see the bright colors better, Mittens picks the ball up with his teeth, brings it back to me and waits for me to throw it again. The best part is when he is carrying the ball around the house and he thinks he needs everyone's attention, he starts crying with the ball in his mouth.

    Mittens also likes to lay on anything from a piece of paper to my husband's foot. I will find him sleeping on shoes and wonder how that could be comfortable.

    Mittens likes to attack feet. He will start off coming up to you, stepping on your foot and then cry at you. He will wait for you to do it back and if you don't he will sneak up on you and attack your feet when you are not paying attention.

    Mittens favorite snack is BBQ potato chips. He likes them so much that he knows the sound of the bag being opened and come running whenever he hears it or anything that sounds like a chip bag being opened. It is funny to watch because he will come out of a deep sleep, snoring and all, and come running if someone opens a chip bag.
  • Nishi2013
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    This is the BEST thread ever. We need more fun positive threads like this one.

    Oh where do I start? Do not scratch my male dog behind the ears or on his chest. He wont let you stop. He will grab hold of your hand with his front paws and drag your hand all the way down to his pee pee. He loves being scratched down there, the pervert yhat he is.

    My female dog is my husbands wh@re. She will lie on his lap and moan and groan and sigh in a very sexy canine way. ;-)
  • onwarddownward
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    The only thing poor Harmony does is shed, but that's ok. She's a love.