Why are you fat?



  • njbh86
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    I ate too much because I was lonely and depressed and needed comfort. This went on from late 2009 to about 2 months ago, during which time I gained around 70lb. I am now happier and eating more sensibly (not perfect, but better) and I have lost about 8lb over the last month. Today I dipped under the 17st barrier for the first time in what feels like forever. Hooray!
  • Brainless64
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    I like food, and unfortuantely my body is not good at recognisisn how much it needs, equals more caliories in than out.

    Doesn't take a lot. Worked it out to about 150 excess calories a day over last 4 years to get to where I started in June.

    I hate calorie counting/dieting, but my appetite has never been reliable for coincididng with my caloric needs, and I am a binger.

    Have been up and down with my weight all my life.

    I lack the vanity to do something about excess weight when ti's only 10 or even 20 pounds LOL, so it creeps up over a 3 to 5 year period, and on the merry go around again.

    Thsi time is different, at approachign 50, I have started getting painful arthritic knees, which is hampering my comfort when walking (I have 6 dogs to excersise).

    With MFP having such a great food database that we can add to, I think I wil be able to monitor calorie intake/weight long term, without it being a major chore.

    Intend to stick with it for maintenance and see if I can kep teh weight off, which I have never managed to do before, for more than a year or so.
  • jamie610811
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    It was easier to be lazy than fit, and bad food is so nice :-( That's my story
  • PennyM140
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    Im lazy
  • jeffd247
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    It's the Chinese food and beer industries that made me fat. I can't be held responsible for loving those two things more than everything else.
  • I've always had lethargic energy-levels, and fatness (not morbidly, but overweight) runs in the family. I'm not fat now, but I was, for a very long time, and now I just can't stand the way my body is shaped, so I'm going to do something about it.
  • bebeXchyM
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    Genetics, made wrong food choices and was sedentary. But I think the major reason was that I was on prednisolone for allergies for most of my childhood years until mum realised it was the culprit.(was an obese child tho, 50kg at 8)
  • EdTheGinge
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    I'm not fat, I'm just big boned
  • taunto
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    copy pasting from my profile

    These are my excuses as to why I got into such bad shape. Honest truth time for me

    - Laziness. I was too lazy to move and make a change in my lifestyle. Fast food (which I hate btw, I really hate most of the food from BK and McD's) was just easier even though cooking for myself wouldve been cheaper and healthier.

    - Excuses. I made excuses. "I will do this some other time." "I will do it starting tomorrow." "Oh I ate bad today? I will recover tomorrow by not eating" and ofcourse that led to binging

    - video game addiction: World of Warcraft. I cannot even begin to explain how much that game have ruined my life, not just health wise but everything. I know I'm to blame but that game alone have ruined the last atleast 4 years of my life.

    - being a coward: Whenever I got hit by stress, I tried to confide in food or cigarettes. I just didnt wanted to face my troubles like a man but in the end, I had to anyways. Stress didnt went away because of eating or smoking but it sure did put on some weight.

    - Just not stopping: I couldve stopped with the bad habits when I hit 200, I was aware of the weight issue. I couldve stopped at 220, 240, 250, 270, and now I'm at 280. Each time I knew what was up but I didnt do anything about it. I was ok with the fat man in the mirror. I hated him but I didnt wanted to do anything to change it

    I am now in charge of my own faults and failures. I will try my best. I urge my friends on MFP to not let me get off the course. I have a few real life friends who i've asked to do the same. Hopefully, this time I will conquer my own mind.
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    im fat? :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
  • SkinnyWannabeGal
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    Because some foods taste so damn good! If all foods tasted awful, I would be a very thin stick figure.
  • grammagie
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    I think I just simply ate too many sweets and didn't move enough. Im 45 now, kids are grown so I can't even say it is from having babies! My Mom loved to bake, and all of us always had a home cooked meal complete with yummy desserts. When I was younger, I didn't seem to gain it, but as I got older and kept eating those yummy treats, I piled on the pounds.
  • Miffylou
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    Lots of reasons on why.

    But it's as simple as, ate to much, didn't move enough. ????????

    Now I eat the right foods sometimes more and sometimes less. But move a hell of a lot more. ????????
  • 4theking
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    Number one reason why people get fat is hormonal imbalances. Sure eating too much and not exercising can cause you to get fat, but what is causing you to eat too much? Even emotional eating a lot of times can be traced back to hormonal imbalances. If you have metabolic problems, you are more likely to be depressed, and depression and comfort food go hand in hand. I argue we are not fat because we eat too much, but we eat to much because we are sick. Fix the problem and the fat will go away.
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    im fat? :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    Haha totally lol
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    Ohh I dont know. maybe because I ate too much...

    THIS :noway:
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    Food. Food. Booze. Food. and more Booze. :)
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    Getting older. That and wine.
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    Sedentary lifestyle and overeating that's why I got fat :-)