What are YOU eating for breakfast?



  • kittycatmeowmeow
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    Today I had a low fat Danone yoghurt and two kiwi fruit :)
  • marleniap
    marleniap Posts: 120 Member
    I don't usually eat breakfast. I don't have sense enough to stop eating all day. I have got to learn some self control.
  • softballislife7
    softballislife7 Posts: 36 Member
    yogurt with berries :D
  • Special K with soy milk, honey and cinnamon and a Green tea with lemon :) (334 cals) yUM
  • 5 eggs, bulgarian feta, half pound of handmade breakfast sausage
  • brookebelynda
    brookebelynda Posts: 1 Member
    Uncle Tobys Oats - Quick Sachet Original, 34 g (129cal) with 125ml of Paul's low fat trim milk. (and two raw sugars)

    And a cup of tea with Paul's low fat trim milk with two raw sugars.

    All up about 263 cal and it keeps me going until around 1pm when I have lunch.
  • ShadeyC
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    I've created a delicious recipe I've dubbed "Breakfast Explosion" that is a delicious and quick way to eat breakfast every morning, especially when I don't feel like I have time to make anything before work.

    It consists of:

    10 large eggs
    5 strips of bacon
    3 sausage patties
    1.5 cups of cheese
    2 cups of spinach
    half a chopped onion
    a tablespoon of flour
    1 oz cream
    lots of butter

    Cook the sausage and bacon and spinach. Beat eggs, cream, and flour together.
    Combine ingredients.
    Bake and cut into 5 servings.

    This has been my breakfast lately.

    OMG I'm coming over for breakfast
  • HRLaurie614
    HRLaurie614 Posts: 260 Member
    I've been varying it up...


    Microwaved southwest egg beaters with pepper jack cheese on a bagel thin...

    Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat

    Mixture of Corn Flakes and Puffed Kamut with Almond Milk
  • alexomahony71
    alexomahony71 Posts: 13 Member
    75g porridge 100ml semi skimmed milk
  • My friend refers to this as my breakfast vomit bowl:
    30g fiber one original bran cereal
    20g reduced sugar craisins
    1 pot dannon light and fit greek yogurt in some fruit flavor
    Mix and eat!
    I also have 3 hard boiled egg whites on the side!
  • MrsFowler1069
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    I've just discovered FARINA! It keeps me full forever!
    I'll do 3 tbls in a cup of water sometimes I take and american cheese slice and stir it in until it's all melted.

    Oh so yummy and keeps me going for a long while.

    I love farina (marketed as Cream of Wheat, but cheaper in bulk) and it is definitely filling. Num!

    I also really like steel-cut oats. If you've never tried them, you might consider giving them a try. Not that they are anything alike, lol. I just thought of them because sometimes I mix the two for something different.

    Never heard of putting cheese in farina, but I guess it's not too much different from cheesy grits in the South. Interesting suggestion.
  • MrsFowler1069
    MrsFowler1069 Posts: 657 Member
    I don't usually eat breakfast. I don't have sense enough to stop eating all day. I have got to learn some self control.

    Lol! That would be my problem if I quit eating breakfast!
  • volume77
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    Coffee and cigarette, true story.
  • thesophierose
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    1/2. cup cottage cheese.
    1/2 tsp Natural peanut butter.
    1/3 cup plain oats.
    50g Greek yogurt.
    5 Almonds.

    = delish. Sometimes I add berries and take out the oatmeal (or PB)

    Mmm, or I have peanut butter oatmeal. Now that ****s perf.
  • Going to have some homemade raisin granola cereal tomorrow with pumpkin spice coffee, aw yis.
  • HeyHeyLynn
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    Different kinds of BAKED oatmeal - rhubarb, apple, blueberry, mixed berries: Bake once a week, eat 4-6 days depending on size of piece. Warm in microwave for 1.5-2 minutes, top with dollop of Greek yogurt....and you're full until lunch.
  • MrsFowler1069
    MrsFowler1069 Posts: 657 Member
    70 calories' worth of frozen hash browns, 25 calories' worth of frozen peppers and onions, 50 calories' worth of turkey sausage crumbles, 60 calories' worth of egg white, 35 calories' worth of Laughing Cow light cheese (1 wedge, pick favorite flavor du jour). 240 calories and 25 grams of proteiny, belly-filling delicious and nutritious!

    This is right up my alley. I love stuff like this. :) Thanks for the calorie count.
  • PhoenixFitLife
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    Whole wheat pancakes
    Sugar free syrup
    2 scrambled eggs
  • MrsFowler1069
    MrsFowler1069 Posts: 657 Member
    Since "most" women should have around 100-125 grams of protein/day (minimum requirement) to minimize muscle loss while dieting....

    Just curious about the basis for this. Let me preface further comments with the admission that I actually have not researched this myself at all, but MFP calculates my daily goal to be only 63 grams. That said, I almost always go over, although I am usually within my calorie goal...working on that. :)
  • Usually breakfasts I like something large, sweet, and filling so I can last til lunch time, Usually I have oatmeal with peanutbutter, Egg white french toasts, Eggs and bacon, Yogurt Banana flat wraps with honey, yep :)