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    I have absolutely no morality when it comes to drinking. I mean this, if not for the calories and just flat out gut alcohol gives me- I would probably be intoxicated all the time. That being said I simply count the calories on my diet or use it exercise calories net.

    If that's true, you need some serious help. Not to mention this is the dumbest **** I have ever heard. When you consume alcohol, your body completely shuts down the fat burning process, and only burns alcohol until it's gone. It also ceases ALL protein synthesis, so if you drink after exercising or lifting, it makes your workout effort a complete waste of F*&king time.

    Um.... no. :noway:
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    I am also a binge drinker...if I don't stop after one drink then I'm not stopping. I will stay up drinking all night wake up and party the next night too! I actually got into some trouble a few months back and quit drinking for 2 months. That's when I lost most of my weight. Memorial weekend came and now I go out almost every weekend... My weight loss has slowed A LOT because of too much beer, and then it leads me to food. Hangovers lead me to Mexican food or anything unhealthy really. I am also thinking I need to give it up. Last weekend I went out and ordered virgin bloody Mary's I think I'll stick to doing this for a while. Good luck on your journey
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    Beat cancer 10 years ago, vowed if I got through it alive, I would give up alcohol for good.
    I was never a big drinker, and really enjoyed a cold beer on a hot day.
    Beat cancer a second time, and still kept my promise, alcohol free and cancer free . . . 10 years strong !

    You are amazing! Way to beat cancer and keeping your promise to yourself! Nicely done!
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    I gave it up. Too many calories and it seems like just one is never enough. Until I hit my goal, I will only be having a drink on special occasions.
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    I haven't had a drink since 2006 at all. I found it very easy to do partly because it gave me up and not the other way around. I have not said I am not going to drink again I just have not had one. My friends and I meet regularly and they get tipsy, they do not put me under pressure to drink and I still have a great time. I have discovered how to relax without the alcohol and believe me it is so much better. One lady approached our group one night after I had been laughing all evening to say "i must have one of what you are having" and was deeply shocked that it was just tonic water. It gets my full vote as worth doing.
    Please feel free to add me if I can be of some support to you
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    I'm giving up alcohol to lose weight! I don't eat a ton, but when I drink I binge eat and one night CAN throw off my whole week (or two weeks) of weight loss.

    I haven't read the whole thread, but if anyone wants to add me to try to try to kick this habit, I'd love the support and motivation!

    Exactly the same, but due to job stresses this ended up being a daily thing. I have been dieting on here properly for 2 weeks now, and have had 2 beers last weekend when I was at a wedding reception but that was all. In those two weeks I have lost over 13lbs, and feel so much less bloated.
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    This article talks about beer, and refers to beer as "liquid bread".

    This page talks about alcohol on Paleo.

    Best Wishes!
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    hi ive gone nesrly two weeks without alcohol, i normally drink once a week but binge drink and pay for it for days on end and my fitness and eating go out the window!!!
    my family and friends are always drinking at social events or on weekend
    has anyone else given up alchol? was it hard

    please share your experiences with me thank you

    Well done!
    I haven't had anything to drink since 2002. I was never an alcoholic but I probably was on the road to eventual alcoholism. I gave up alcohol following the death of an older sibling when he got behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink. I made a decision then to give it up and haven't ever looked back. I much prefer the clarity and calm from not having alcohol in my system.

    At social gatherings where other people are drinking I just have a low cal non-alcoholic drink like coke zero. It hasn't ever been a big deal. I wish you all the very best with giving alcohol a wide berth. You'll feel better and its a choice that will support your weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle.
    kind regards,

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    It's been one month today and yeah, it's hard. But every day it's a little easier. I'm enjoying my Bucklers N/A, some fruity N/A drinks here and there, and the knowledge that each time I thank god for the strength of getting through another craving, I'm a little further down the line. I didn't join AA or anything, but a lot of people find that helps, too.
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    I am 25 days sober :) I also binged but twice a week. And as with your any diet plans go out the window. So I sobered up (not bc of the diet but bc of other things) and i find it quite easy! once you get a couple of weeks under your belt you feel so proud. Dont forget to brag and get your high fives, that helps a great deal, too! I put on FB almost every day "22 days sober" "23 days sober" and so on and the response if very encouraging! Good luck to you. Add me if you need and we can be sober and skinny together!

