In 19 months, I've lost 262 pounds. New Me, New Life.



  • TJ_Rugger
    TJ_Rugger Posts: 164 Member
    You lost like 3 people! WOW!
  • honeybunny32
    honeybunny32 Posts: 33 Member
    WOW! You have done an amazing job! I truly applaud you! You were a cute teddy bear before, now you're a hottie! : )
  • nolanerinbryon
    nolanerinbryon Posts: 80 Member
    Wow, what a story. I was tearing up reading the pain you described. You are truly a gifted writer- you made me really understand how awful you felt. It sounded agonizing :( Despite the fact that I've never met you, I am so happy & proud for your success. You look absolutely fabulous (hot even!) and I congratulate you on changing your life. Best to you on your continued's forever!
  • BathtubBadger
    BathtubBadger Posts: 217 Member
    Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard.

    HOT and badass. Amazing.
  • daniellegwilliam
    daniellegwilliam Posts: 122 Member
    you are amazing. The vulnerability you have exposed is unbelievable. I cant imagine how difficult that "former" life was for you. I what you have done for yourself, this new life, is nothing short of the most amazing miracle!! YOU DID THIS!!! WOW. just wow.
    your transformation is astonishing! You are are one sexy man!! :smile:
  • 1stday13
    1stday13 Posts: 433 Member
  • walzllw
    walzllw Posts: 105 Member
    So you REALLY REALLY need to write a book! I felt the pain you were describing, being a fat person myself. You have a whole world out there to inspire! I can't even come up with words to tell you how your post made me feel, just the you are amazing, inspirational and a you have a gift to share! WRITE THAT BOOK!
  • RobinvdM
    RobinvdM Posts: 634 Member
    I love your story, I love your honesty and openness about being hatefully overweight and stuck shopping where no one wants to be, I love your progress and your emotional journey that you shared. You are a rare gem, and I applaud you for fixing yourself rather than continue wallowing in the same rut of self pity. Id give you a big ole smooch and a hug, but you will have to settle for a flower.

    Great job, and dont ever lose sight of where you were and how far you have come. You look intense.

    :heart: :flowerforyou:
  • jessizona80
    jessizona80 Posts: 108 Member
    You're pretty amazing. The weight loss is remarkable and you should be feeling very proud of yourself for that, but I also think you have a gift for writing. I'm envious!
  • sophie_wr
    sophie_wr Posts: 194 Member
    damned your story almost make me cry !!!
    Congratulations.... and you look hot ;)
  • Annie83uk
    you look amazing, you are an inspiration to us all. keep up the good work :love:
  • Adriam88
    Adriam88 Posts: 78 Member
    OMG, I'm floored by this!!! Amazing transformation, you must be incredibly proud of your hard work & dedication!! *HIGH FIVE*
  • seamanny
    seamanny Posts: 134 Member
    Thank-you so much for sharing your story with such detail and passion. I appreciate and can relate to many of the things you wrote. Your life is now an inspiration to others. Keep up the good fight and enjoy your new life :)
  • lilRicki
    lilRicki Posts: 4,555 Member
    wow :cry:

    What a story, congratulations on all your accomplishments.
  • verptwerp
    verptwerp Posts: 3,659 Member

    Awesome accomplishment ....... thanks for sharing ....... and enjoy your healthy new life !
  • NC_Sean
    Thanks man! You are an inspiration!!
  • jemethyst
    jemethyst Posts: 107 Member
    Sitting here with tear blurred this hit home pretty hard... All I can really say is thank you, apparently I needed to see this today.

    Thank you. And great job!
  • hellohappycarla
    hellohappycarla Posts: 85 Member
    What the wha??? You're a completely different person now! To say that you did a great job is clearly an understatement, this is just wow! But what did you do and how did you do it? I hope you don't mind sharing it here. =)
  • ChristineDiet
    ChristineDiet Posts: 719 Member
    OMG I want to cry and hug you. Cry for the sadness you went through and the joy of being able to change your life around. You look like a different person but it's fantastic that you can finally be the person you always wanted to be. Live your life the way you've always - I'm sure you will. Fantastic commitment to get to where you have and you look amazing! xx
  • mikemsu
    mikemsu Posts: 77 Member
    W O W !!!!!!!! You have done an incredible job of taking control of your life. Thanks for sharing your story as well - VERY well written. I took courage just to share that deeply of yourself and your thoughts. Congrats - you look truly amazing.
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