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  • jennyrebekka
    jennyrebekka Posts: 626 Member
    I bought Zumba Fitness for the Wii about 18 months ago and it came with this free Zumba tshirt which was waaaaay too small for me. It was so tight, it fit like spandex!

    I found it in the back of the wardrobe today so I wore it, to a two hour Zumbathon in aid of breast fit perfectly! :bigsmile:

    Congrats on doing 2 HOURS of Zumba AND in being able to fit into the tshirt. I know how bad that feels to not be able to fit into the "standard" size of those give-away things. I did the COlor Run in May of this year, and the largest size of tshirt didn't fit me. It was humiliating......and i still can't fit into it properly - - but one of these days i will. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • spectralmoon
    spectralmoon Posts: 1,230 Member
    I bought my first two XS scrubs top this week, in two different brands. Holy crap.
  • BlueEyedTXmom
    BlueEyedTXmom Posts: 179 Member
    1. Ran for 2-10 minute stretches today during my C25k workout! Only had to run for 8. I might actually be starting to enjoy running!
    2. Ran into an old co-worker of my husbands' this weekend and she asked how much weight I've lost.
    3. Skyped with my sister today for the first time in about 4-5 months and she said I looked skinny.
    4. My other sister (10 years younger) came over yesterday and said you can really tell I've lost weight and she asked what size I was wearing now. I'm smaller than her for the first time ever!
  • Mayada32
    Mayada32 Posts: 44 Member
    This is wonderful thread :)
    For me there are many N S V for the last 10 days
    1) My wedding ring is rotating around my finger now which didn't happen anytime since my wedding , the ring was sooo tight on my finger
    2) I wear a size 22 pants and I used to squeeze myself in them , now they are loose and I feel comfy in them
    3) I am able to walk for 60 minutes non-stop on the treadmill on 5.5 kph without feeling I'm gonna die
    4) I luv this one , passing by the food court in the nearby shopping mall and not even thinking of eating anything even if I was hungry , I go back home and cook a healthy meal instead of munching fries and sandwiches
  • bkw99508
    bkw99508 Posts: 204 Member
    My ideal arm inspiration and her husband came up to me at the gym and said "I hope you don't mind us saying this, but we just wanted to tell you that your are looking great and we were just thinking that your clothes must feel looser"

    OMG....I smiled through my entire session.
  • committowalk
    committowalk Posts: 59 Member
    One more size down in pants this week (yay new jeans!) and I ran 3.5 miles outside without stopping or walking. :)
  • caitlinjm74
    caitlinjm74 Posts: 12 Member
    Was at the doctor today and they told me that both my blood pressure and pulse are nice and low which is a good sign of being active! I've only ever had people telling me that everything is too high so it was a nice change :)
  • dazzlesangel
    dazzlesangel Posts: 47 Member
    When I'm at home I usually wear jogging bottoms, which just pull up and down, without the need to undo them. One day last week I pulled my trousers down, then realized that I was still wearing my work trousers, and I'd pulled them down without undoing the buttons and zip!
  • darkrose20
    darkrose20 Posts: 1,139 Member
    I managed to zip up a goal shirt. It's still too tight, and I'd never wear it in public like that, but darn zipped!
  • jessmcanulty
    jessmcanulty Posts: 46 Member
    My NSV is that yesterday I fitted into a pair of pants and a jacket that I couldn't fit into a month ago. I'm so proud of myself :-)
  • lost 3kg!!! Having my last meal at 15:00 and plenty of sleep does work!!!:wink:
  • I went from doing no exercise 3 weeks ago and drinking and smoking during the week, to clocking up over 500 minutes of exercise last week and drinking water not beer when I get in!

    My goal was only 300!
  • I'm having to get my wedding ring re-sized. I seemed to have lost all my weight from my teddy bear hands

    I'm going to have to do the same thing soon!
  • WhitneySheree88
    WhitneySheree88 Posts: 222 Member
    Great job all!
    My NSV this week is that I can now fit in a size 10 (juniors) jeans/shorts. Last summer I was inbetween a 15-17. I look in the mirror and still see the same girl I seen a year ago, but yesterday when I fit my big bum into those 10's I almost cried.
  • Smallc10
    Smallc10 Posts: 492 Member
    I am down a hole in my belt! YES! I may actually need to go and buy new pants soon. Plus! I bought size 8 shorts for the first time in FOREVER! So excited!
  • MissStatement
    MissStatement Posts: 92 Member
    I've been lifting very heavy, doing compound lifts with free weights to failure. My neighbor remarked that I look thinner, even though the scale really hasn't moved much. At a golf outing on Saturday I blasted a drive 300 yards. That's the farthest I've ever hit (I usually hit about 240-250). Yay for strength training!
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    Did my first set of 5 deadlifts at 100kg yesterday.

    I like lifting heavy things.
  • steve2kay
    steve2kay Posts: 194 Member
    Got to the gym and realised I had the wrong shorts - picked up L instead of XL - tried them on and they were good enough to run in so I went for a run. Didn't fancy trying squats in them, but running was fine.
  • I actually have a few!! My size 16's now fall off of me, the waist on the new size 14's jeans that I just bought are loose so I had to wear a belt well even the belt was too big!!!!!
  • TdaniT
    TdaniT Posts: 331 Member
    I am in a size 8 pant now and medium/small tops!!! And I haven't even gotten down the weight I was before when I fit that size! I guess running is reshaping my body without the weight loss so far. Yay!

    SW: 191.5
    Size: 16/18 pant L/XL top

    CW: 147.8
    Size: 8 pant M/S top
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