    High five!
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    I wish we could stop, it's an everyday thing at our house. Drink from 6-10 then dinner then bed - just working wonders for our waistlines. I think we may have gotten to the end of the rope though, my liver hurts and DH feels like crap all of the time.

    For those of you who quit completely did you pick a day - say June 1 and decided you would quit then or did you just wake up one morning feeling horrible and said "this is the day"?

    And any suggestions for the hours from 6-8? I will exercise but DH won't. (physicially demanding job) I would like something we can do together.

    I woke up disgusted with myself and quit. To cover those evening tough times, I brewed a big pitcher of caffeine free tea, infused it with strawberries, and sweetened it with agave. Very few calories, and I served it in a fancy glass so it felt like a drink. I also did the same with some sparkling v8 and Oogave soda. Lately I've been enjoying some N/A beers, too.
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    I was never a heavy drinker, but a couple of years ago I became close with a really good bartender and she would make my SO and I customized drinks and not charge us much. That was a difficult thing to turn down!

    When I got serious with my health and fitness, I started writing down everything I eat and drink. Not only was I floored by how much calories my favorite cocktails contained, but I noticed a pattern. Drinking alcohol sets me up for bad eating afterwards and the next day. After a night of drinking we would go grab something quick to eat, then I go home to sleep. That might be fine in your early 20's once in a while, but I was well into my 30's. The weight started packing on and quickly! I was also getting tired of the bloating and how it made me feel afterwards.

    I started researching on the science behind drinking alcohol and the effects on weight loss. Between learning about the high calories, then it's effects on fat loss I asked myself is it really worth it?

    So I went cold turkey in January from all alcohol and I found it really helped me reach my goals. I didn't say I would never drink again, but until I reached my goal I was going to stop. I have had one drink in May on vacation, but that's it. I thought I would get back to drinking this summer, but I honestly don't desire it anymore.

    Once I stopped I dropped a lot of water weight in a short amount of time and it seems to accelerate better eating habits which helped me to become healthier.

    It was weird at first drinking green tea at a sports bar (lol), but I think to myself I'm drinking ZERO calories while my friends are plowing down multiple 200+ calorie martinis.

    I have a couple of important weddings to attend over the next few weeks which are both open bar. I'm not looking forward to comments on why I am drinking water and alcohol not at all but I'm ready for the comments. Not only that it will be the first time many people have seen me as a smaller person so I have to get ready for those comments too.

    So cutting out drinking may not work for everyone, but it really worked for my body.
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    Drinking absolutely throws off my diet and exercise for 1-5 days, depending on whether I was binge drinking and got smashed. I also have months of fitness photos to look back through and I can clearly see in which photos I was hung over. My face is so bloated! For me, actually seeing the bloated face against a regular picture of my face is huge motivation. Even with all of this information I am still not able to completely give it up.

    Tonight I am throwing away my wine glasses! I had previously gotten rid of the huge goblets but even my small glasses hold too much wine! (logging with MFP has shown me that!)
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    Good thread.

    I am like a lot here, I go on a weekend bender and for two weeks, I am trying to make up for the weekend by exercising and watching what I eat. Two days can undo what I worked for in two weeks, I like beer, but it is bad news when you pound them back with your drinking buddies.
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    I used 2 be a binge drinker & drank every day & never gained weight because of it but that was quiet a few yrs ago... I notice now if I drink I do gain weight so I tend 2 drink less... If I plan on having some drinks with friends I do an extra workout 2 make up 4 it...
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    I quite drinking, its been a while, 19years, if I can lend a hand to anyone, let me know
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    I probably drink twice a year, got really bored of it - it serves no purpose in my life lol.
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    I gave up alcohol and i'm 4.5 months sober with the grace of God. Its the hardest thing i have ever done besides weight loss
  • lambchoplewis
    I tossed out all the wine last night. I had gone alcohol free for a year and in May - started drinking. I have put back on 10 lbs and need to STOP. I cannot just have one - I drink and eat and now gained 10 lbs. I am back on plan.

    I maintained for 8 months and am pissed at myself for giving up. I used to weigh myself, log food and read inspirations on MFP. I am back!!

    At least I stopped at 10 lbs - now I am looking forward to weighing and losing.
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    Hardest thing ever! I love to party