What is everyones daily calorie goal?



  • CubicalF13
    CubicalF13 Posts: 263 Member
    BMR: 2233

    Goal :1700 however i find i average well below this.
  • mel4bee
    mel4bee Posts: 225 Member
    BMR: 1263 (low I know, I'm a small pretty thin girl)

    Daily calories intake net: 1340 (to lose .5 pounds a week)

    I eat about 1300-1700 calories a day depending on the exercise I do
  • hannahpistolas
    hannahpistolas Posts: 290 Member
    I'm 5'5", currently 150-155 pounds depending on the usual stuff (water retention, regular fluctuations, etc.) and my goal is 1,350 a day. I try to stick pretty close, although I have days where I over- or under-eat.
  • marcvandenberg
    marcvandenberg Posts: 190 Member
    BMR 1895
    TDEE 2275
    Goal 1900

    And i eat about 25-50% of my exersice back (netto 1700 a day total)
  • CarlKRobbo
    CarlKRobbo Posts: 390 Member
    BMR/TDEE I worked out so long ago I can't remember...

    Goal - Normal days = 4200, 4900 when I go kickboxing.
  • Lorix94
    Lorix94 Posts: 108 Member
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  • primal_cupcakes
    primal_cupcakes Posts: 280 Member
  • eazy_
    eazy_ Posts: 516 Member
    bmr - 2039

    tdee - 2449

    daily goal - 1700
  • supersmiles11
    supersmiles11 Posts: 50 Member
    BMR: 1452

    TDEE: 1742

    DAILY GOAL: 1460

    Aim 1/2lb per week
  • LeighRaeW
    LeighRaeW Posts: 42 Member
    BMR 2100
    TDEE 2890
    Target 1800-2000
  • PhoenixStrikes
    PhoenixStrikes Posts: 587 Member
    According to my BMF I burn anywhere from 2400 to 2700 calories a day so I try to eat around 1800 calories or more depending on my day.
  • Target126
    Target126 Posts: 33 Member
    I have no idea of my BMR or anything like that, I'm currently eating around 1200cal per day but I don't freak out if I'm 100-200 under or over but from what I'm seeing on here and from reading the Biggest Loser Cookbook this is too low even though I am trying to lose weight. I am 5ft 2 and currently 210lbs
  • chezjuan
    chezjuan Posts: 747 Member
    BMR: 1,721
    TDEE ~2,700 (Scooby's calculator gives me 2,717, others give me just short of 2,700)
    Daily goal: 2,675

    I am working on maintenance, and still tweaking my daily goal a bit. I've brought it up from about 2,525 in increments of 50-75 calories.
  • BMR: 1940
    TDEE: 2217 (using fitness frog)
    Current Daily Goal: 1430

    I usually try for 1250-1400, but always aim to be under the goal calories for everyday. However sometimes I do eat back *some* of my exercise calories, not all though.
  • Hi how do you work ouy your BMR???
  • jolmbagpuss
    jolmbagpuss Posts: 14 Member
    1200 which so far isn't going too badly. Although this is day 3 and I'm feeling a little hungry today.
  • PinkkCamel
    PinkkCamel Posts: 47 Member
    ~1200 ):
  • staticsplit
    staticsplit Posts: 538 Member
    BMR 1520

    Aiming for around 1500-1600 NET.
  • Nenny1985
    Nenny1985 Posts: 122
    goal: 1410 but i generally do between 300 -500 cals of exercise each day so add that on. I'd never keep under 1400
  • babydiego87
    babydiego87 Posts: 905 Member
    Your estimated BMR is: 1,242 calories/day

    Goal is 1200.