How many calories did you eat yesterday?



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    the reason why most of you will stay fat ****s is you eat too low calories and you are perpetually die e ting...*kitten*

    /\/\/\ Douche Alert /\/\/\

    I think so. Wow I'd love to see how I'd stay fat when I am past goal weight & weigh in at 128. BUt then I lost all my fattieness by eating lower anyway.

    What a douche
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    1197 Calories Today
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    1301 yesterday.
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    Wed - 2094!
    had earned 790 in exercise. :)
  • 2301. For those that want details, it was 471 over my goal, as I've been experimenting with eating extra to start losing more slowly.
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    I'm just curious as to how many calories MFP members ate on a random Tuesday (or Wednesday for those on the other side of the pond). No judgments, no explanation required, no "but I netted ____" - we won't know if it was your fasting day, your cheat day, if you ran a marathon or if it was just a normal day so please be honest. I'll start:

    I ate 1,418 calories yesterday.

    1245 :)
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    On Tuesday I are 1736, which left me 91 calories below goal. I usually clock in around 1600-1800; the past two days I've been sick and couldn't eat much so I came in around 1300, which is a downer.
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    Over goal as I got my mitts on some dairy milk Oreo chocolate.......nom.
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    Yesterday I ate 1108 calories, but netted 822 after exercise.

    Today I am at 524 net, but going out for drinks shortly.

    Day before yesterday it was 1043, 998 net.
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    3500-3800 yesterday
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    1264. But I went out to dinner and had to do my best to estimate how much I ate. Yesterday was an odd day for me, just a very late breakfast and then dinner & dessert.